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Bring out your tools

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This is your time
To stand up to the plate
And follow through
As the Energy supports your moving Forward
You need your whole inner support system
In full gear
All those things youve learned along the way
All those Healthy habits youve started and let go of
Bring them all back and put them in place
Bring out all the tools youve aquired to Maintain the Best of who you are
Eat healthy
Sleep well
Clearing your energy
Maintaining positive thoughts
Discarding immediately any negative thought that arises
All of it
You dont have to do it all at once
But start with what you feel is most important or with the easiest
And gradually incorporate all
That your being needs to perform at its best.
Tune into your body
And Listen to what it needs
Tune into your Soul
And Listen to what it needs

You are going through a sacred process
Of Becoming
At the moment
It is important
To pay close Attention
And Intention
And give it the precious space needed
Dont let anything or anyone
Interfere with your unfolding
Protect your energy
Spend time alone in quiet
To re center
Especially after encountering overwhelming energies of others
Breathe deeply
And invite
The aid of the spiritual realm
They are with you to assist you
In manifesting your Higher self
Listen carefully to the guidance
You are receiving
You are Royally escorted
Into this Beautiful passage
Of Becoming YOU
Take note
And move gracefully
Into who you Truly Are
Everything is falling into place
Energies, Ideas, Synergies, Synchronicities, Special Encounters all come in to further assist you on your path
Pace is picking up
Dont miss out on all the opportunities
Presented to you
Some may be less obvious than others
Listen to your inner guidance
Allow it it All to take you
Where you are to Be ♡
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards
Available in Kahliya’s online shop


Get your Groove back

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This New Moon brings us fiery Energy
To give us a much needed boost
For a New Beginning.
You may even feel a bit too wired at the moment
But dont worry it will subside
You have been through a lot
And you may find yourself at times
Depleted and discouraged
The energies at the moment are supporting a huge movement forward
Use it to your best interest
Get back into your groove
Find any and all those things you really like to do
Get your creative juices back flowing
With just about anything that awakens you
Listen to your favorite music, do something artistic, crafty, allow yourself to dance
Just like that or sing to your favorite tune
Go to nature or play with some gardening
Anything that gets your drive back
Find lost parts of yourself that youve abandoned
Find yourself again
Your Vitality
Your Life Force
Your Passion
Awaken it all
Anything you start playing with will guide you back to yourself
And to your Soul Mission
Remember you are truly here on a mission
This mission not only serves your soul’s evolution
But also serves us All
It IS THAT important
You need all the lost parts of you back within you kicking
To fuel the passion of your mission
This is it
The Universe is pushing you to the move
All you have been through has served an important purpose of learning
Some of which will be understood later on
For now dont look back
Youre not going there
Youre going full steam ahead
With all of you
And all that richness you have gained from what you went through.
You Are more than capable
You were created to do this
And Now
Is your time
Pay attention
As you Align with your intentions
Assistance will come your way
In many different forms
Dont disregard them

As you advance
If you find yourself
Feeling fear of this sudden change
Dont worry about it
Just acknowledge this
Remember this is the positive forward movement
You so wished for
Take small breaks if you need
And then continue
This is where its at
Your time is Now ♡
Much Love & Healing Blesings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop


Protect your Energy

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The flip side of owning your Energy (prior post)
Is Protecting it and Clearing it
Especially if you are sensitive
You are prone to absorb the energy of others
Wherever you go
Whether it is people close to you
Or just as you go about in a public space like a shopping mall
Or even online
If you are not aware
You can find yourself absorbing lower energy
Without even noticing
Leaving you feeling drained or negative
Not sure how you got there
It is imperative
You protect your energy
And clear it on a regular basis
Learn to be aware of the energy of those around you
If you feel it may be low
There is no need to blame or think too much about it
Just make sure you stay in your Own Energy
Find what works for you
You can work to maintain your energy and make a point of staying Positive,
You can imagine yourself in a bubble of white light,
You can ask for protection from Archangel Michael or any other Divine assistance of your choice
Make sure you also find a way to consciously allow the Clearing of your Energy daily
Spending a quiet moment
Deep breathing
And exhaling
Allowing yourself to return to your Higher Self
Asking for anything that does not Align with your Higher Good be released
Practice deep breathing until you find yourself centered again
Shower is always good to clear energy
And so is being in Nature
Find what works for you
And learn to tap into your own Energy
Making sure you are within your Highest Energy of light
This will enable you to maintain a sense of Well Being and Manifest who you truly are.
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘ Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.

Own your Energy

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Tricky terrain right there
Whenever there are emotional stirrings its very easy to slide into lower vibes
Allow yourself to explore emotions but keep your vibe High
Stand Tall
Remember who You Are
And where youre Going
Its All about Energy
Counteract any tendancy to negativity
You Have the Power.
If youre concerned with what goes on in the world as well as what goes on in your own life
Be responsible for your own Energy
The most important thing to take care of
Making sure your Vibration is High and Positive will be what you Deliver to the next person and will affect what he Delivers Onwards.
It will also affect what you attract towards You in Your Life.
Its totally ok if youre feeling a bit low
Be extra Gentle with yourself with much Love
But keep an open minded Perspective to the Light ♡
Own everything you think say or do for it carries Your Energy Imprint
This Imprint is what creates Your World and is carried forward to others around you.
Every time you feel off key
Just take a moment
Breathe in Deeply
And feel yourself
Reconnect with your Source.
This is an incredible opportunity
To learn more about yourself
And your Power of Creation!
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards
Available in Kahliya’s online shop

Your part

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20161025_164224 (1) crp signd

A very Powerful Full Moon is upon us.
This is an important Energy Portal.
Energy is intense and can feel at the moment uncomfortable.
You may be experiencing pain physical and/or emotional,
Hang in there and be very gentle with yourself.
These are being triggered to release the old limited self, for as we walk through this portal many beautiful changes await us
Weve been working towards them, shedding the old all along incorporating light coming in to reveal more and more of who we truly are.
The time is near to truly unfold..and spread your wings
Opportunities will appear to further support and encourage you to do so.
Pay attention in the meantime to all that comes up. If you find yourself in negative thoughts, they are what remains of your old limiting patterns, remember to shift them immediately to a positive uplifting perspective.
Events recently have continued to test and trigger us
Remain in your heart
See only love for yourself and others
This turns the whole game around for us all towards all of us Blossoming.
That is Truly what we All wish for
That is Truly who we are.
Stay True to who you are
By doing this you will be doing your part enabling us all to do ours.
May you Receive the Pure Healing Intentions and Energy inwhich this was written for You
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop

Its ok

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You may find yourself in a very tender spot
Thoughts, memories, emotions may have suddenly come up from long ago.
‘Stuff’ you thought was burried and long gone have made a surprising reappearance.
Breathe Deeply into all that arises
Its ok
Dont panic
Know that youre not alone
We are going through a major shift
Intense Light is being ushered in
This causes all that does not Align with our Higher Beings
To surface to be Released
While this occurs
It may feel painful
It may scare you
That you are in the same space you were long ago
And remember your Precious Journey
And All your Growth
You are definitely not in the same space
But as the reminents of these old stories and emotions that are still witheld somewhere inside of you are being released
You will experience them as they move through and out of you.
Allow the process
Understand the importance of this
For you to Shine your True Self and move further towards your Higher Self you need to release all the stops within you, Some of which you werent totally aware existed.
You get to see them clearly now and how you will be doing good to release all of it.
Anger, resentment, sadness, frustration all may come up in the process
Just allow it all to flow OUT of you
Dont stop on any of it
Its just parts of your old self
Your limited version of self
Impressions that left fears, blockages and limitations on your growth
You need to release all of this
As you move Higher
Into your True Self
So much awaits you and your growth
Dont let this make you feel youre any less than awesome and totally capable of moving on to Manifesting your Dreams
Be extra Gentle with yourself at this time
Breathe, Rest, do what you Need to Allow this to pass
Ask for Divine Assistance and Guidance
Hold the Vision of your Dreams
As you go through this process
You will soon be back on track like never before!
May you Receive the Pure Healing Intentions and Energy in which this was written for you.
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.


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I Allow myself to Feel
I Allow myself to Heal
I carry with me the wounds of
my Brothers and Sisters
Who walked before me
And who walk beside me
I offer the pain unto the light
For us All to Be Transformed

You may be feeling Sensitive, Emotional, Vulnerable at this time.
If you are a sensitive being it is not easy to try and adapt to a world who has a tendency to numb its emotions in order to deal with life’s challenges.
Know this
You are not here to adapt
Honor your Emotions and your Ability to Feel them
In doing so you allow yourself full Healing
Not only for yourself
But for others that came before you
And those who walk beside you
You carry the Light for all those who cannot See
If you are Sensitive
Chances are you are also absorbing all the withheld emotions of those around you
Not an easy experience at all
But a very honorable one
Do not be ashamed of your Sensitivity
But Be Proud
Compassion and forgiveness is needed
In understanding and accepting that many around you are not able to process their own emotions, therefor may not understand your needs.
Acknowledging this helps the healing process.
You need to be there for You
Be extra Gentle with yourself
Let go of expectations from others
Focus on your needs
Make a point in Tuning into
Your emotions and your body
Take some much needed quiet time
Rest as much as you need
Soak up some sun and fresh air
Take a walk in nature
Do what you need to return to self
Feeling balanced and empowered again.
Ask for Divine guidance and for assistance in Healing
Do something gentle and pleasant for yourself that helps you return to you.
Please do not shun your Sensitivity
The world needs It
The world needs You
Stand True to Who You Are
Even and especially in your vulnerability
For in having the courage to do so
And in knowing to walk in your vulnerability you will be showing us all so much Beauty and Strength that our Souls crave to see
And perhaps finally
You will have pierced through to the walls of our own souls helping us to break free to see the Light as well
Be proud of who you are
Be proud of your emotions
You are among those who are guiding us Home
Bless you♡
May you Receive the Pure Healing Intentions and Energy in which this was written for You.
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop