We are evolving into oneness!

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Check this out guys
We are within a powerful energy shift
That started yesterday
Until the 22.2.2020
20 +2+20+20= 8
The number that symbolizes infinity
22 +2 +20+20=10=1

This is just too exciting not to share!
How Awesome is this?
Can you feel the Buzz? The Energy?
If you have been doing your inner work
You will be feeling this.
This is why it was so important for me to post the article and the video yesterday on understanding our oneness with creation, transmuting any darkness to Light for the benefit of ALL (ourselves and others)
And Sending out LOVE even to those who send us harm.
Our journey is by no means over
But these days, as we may even have felt another deep dive, if we have looked closely and worked within and with our Higher guidance, then we will feel the breaking free energy of understanding our connection with creation and our personal power to collaborate for the purpose of creating more light and nourishing more love.
There is an opening of the veil allowing us to see this more clearly and encouraging us to move forward on our higher path.
This is so beautiful for the Universe speaks to us in so many different ways, if only we wish to listen and Align with the Higher path.
I send you so much love and light
Many many blessings to you on your journey

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We are in the midst of a very important shift
The intensity is created to shake out of you all that is not Truly You and does not Serve your Higher Good and your Soul Purpose.
Each and every current challenger comes to trigger old issues that need to be thoroughly Released from Your Being.
The Energy you are carrying is crippling you and the advancement on your Higher Path of Evolution.
There is a need to see that we are All in different stages on a Path of Evolution, doing our Best to move forward.Some of those who upset us today are in places we once were..whether in this life or in past lives.Therefore, there is a need for Great Compassion for Others as Ourselves.
Knowing that all that is Truly important is Concentrating on Our Own Advancement on our Path and how We personally Respond to Life, in a way that Allows all involved to continue doing their Best.
Know that you are a Creation of the Divine, you are a Blessing as you carry a Unique Expression and Mission of Service to the World.
It is Crucial you know your Worth and your Responsability in this cycle of Creation.
Not only do your Decisions and Actions affect the whole as yourself, but so does your Energy.
Stand Tall knowing your Unique Beauty and Worth.
Stand Tall knowing all youve gone through and continue to go through doing your Best to Evolve.
When you know Who You Truly Are
No one can really upset you
For you can see through to where they are struggling from at the moment.Their actions are about where they are, not about you.
Your point of attraction is in continuing to hold onto this energy.
Let it go and you will no longer attract these situations.
Complete Forgiveness and Release of All those who have done you wrong in the Past will once and for all FREE You to BECOME the True Divine Being You are meant to Be,
Serving us All in your LIGHT.
Waste no more time
Lay down this burden
And lets All continue to Evolve as Best we Can, Bringing Each our Unique Piece of Heaven on Earth.
Bless each and every one you encounter on your path, for he was once You.
We Are All a Part of Each Other.
Focus your Energy on Becoming the Best version of You, Releasing all that does not Align unto the Light
That is Where we are all going šŸŒž
Bless you for Being a Part of Creation!
May you Receive the Healing Energy and Intention in which this was written for you
Much Love & Healing Blessingsā™”
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