We are All Eternally Evolving ~

Knowing that we are All eternally evolving helps you learn to trust again and let go of old pain opening up for the new and beautiful to enter your life as long as you set your perspective to cultivate the beauty rather than the pain. Thank you for being here and being an important part of the Healing of Humanity ❤️

This is the poem I wrote mentioned in the video:

We are All Souls on a Path of Evolution/Mia Leventhal

We are All souls
On a Path of evolution
some make way
Some may stray
Some may throw their Own Darkness
Our Way..
May we connect to our inner Light
And Always Strive to Shine bright..Despite
May we find our Compassion
In the most Humblest Fashion
For in our inner seeds
We are One
With the Divine
And we will All eventually find our way back Home
To our Creator`s Shine .
May we Stand Tall
And Carry our own Splendor
Holding a Light in our Hearts
For All those who stumble
We shall No Longer Crumble.
Connected to All that is,
Holding the Space for us All to Heal,
Together we Are the LIGHT
Together we have the Might
We are our own Saviors
We are our own Creators
And So It Is
Blessings to All


Accepting All that is

Energies are intense towards the full moon lunar eclipse today. You may be feeling emotional as another layer comes up to be healed and released.
Finding Acceptance for all that is and has been will create the peace you so wish for in your life. and allow you to release all that you have been holding onto that does not align with your higher good.
Much love



You may be feeling the pull of the full moon and lunar eclipse coming up tomorrow on the 16th.
You may be feeling emotional, the energies are intense and are specifically designed to pull out of you that which you need to further heal and clear.
Breathe and be present
Do not run away
Look closely at what comes up for you.
You have been doing a lot of work recently healing and clearing, maybe even trying to work on forgiveness.
As recent events are connected to old deep held wounds, the healing is a process of layers until you can actually more fully release. As long as you are dedicated, you can see more clarity as each layer comes up to clear.
Perhaps at first there was a great burst of pain then anger then bouts of decisiveness to heal and move on, then again something triggered more sadness or anger and so on. Stay on the path, Allow all that comes up and see what this represents for you. See where you are ready to move on from personal patterns that keep you stuck in a vibration of limitation.
It is time to breakfree from these patterns and cycles but not without respecting all that was and all that is.
By now you can see what has been done
That could have been done better, that you may wish have been done better, but everyone is doing whatever they are doing from their place of understanding.
They would do better if they would understand better but this is what it is.
Acceptance of this brings you the peace you so wish for.
Acceptance of all that is and of All that is not.
Acceptance of others where they are in their awareness and ability to deal.
Acceptance of how they choose to act from their understanding.
Acceptance of your own understanding that may contradict this.
Acceptance that you need to follow your own journey of evolution and Allow others to follow theirs.
If anything, your acceptance will allow them to find their path better than any anger that you may present to them in which case they will be more focused on the conflict and not on finding their light, and so will you.
Focusing on your own light and higher path is not only the best service you can do for yourself, it is the best service you can do for anyone else, for in pursuing your light you act as an inspiration for others to follow.
Accepting your own sadness, pain and anger allows you to move through it and heal.Holding the vision of your higher path, you release and move on to manifest more of your higher self on your journey.
Accepting wherever you are at at this time,releasing frustration that just creates more contradiction to your movement forward and upward. Find peace in what is and whatever is present and strive to move forward to better yourself and your life.
All is well
All is exactly as it should be
Everything you went through has served Divine purposes and lessons, some of which you already understand and some you will understand later on.
Accept what has been
Accept yourself for being in these situations
Accept the failure of others not being able to be in their light and create hurt.
Allow them and wish them to find their light,
As you continue to walk towards more of your own Light.
Shine on Sister/Brother
We are all walking back home to the Light
And so it is
Much love
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Accepting the Vulnerability of us All

Our Hearts are cracking open to resolve lingering pain and find forgiveness to be able to move on into more of our light.
Today’s Solar eclipse and New Moon provides amazing opportunity for Major change provided we do our inner work.

Release the burden and Rise Higher


You may be feeling emotional
The past may be revisiting you
Either a person, a situation or your thoughts
The energy of the past
That which you are already leaving behind
May be bringing back doubts or fears for the unknown path you are stepping onto.
Dont let this trick you into falling back.
It is part of the process of growth, when we are heading for transformation, to look back a moment.
Take a look at what is being presented to you for review
Perhaps you still need to heal and clear some of that old baggage.
Perhaps there was no closure.
Perhaps there were still questions left unanswered.
The only answer you really need to know today
Is that you have chosen your happiness and self worth over that which does not honor who you are.
If you feel emotions rise once again
Allow them to
Give them space
And then resolve to heal whatever residue you have and clear your life of anything and anyone that does not serve your higher good.
There is no longer any room for disrespect.
Perhaps where youre stuck is the forgiveness part
As long as you hold on to resentment you are still attached and not allowing the openning of your path to the new that waits to come in.
Take a moment
Find it in your heart
To see the incapability of those who hurt you to understand and act better.
If anything they need to be released to their journey to continue to learn.
You cannot expect more from someone who is just not there.
Release the burden once and for all.
Liberate yourself
Uplift yourself knowing that the best is yet to come
You are in the midst of creating a whole new chapter for yourself
Even if you dont see anything yet
You are the one creating and manifesting this with your energy
Make sure your energy is positive and willing.
Continue your dedication to your journey, to the light and to your higher purpose.
Let go of all that stands in your way
You are climbing to your mountain top
No energy to lose
Keep going
Keep positive
Keep being joyful and excited
It can only get better from here
Keep growing and evolving
To shine more light unto us all
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Unapologetically you /video

All that has occurred recently has brought you to choose to honor yourself and live your Truth. In doing so you Align with your higher self and bring your purest most powerful energy to all that you do.
Releasing those that do not honor us in full forgiveness and remaining open in our hearts allows fuller healing and more blessings to come ❤️
Much love



You may be feeling extra emotional and sensitive at this time
Do not be alarmed
This is because your heart chakra is healing and opening
This may have you feeling confused as recent events have left you feeling the need to be on guard, protecting yourself, your hurt emotions, your heart
And now suddenly it is opening without your ‘control’ in all its vulnerability.
This is because a heart that stays closed cannot fully Heal.
You are not meant to go through life with a closed heart
You are to be open to feel through life to heal yourself and others and to experience life in the fullest way, in its beauty and in its pain.
Its understandable to guard ourselves for a bit when we hurt but just enough to give us the space to heal
And yet to fully heal we need to be open with our hearts.
Please remember that those who have hurt you, have been hurt themselves and have not been able to go through the process of healing.
Their hearts remain closed resulting in hurting themselves and others.
Thank you for understanding this and being among those who break the cycle.
This does not mean we are to accept disrespectful behavior towards us
But having your heart remain open means you know to forgive all those who have hurt you for they know not better, blessing them on the continuation of their growth,
releasing you to proceed on the path that aligns with your higher good.
OPEN to Receive your higher good
OPEN to Forgive
OPEN to Release
A heart that aches is not easy to open
And yet when you are devoted to your higher path you know that in your openness there is acceptance of all that is.
This acceptance allows the flow
Of what needs to fade away
And what needs to come.
There is also an acceptance that some people may not understand
And that is ok
For they are treading on their own journey at their own pace.
You may be able to find understanding
And sometimes you may not.
Practice healthy discernment.
You are responsable for your creation
Your well being
Your path
Your destiny
Do not cling to anything or anyone that does not respect your light
This will block your own journey
Bless all that cross your path
They are all children of God
Whether they acknowledge it yet or not
Whether they see their own light yet or not
To the extent that they can or cannot see their own light they will or will not be able to see or appreciate yours.
The best thing you can do
Is wish them to find their own light
And continue to respect yours
You are here on an important journey
Please respect and honor who you are
And allow into your space those who honor and enhance your light so you can join and spread more beauty for us all.
Your courage
Your determination
The extensive work you have been doing to work through your pain
To heal
And to walk the path of light
Despite all that you have been challenged with
Does not go unnoticed
You are cherished more than you will ever know
For you are ONE
With the Light of Creation
And you will not sway
Creation celebrates you
We all celebrate you and your courage
Your inspiration keeps others afloat and determined as you are
Thank you for keeping an open heart
For all in this existence
Thank you for accepting
For forgiving
For releasing
For flowing forward towards the light of your creation for us all to bask in your light and follow
Thank you for showing us all how to remain open in our hearts while strong and firm in our truth
Thank you for being you.❤
Much love
Mia 🌸
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*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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