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20170727_185309 crp final sind

There is this buzz in the air..can you feel it?
We are just before New Beginnings..and yet still within the Energy of the Full moon and Mercury just turned retrogade aha..
Funny moment indeed! But dont let it get to you…Breathe and Allow..
Things may not seem to be going your way …but thats ok
There’s some clumsiness going work..etc may all be going a bit crazy..
Dont let it stress you
See what can wait…or must in some cases..and see what can be done otherwise..
The space is being created to ask you to be rethink..and to turn a bit inwards before some major decisions coming up.
Make sure youre letting go of any self defeating thoughts and all outdated stories and their residues.
Be prepared for the New You to Emerge
And dont let Anything trigger negative thoughts..
Remember..Keeping Positive Welcomes the Positive!
Stay Open and Trust.
Youve come so far
You may feel antsy not seeing any tangible results to your efforts yet, but rest assured nothing has gone unseen by the Universe.
Stay on your path and Have Faith
For Good things ARE on the Way!
Have an Amazing Week ♡
Much Love
*Image taken from Kahliya‘s ‘Soul Inspiration’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop




Balance ~

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20171114_134039 crp final sind

This is a gentle reminder for you to maintain Balance.
As you have been asked to make an important Commitment (see prior post) to Devote to the Path of your Higher Good, this includes remembering All of who you Are.
You are a Spiritual Being in a Physical Vessel, Which means you need to take good care of both Aspects of yourself for you to be Whole.
Stay attuned to your Spiritual Existence and Needs. Take time out on a regular basis to Nurture who you are Spiritually and develop your special connection with your Spiritual world. Meditation , Prayer or just quiet time in which you are able to Calm and receive inner Guidance. Sometimes certain activities enable certain people to reach this like Going out for a Run or a Walk, Gardening or Handcraft etc.
The importance is creating habits on a regular basis rather than waiting for the occasional, to enable you to release that which is encumbering your Soul, create a support that Nourishes you and enables you to Grow.
You are also being asked to make sure you take care of your Physical Needs to achieve Optimum Health and Performance.
Your Vessel is your Body and it has its needs which when overlooked, blocks your Flow.
It is important to listen carefully and learn what we need to Nourish and allow proper Flow of our Energy.
Make sure you are getting enough Rest, Breathing enough Fresh Air, Drinking plenty of Water and eating Healthy Nourishing food with lots of fresh Fruit and Veggies which supply Life Force.
Learn to listen to the smaller beginning Signs when something doesnt feel right, is out of Balance or is missing.
Balance is key to your Best Performance.
You may want to achieve, and you may currently feel a Gateway has opened for you to finally move forward towards your goals after being somewhat stuck for some time,
But it is equally important as you move forward that you ‘Carry’ all of you with you on your Forward Momentum. Staying attuned to All of your Needs and taking care of them will help you achieve your goals in the best possible way.
This weekend if you feel you need to slow down a bit and rest, do so.
We are entering the Full Moon energy which will allow us to integrate all that has been going on and see where we’re heading and how to proceed in the best way for us.
Happy Weekend
Happy Full Moon
Much love

*Image taken from Kahliya`s ‘Soul Inspiration’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop

Sail ~

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sail sind

Are you feeling emotional ?
Full Moons tend to do that..
Some more than others..for the Soul Purpose of pulling out from us all that is needed to Release.
These days as you may feel really motivated to get things moving in your may not understand why these have to come up..but they do, as long as they are hidden in you, you are carrying around weight that will not enable you to Fly !
Now is the time to just look it in the eye and let it go.
If you wish, create your own unique ceremony asking for assistance from the Divine to let All that does not Align with your Higher Good GO ~
Give it the space needed to do so but dont delve in it too much. Do not slide back to old patterns and tendencies that do not serve you.
Be gentle with yourself but Dont lose perspective at this time. This same Sensitive Energy can now be Transformed and used for Higher purposes of your journey.
It is your choice to Direct your Energy into building your life positively letting go of all that has limited your flight, from within and without.
Sensitivity allows for Compassion and Beautiful Creativity
Remember to do all you can and like allowing you the Healing stillness to re Align yourself with your Higher self
And then take steps to carry out your Vision.
Be at Peace and Embrace the process Full Moon Blessings
Much Love

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Mastery ~

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Ok guys

Full Moon Tommorow
Energies are a bit ‘crazy’
Communication is out of whack
Feeling a bit overwhelmed?
Let things slide
Remember everyone is being affected too
Focus on your own energy, on your well being and on your peace
That is the best way you can help yourself as well as others.
Its just a bit of a crazy ride
To test your driving skills 😊
Keep to yourself
And let it all go
It will be over soon
And you will be proud of yourself
For mastering your calm
Just another great way to see
What is True ♡
Can we do this?
Sure we can 😉
Hang in there!
P.s Moonstone and Selenite are great stones to balance and find calm in these full moon energies.
Much Love

*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspiration’ message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop

Gentle Deep Release ~

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Energies of the upcoming full moon on Thursday are already strongly felt. You may be feeling a chaotic kind of tension as very deep seated emotional issues arise for more complete healing. Most of these issues wish to be fully released to make room for a more authentic and complete YOU to Manifest and create the life you have always wished for..recent events may have also played an important part in triggering these for the soul purpose of complete healing.
Please be extra gentle with yourselves at this time and allow the process to complete itself as thoroughly as possible. The more you can allow yourself some quiet soul time, the better.
Breathe and create a safe space for yourself to allow your upsetting emotions to surface..feel certain parts of your body stiff in pain as a result of trying to override these emotions. Breathe into these parts and see what arises..allow the pain..tears..anger to come up and wash through you..release..
See yourself seeing, feeling,forgiving and releasing…so much better is yet to come..yet we need to make room..
Drink plenty of water to allow the flow, eat light comforting and nourishing food, get enough rest..
Moonstone and Selenite are good Crystals to help with the Fullmoon energies.Place under your pillow to aid sleep.Try to pay attention to special dreams at this times that carry guidance.. Lavender essential oil is great for calming as well..
Sending much love
Warm Blessings