Another Layer ~



Once again with the pull of the full moon, another layer of inner density has surfaced to be cleared.
Do not be overwhelmed with the intensity.Be gentle with yourself and allow whatever is needed to come up and through you.Layers you have not been able to touch until now will ask for liberation.Understand that these were more well kept hidden secrets that you did not know how to process and have blocked your flow.Remember what it is as a passage..allowing it to pass through and out, as you thank yourself for having gone through whatever you did to becoming who you are today.
Rejoice in the feeling you are allowing your liberation..your renewed flow by enabling this process.If tears flow..let them..emotions too..embrace all parts of you..the past gives way to the new..the rediscovered true you in the making..bless this moment as truly beautiful and take gentle care of yourself as you do..
Full Moon Blessings
Much Love

Release ~


in your pain



So today is Full Moon

When you lead a life of intention and purpose

Its really quite helpful to accept the help of the Universe which has created guidelines for us to follow. One of those guidelines is the cycle of the Moon.

As during every Full Moon, the energies influence to ”pull out” all that disturbs us and lays beneath the surface..unhealed.

These are the things we will feel once again all emotional about.

The purpose in this , if we pay attention and embrace the cycle and its guidance is for us indeed to reconsider taking another look and seeing what this really stirs in us and what is needed for us to see more clearly for us to finally release and transmute these emotions to full healing .

We are guided to release from our lives all situations that do not benefit our higher good and do not respect us as light beings.
That goes for memories as well as current situations.We must release any negativity and surround ourselves with people and situations that honor and celebrate our being and expression, so that we can continue to contribute and create together.

We must understand that anyone who hurts us and rejects the light we express does so from a state of fear.Acknowledging that and discontinuing the chain of fear allows us to heal a whole of humanity in its evolution process in order to embrace all of creation and shine through the light and love in which it was created.
Hence, if we are able to see with forgiveness this fear that lays within the other, who was not able to accept our light, we release this energy for all of us and continue to create within our light.

Many of us have been hurt and as much as we try to heal,  as much as we try to convey love to others, there is no guarantee there wont be those who shock us with their dismissal.It is essential to remember that these incidents normally occur for us to see how far we`ve come in our release of our wounds, for in continuing to carry them we are continuing to attract similar situations that reflect back our need to release this energy once and for all.
Also, it is imperative that we Heal the source of this, and the only way of doing so is understanding our unique magnificence , without which we would not be created.
Anchoring our existence and understanding our own beauty and expression without any doubts, enables us to walk through life with the sole/soul intention of expressing our light, and contributing to the world by doing so.

So next time you feel you have been hurt or rejected,
Send your pure light and love to the person/situation and don`t waste any of your precious energy in doubting yourself, rather use it for the benefit of your higher self and the higher good of the whole, by shining the best of your light unto us all .

Take time today to release all that does not serve your higher being.

Stand Tall and SHINE

Blessings to your Being

To your Existence

May we All shine our Light

Much Love