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Dive in

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20171117_160512 crp final sind

This amazing full moon energy
Can you Feel it?
Let it Embrace you
Let it Engolf you
Ride it
Dive with it
Let it take you to a Deep Dive Within
Your Soul is waiting
You will encounter long lost parts of You
Yearning to be rediscovered
Break your Heart open
Let this occur
Somewhere along the way
Pieces of your Dreams and Passions
Have been neglected and discarded
Go back and pick them up
Go back to your childhood Dreams
Yes those
The silly ones
When you were Innocent and Pure
Dreaming of conquering the world with your Passion
Go back there
Dance a moment in those shoes
Enter that Fire of Creation and Fantasy
Only if for a moment
Visit your Pure Self
Before you put it away in hiding
Set your Soul free
Reconnect Deep Within
What were your Dreams
Feel them again
No matter how silly they seem
Within them are lost parts of the
Real You
Its ok to cry
If frustration comes up
let the tears flow
And the armors go
Layer by layer
Take them off
You dont need them anymore
You really dont
Stay a while with that child
Then with that teenager
Then with that young adult
What was that Fire within that kept you going
What did you Dream about
Swim in those Dreams
Let fantasy take you upon a journey
Back to self
Those lost hidden parts
Hold a key
Back to your Soul
And what its Colors are
What Drives it
What Brings it to Life
Take those parts back with you
Dont neglect them anymore
Find a way to bring them back to Life
Just begin to relate to them
To visit them
Let them tell you a Story
Your Story
Let them help you rediscover who You Truly Are
By visiting them you will begin to understand
And put back together the puzzle
Of the True You
Dont let anymore time go by
Stay close to your Soul
Let it speak to you
Of tales yet untold
Bring back the Fire of your Creation
Let it seep back into your veins
And let all the inhibitions youve aquired along the way go now
You dont need them anymore
If you were looking for the Answer
For Your Answer
It is Here
In You
Go Now
Connect to the Real You
Do you still wish to hold back?
Set yourself free
And Honor Your Creation
Live Fully
Ride your Passions
Be the Real you
There is no other One like You
You have something within the
Real you that has been Created
That the World Needs Desperately
Go Now
All my Love to you♡
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspiration’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.


Full Bloom

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We are heading towards a very Powerful Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse the Intense Energy can already be felt
In fact we have been under its influence for a few days now..recent events have everything to do with this.
All this shake up and triggered emotions is the Full moon asking us to get rid of all the deep hidden fears and insecurites, to break free and Become who we were meant to Be.
Are you ready?
After getting another taste of what these fears bring upon you, are you finally ready to let go of it all and BE?
Now is the time to go Deep within
Be Honest with yourself
And take a good look at whats holding you back
Do you really wish to continue to hang on to all these limitations?
Can you feel your Spirit Soaring Wishing to Break Free?
Take some time to yourself..look within..listen carefully to your Soul..what is it saying to you?
What are its Wishes?
Where is your Passion? Can you Feel it Bursting to come Alive?
Can you let go now of all that is hindering your Soul to Express itself?
This is what is being asked of you Now.
The Energies now Support this Release so take this Powerful Opportunity..Ride this Wave
And do some Deep inner cleaning and clearing
Come Alive
Fully Alive
Leave behind all that is not Truly You
And get ready for some pleasant Surprises !
May you feel the Pure Healing Energy and Intentions in which this was written for you♡
Much Love & Healing Blessings♡
* Image taken from Kahliya‘s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop. Check out the New Set of 50 Cards in an Elegant Velvet Handmade Pouch!


After the Storm

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We have just been going through
A very powerful clearing with the Full Moon
You may still be feeling some of the effect but it is gradually waning.
There was no way we would be left Starting a New Year without some Major clearing out of the there we go, ready to start our New Page with our New Intentions.
If youve been through somewhat of a shake up, let it all settle down.
Take it nice and slow, take good care of yourself and get plenty of rest knowing that the best is right before you.
You may have wanted to jump right to it and this may have slowed you down in total surprise
But dont worry about it
Let everything go and keep yourself faced to the New
As soon as youre ready you will be diving in.
In the meantime dont lose your perspective, if your energy is still a bit slow, take small steps as you can in the direction of your plans.
The pace will pick up in no time
And you will soon feel the significance of this clearing and how it bolstered your Energy to Pursue your Dreams!
If you havent already, you may want to take some quiet time and concentrate on what are your Intentions for your Renewed Path,
How they reflect your values today and what you would like to Accomplish. You could make a list and save it somewhere or create a nice box with all your wishes on separate notes, to look at during the year and see which ones you have already Accomplished.
Much Love and Healing Blessings ♡
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop

Powerful Transition

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We have officially Begun the New Year
But we also have a Full Moon tommorow.
This is a time of an extremely powerful Transition
Of Clearing and Renewal at the same time.
This is definitely not for the faint hearted
For you are being asked to make some tough Decisions
Truly Releasing all that does not Align with your Higher Good
Trust your gut instincts
Anything and anyone that does not feel right to you
Is in fact not right for you
Its time to step up and be serious about your choices if you are really choosing to Align with your Higher Light and Shine it to the World Respecting your Soul Mission.
It may be painful to let go
But these are growing pains
A clear cut Focused Energy is needed for you to pave the way
Time to stand Taller and Truer than ever before
Inviting by your side all those who share the same Purity of Heart
In order to Co Create the Beauty you wish to plant
May the Divine Light Shine through us
And in our Purity May we Shine it back to our Creator and to all of Creation
Be Strong
Have Faith
Stay Pure
And you will attract all that is to support your path towards the Light
If you feel to, you can ask Archangel Michael for Protection Guidance and Assistance in Releasing all that does not Align with your Higher Good.
You can ask Archangel Raphael for Assistance in Healing.
You can ofcourse turn towards any Divine help of your choice.
Sending much Love and Healing Blessings ♡

*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards

Hold onto the Vision

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This is an important message for all those who may be feeling extra emotional at this time.
Holiday Season is in the air.. this brings up a lot for many of us.. the weather is getting pretty cold in some places and we are already within the powerful purging Energy of the Full Moon which occurs tommorow.
The Full Moon, as always, gives us that nudge for things to surface for us to Heal and Release and within the Holiday Season it can be extra challenging.
Those of us who are Empaths may be additionally absorbing this Energy from the collective as well.
Please remember to keep your Perspective.. things lately have started to move in a Positive way and this is not the time to lose the Motivation or the Momentum because it’s still here for you. Its always important for us to revisit these emotions to see where we’ve grown and where we wish to grow some more! So allow these feelings to emerge but dont stay there.. be extra kind and gentle with yourself and allow Healing to occur all whilst remembering what’s waiting for you!
Dont forget all your hard work and efforts, they will be taking you Far!
Remember there is so much to be grateful for..remember how far you’ve come and what is yet to come!
Raise your Vibration in any Positive way you can and
Hold onto the Vision ♡

Sending Much Love

*Image taken from Kahliya‘s ‘Soul Inspiration’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop

Balance ~

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20171114_134039 crp final sind

This is a gentle reminder for you to maintain Balance.
As you have been asked to make an important Commitment (see prior post) to Devote to the Path of your Higher Good, this includes remembering All of who you Are.
You are a Spiritual Being in a Physical Vessel, Which means you need to take good care of both Aspects of yourself for you to be Whole.
Stay attuned to your Spiritual Existence and Needs. Take time out on a regular basis to Nurture who you are Spiritually and develop your special connection with your Spiritual world. Meditation , Prayer or just quiet time in which you are able to Calm and receive inner Guidance. Sometimes certain activities enable certain people to reach this like Going out for a Run or a Walk, Gardening or Handcraft etc.
The importance is creating habits on a regular basis rather than waiting for the occasional, to enable you to release that which is encumbering your Soul, create a support that Nourishes you and enables you to Grow.
You are also being asked to make sure you take care of your Physical Needs to achieve Optimum Health and Performance.
Your Vessel is your Body and it has its needs which when overlooked, blocks your Flow.
It is important to listen carefully and learn what we need to Nourish and allow proper Flow of our Energy.
Make sure you are getting enough Rest, Breathing enough Fresh Air, Drinking plenty of Water and eating Healthy Nourishing food with lots of fresh Fruit and Veggies which supply Life Force.
Learn to listen to the smaller beginning Signs when something doesnt feel right, is out of Balance or is missing.
Balance is key to your Best Performance.
You may want to achieve, and you may currently feel a Gateway has opened for you to finally move forward towards your goals after being somewhat stuck for some time,
But it is equally important as you move forward that you ‘Carry’ all of you with you on your Forward Momentum. Staying attuned to All of your Needs and taking care of them will help you achieve your goals in the best possible way.
This weekend if you feel you need to slow down a bit and rest, do so.
We are entering the Full Moon energy which will allow us to integrate all that has been going on and see where we’re heading and how to proceed in the best way for us.
Happy Weekend
Happy Full Moon
Much love

*Image taken from Kahliya`s ‘Soul Inspiration’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop

Sail ~

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sail sind

Are you feeling emotional ?
Full Moons tend to do that..
Some more than others..for the Soul Purpose of pulling out from us all that is needed to Release.
These days as you may feel really motivated to get things moving in your may not understand why these have to come up..but they do, as long as they are hidden in you, you are carrying around weight that will not enable you to Fly !
Now is the time to just look it in the eye and let it go.
If you wish, create your own unique ceremony asking for assistance from the Divine to let All that does not Align with your Higher Good GO ~
Give it the space needed to do so but dont delve in it too much. Do not slide back to old patterns and tendencies that do not serve you.
Be gentle with yourself but Dont lose perspective at this time. This same Sensitive Energy can now be Transformed and used for Higher purposes of your journey.
It is your choice to Direct your Energy into building your life positively letting go of all that has limited your flight, from within and without.
Sensitivity allows for Compassion and Beautiful Creativity
Remember to do all you can and like allowing you the Healing stillness to re Align yourself with your Higher self
And then take steps to carry out your Vision.
Be at Peace and Embrace the process Full Moon Blessings
Much Love

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