You are healing
You are growing, expanding, evolving, ascending
Whether you fully realize this or not at the moment
With every shift, every phase, every shake up, every trigger
You rise towards manifesting more of your Higher self
Towards more of your Light
And its beautiful
You are Becoming.
No matter how hard its been
You’ve adhered to the path
You can be so proud of yourself
Many times in the thick of things
We don’t see
But today take a moment
And just look at how far you’ve come
What an adventure this ride has been
And how much wisdom you have achieved
Look at how you’ve grown
Look at how much you’ve learned
Look at how your heart has expanded to more Love.
All the players in your life
Have been playmates
With the Divine purpose and orchestration to push you into your Glory
Many times it takes adversity
To push us to find our golden seed within
And excell
Push and pull
Push and pull
And here we are today
Looking back at it all
And oh what a ride
And what have we become
That much closer to our True selves
Appreciating what is truly important
After seeing all that which is not
Today we wish to stand in our Beauty
And Cherish Life
Cherish Love
Cherish Joy
For what else really matters?
Love the Beautiful Divine Creation that you Are
Appreciate the creative powers you have to design your reality
Open your heart to life
Even if you shed a tear or two
For all you went through
All of it was for you
To see what is true
What is you
What you wish to pursue
To become the embodiment of the Divine Creation that you are
Give Gratitude to Grace
For this journey
You have chosen
To be able to expand beyond what you are yet capable to see
Embrace this wild ride
For it is allowing you to fly
And become one
With the universal force of Creation
One with all that is
And that is a beautiful place to be
Honor who you are and all you’ve went through
And move forward
In Grace
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Moment of Grace

20180609_125129 crpd sind

Now is a good moment
As any
To be Grateful
Taking a good look
At your life
At your journey
We spend so much of our time
Trying so hard to achieve
We focus a lot
On what we lack
On what isnt going the way we wish
What if
We would take a regular account
Of what IS Good in our life
We All have a set of challenges
In our lives designed to help our Souls Grow
Absolutely each and every one of us.
Stopping to Appreciate
What IS
Whats Good
Will show the Universe
Our Awareness
Our Acknowledgment
Our Honoring and Commitment
To our Existence
To our path
To our Growth
And will Support, Nourish and Encourage
More of what we Appreciate
To come our way
Make a regular habit
Of spending a moment of Grace
To look at that which you Appreciate
And are Grateful for
Try looking for 3 things
Do this every morning as you start the day or every end of the day,
Once a week as you start the week
Or as you end it
Your choice
Just try and set a regular habit
This will help you maintain a Positive Attitude
And get those Vibes Rolling ♡
Upon reading this
Think of 3 things you are grateful for
If you feel like
State here in comments ♡
I will start
I am grateful for these lovely trees in front of my balcony
I am grateful for my lovely new home and balcony
I am grateful to be doing the work that I love expressing who I am

Much Love & Healing Blessings