Filling the illusion of lack with the fullness of who you are


We are approaching the full moon on the 17th
You can already feel the intensity
You may be feeling emotional,
confused, uneasy.
Find your center
so much has come up for review recently
it can no longer be neglected.
Within all of it lies your Truth
This is your chance to uncover it
and choose to fully embrace it
Spend some quiet time alone
And search within
Re-discover You
fully embrace the truth of who you are
no more half truths
no more hiding
no more cover ups.
The pure naked truth of who you are
is hiding beneath the chaos
beneath all that has camouflaged it
its time to come out
with all your power and beauty.
Thank your soul for showing you
All that is not true
All that is not love
All that has shown up for you has come to clean out all your fears and self doubts
And bring you back home
To self
To truth
To pure love
Are you willing to release anything and anyone that dishonors you to become the best version of yourself
and attract to you those who will celebrate with you ?
All the joy
All the abundance
All the love
is waiting for you
on the flip side.
Value yourself more than any lack offered to you
you lack nothing
you are full of richness, of light, of wisdom and of love
you offer yourself fully and honestly to yourself and to others
as you reach this place
this state of being
in fullness
as you acknowledge this
you shall invite the same into your life
no more lack
for you have Filled the illusion of lack
with the Fullness of Yourself
from this place
you are full
you are rich
you are powerful
you are free
you are love
In being in the full truth of who you are
you attract towards you those who wish to celebrate and co-create with you
This full moon supports the release of all that is not your truth
Allowing you to embrace the Full Truth of who you are
Its time to make choices that honor who you are
look deep within and fall in love with you
see your beauty
cherish your uniqueness
your integrity
and act upon it without delay
its time to stand in the fullness of who you are and carry your truth in all that you do, manifesting the best version of who you truly ARE ❤️
Much Love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.


Important Meeting Point

These days there is a very important meeting point between meeting your deepest wounds that arise, choosing to be there for yourself to nurture and heal and recognizing and honoring your own strength, power and beauty.
You choose to release the pain and move forward in joy to shine your light!

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Much Love🌸


Space of Grace


You may find yourself going up and down these days
One moment you think you got it
And another you come crashing down
You may be feeling frustrated and even dissapointed in yourself for all you wish to do is move forward.
While this is understandable
You must also understand that the highs represent your moments of understanding, awareness and alignement
And your lows at the moment represent your needing to still heal, process and upgrade all of you to the level of your alignement for you to be fully able to move forward.
That does not mean you are not progressing
Because holding your vision, your faith, your positivity and taking small steps do create an important movement forward.
But there are still moments in which your stillness, your quiet is required
Your non movement, non activity
Tuning into self
Listening to your Angels, Guides, God.
Allowing the release of the old and allowing thd release and processing of the pain is needed
This requires a certain amount of surrender
As you surrender
Your Angels can help you heal
Especially if you ask for assistance
They can show you the way from here if you create the space for them to enter with their love and wisdom.
In your silence you can tune into many nuances of your existence
You tend to surpass in your daily active life.
In your silence you can pay attention to your body
Your body stores so much imprint of trauma, discord and stress. We do not realise we carry this around with us on a daily basis.
It would be highly beneficial to look into how you hold yourself
Sit quietly, breathe deeply
And exhale
Repeat this a few times
And follow your breathe
Try to let go of thoughts
If they seem to come in
Just let them come and go
And focus on your breathe
See how gradually you let go of all the tension you have been holding onto
Just continue to breathe and let go
Then focus on your body
Breathe in
And see how are you holding your shoulders
Your back
Your neck
Breathe into these areas
And try to feel more aligned in your posture
Stay there for a while
Breathing deeply and exhaling
You can continue to do this towards all parts of your body or just stay there for a while
And continue the rest another time
Checkout your jaw as you breathe
See if your not clenching
And release that tension
See if you can do some gentle stretches to release tension in the body
Light a candle
Burn some pure incense
Put some relaxing music
Feel yourself gently move with the music without any specific thought around it
Let loose your thinking mind
Soak in a warm salt bath
Go out in nature and tune into the song of the birds and the swish of the trees in the breeze
Beyond our stressful active thinking world
There is a world of Grace
Tune into that in your own way
And Allow
Allow the healing
Allow the inner wisdom
And allow the realignement
Allow yourself to be uplifted
Into a space that knows only Grace
There you will find your peace
There you will find your connection with the Divine
There you will find your higher path
Allow the silence and the time needed to heal, process and evolve to your next step on the journey.
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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New week, New YOU


Here we are
At the begining of a New week
Leaving behind all that was said and done
Whatever has transpired
Whatever whoever whyever
Is in the past
At this point there is no more reason to spend anymore time and energy trying to understand why things happened the way they did.
The only most important thing to carry with you forward on your journey is that whatever this was, made you one last time confront your own self limitations
Pushing you to only move through them to manifest who you truly are.
No more feeling small unable or afraid.
You know there is so much more to you and you are now determined to show yourself and the world just exactly who you are.
Let go of lower energies and those who pull you down
You now more fully own your energy and you are creating your desired world with more joy and excitement.
Trust that with this renewed determination and excitement your energy Will indeed create desired changes in your world.
Things are about to get more fun and juicy
Just because you are more fully invested in the beauty that you are creating for yourself as for others to enjoy!
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
*If you are interested in a personal Soul Guidance consultation, visit Kahliya’s website for details.
*Checkout some cool tshirts and other products with Kahliya’s Positive messages.
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Its Here
Youre Here
You are coming into your Own
You have done so much work on yourself to get Here
You have done the bulk of what has been asked of you
You have learned so much
About Life
Anout Yourself
About what and where you wish to Be to fulfill your Soul plan
You have also learned all about what you dont want
About what isnt True to who you Are
Youve come such a long way
The Universe is proud of you
And You should be proud of you
You can feel it now in the air
The coming about of You and Your True place
It is not yet tangible,yet so Incredibly close
It is as if it is right there beyond this thin curtain veil
Asking you
If you are ready to Grasp it
If you are ready to Own it
If you are ready to
Be who you are Truly meant to Be
You are feeling a bit of an overwhelm at the sense of the possibility
Your old well known fears, doubts and lack of confidence are triggered
A mix of this with feelings of impatience as you feel it so close but not yet actually here.
As tense and fragile as it may feel, this is actually a very important moment for you to see exactly where you go back to in your head when your true actualisation is so near.
Going back to those places which feel so comfortable just because their known
Is not your True place
It is an insult to your own Creation not to move towards who you were Truly meant to Be.
It is also your blockage to your own Dreams and Happiness.
Take some time to see what comes up for you and why youre in this space
What youre afraid of
What are you now ready to let go of as comfort blankets,hiding you away from living your Life to its Fullest.
Its ok
Have compassion for yourself
For you have been through so much
And these comfort blankets have served you in certain times
But now it is time to replace them for True engagement with your Life purpose and the wonderful players coming in to collaborate with you to bring forward much Beauty in Creation.
There is Divine Design and Purpose in it All
Give into the Flow
Give into Life
Give into your Own Creation
Gently tend to your insecurities
And begin with little steps to unfold your Magnifecence
It is Your time my dear
It is Our time
To bring much needed Love and Beauty
To the World
Thank you for showing up
Much love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards
Available in online shop

Honor thyself

10321075_819863248039020_5931692720097614508_o (1)

Another round of clearing has come about.
It may feel challenging but you will be fine.
This hurdle is an important opportunity for you to assert yourself and your truth, connecting to your power and moving fearlessly with it.
Release anything that challenges your truth.
This is a time for you to believe in yourself and show yourself loyalty.
As you step forward in your truth all that does not honor you and align with your higher good shall be released.

This opportunity allows deep hidden wounds to surface to be released.
Allow them to, for in their hiding they continue to hinder your freedom and growth.
Be extra gentle with yourself at this time , Be completely there for yourself showing yourself some tender loving care as you gently release these wounds..
Showing through for yourself , owning your truth and power and asserting yourself with it will prove to be a self honoring experience from which you will gain more strength and confidence.
Embrace yourself
YOU are a Creation of the Universe
Honor yourself
You were created with so much LOVE
Show yourself the same Love
Sending much Love

*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspiration’ message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop



Like an Eagle Soaring in the wind
Take over your Own Kingdom of Life
Take back your Own Power and own this Life of yours.
Looking back at your life
Retracing your steps
See yourself as having tried to regain your power
You may have stumbled through clumsy attempts
Though all along your power was within.
Now after all you have learned
You can finally tap into that power within
Rising within your Core
Taking you Higher
To claim your Full Existence.
You are an Abundant Being
In an abundant UniForce
Let go of all that has tried to stand in your way
Send love to it all
To what it has taught you
And rise above it all now
Spread your wings and fly into the Horizon of your Dreams.
If you feel someone or something is currently standing in your way Understand this is purposefully triggering that old wound to see how far you’ve come and if you’re finally willing to let go and Rise Above anything that tries to deter you from your path. SOAR like the Eagle, way above all seeming obstacles. Stay STEADFAST, STRONG and TRUE to yourself and Your Vision. Keep to your path regardless of what is attempting to throw you off course. BREATHE
Take the time to calm And reCenter.You are the Author of this show. Remember to send love to those challenging you, they are merely players in your own movie, they play an important part in your evolution. Sail through this and commit to YOU and the Path of Your Creation.
Sending you much love

*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspiration’ message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop