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Dry Massage Glove ~ A gift of Well Being

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Im very excited to add this Handmade Coarse Natural Linen Dry Massage Glove to Kahliya`s “Healing Pleasures” product line!

Also known as “Garshan Glove” in Ayurveda, which is used to perform a dry body massage before the massage with oil.

known to be Great for exfoliation,removing dead skin layers, for cellulite and most of all very invigorating giving an uplifting boost due to its stimulating effect on the blood circulation.

Perfect caring Winter gift and an excellent addition to your daily regime creating a positive lifestyle full of Vitality!

Available at Kahliya`s online shop here  🙂
Feel free to browse and tune in for more caring gifts for the holidays!

Much Love


Cozy LOVE Bags !

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Introducing Kahliya`s newest Fun Cozy LOVE BAGS!

Handknitted from Vegan friendly Synthetic wool, very fun and chic ,a great way to carry LOVE around with you as you go or store within all the sweet little things you love, while it winks at you in it`s loving smile!







Great Valentine`s gift for a loved one aswell for pampering yourself with some love!

To view these and more pampering love gifts from Kahliya`s creations checkout Kahliya`s online shop!

To see more of Kahliya`s creations and read more about Kahliya`s philosophy feel free to browse Kahliya`s website !

In Joy* and LOVE


Message of love-part II

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message-of-love-part-ii-031-copy-copy                    Embroidered wall hanging,my creation,Kahliya

In continuation to my post message of love  I would like to wish you all


May we remember to genuinely appreciate,cherish and forever celebrate Love. May we call upon the energy of love to sooth our pains,ease our despair,and regenerate our vitality.May we transmit and offer love generously and abundantly ,even and despite ,  moments of doubt , fear or anger:  to our lovers; families and friends; neighbors and even our enemies, but most of all – to ourselves.

Learning to love ourselves sincerely and truly ,in full forgiveness,with our beauty and ugliness,our strength and weakness, is celebrating the creation of life, as it encompasses all – the GOOD and the BAD. The only true journey to ‘true love’  enabling us to love and accept others whoever they may be,with much less judgement.


Celebrate yourself,your loved ones,the beauty around you, a lovely flower, a breathtaking landscape, a great book, an amazing dish..all this is love!



                                                   photo courtesy of  Century

I encountered this adorable photo adjoining a lovely post written by Sriram from his blog century,titled-

‘Unusual friendship’.

To which I would like to add..

How lovely can it be to allow our pure souls to connect and experience sincere love and friendship disregarding the aquired  and customary barriers of ‘society’ and ‘education’ ?

Is it not time to realise that there is so much to learn from ‘the other’ , ‘ the different’ ,while at the same time there is much more in common than we realise? Why do people tend to feel so threatened by someone who is different than themselves?

Food for thought..for a lovely Valentine`s day..! Have a good one!

P.S  If you like the embroidery in the photo,check out my online handcraft shop!  🙂

All my Love,