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Change is here
Decisions to make
Some Challenges mixed within
The New Exciting Changes
You may be feeling a bit stressed out
Your Faith is Requested
The Universe does not present you
New Opportunities
Without Solutions to challenges that may appear, for them to be fully Accomplished.
I know when you’re in the thick of it
Its difficult to remember this
But then again
This is where you are most put to test
Its also important to understand
That from within your stress and worry
No solutions can be found
It is only when you are calm
And connected to your inner self
That you can hear the whispers of your Angels
And receive good insights and advice from your Higher self
It is helpful to empty yourself from the lower stressful energy
Breathe deeply to connect within
Just say to yourself
Repeat as necessary
As any thought comes through
Completely Empty your thinking mind
And feel your energy lighten and lift
Keep Breathing deeply
Open yourself
That ushers in
It is truly a Beautiful Healing Experience
As you feel more Relaxed
Try to maintain this State of Being
Repeating any time worrisome thoughts overcome you
Gradually you will start to receive
Insights..solutions to what you may have thought had none.
Also leave room for surprising solutions to come your way.
Everything is solvable
The Universe wishes you to
Grow and Advance
To fulfill who you truly are
To Shine your specific Light of Creation onto the World
If you remember this alone
You have nothing to worry about
You are put here to Shine
Have Faith!
Sending much Love &Healing Blessings ♡

*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop