Gather back your energy

These days you may be going through a shake up
Look carefully at the situation It represents something very significant in your life
Where have you given your power, your energy, away?
A situation in which you have put your trust has let you down in a big way
Only to reveal to you
That you are dismissing your own creative energy, your own power, your own ability to decide, discern and discover the truth. 
Where does this lead back to? 
Many of us are still wishing to heal that ‘role model’ from childhood that failed us, that was supposed to take care of us and be our source of trust and truth. 
We search to fill in that wound, but find ourselves time and time again misplacing our trust into similar scenarios. 
This may be devastating but it is to bring us back home to ourselves and our true power that lies within and in our connection with source. 
Take back your power
Collect back your energy from wherever you misplaced it
It can help to physically
Reach out with your arms
And envision yourself 
Gathering back your energy Towards yourself 
Hold yourself 
Soothe yourself 
Anchor your energy 
Acknowledge your power
And own it
You are a child of God
You are a child of the universe 
You carry a seed of the Divine within you
You have ancient knowledge and wisdom 
You can decide and discern
What’s right and what’s wrong 
What is light and aligned 
And what is not
Stand in your power 
Own your energy 
Your creation’s birthright 
No more giving your power away 
Look back to the initial wound and deception 
Make peace with it
See those who have wronged you
As beings that did not know better
Find true compassion and forgiveness 
Many of these have either passed over by now or will be
A cycle is closing
Look to those who have currently wronged you
And find the same compassion and forgiveness and let them ‘off the hook’ 
Find peace in closing this cycle
Let it go
Release this as deep as it may be
You have had many rehearsals on releasing this by now
It’s time
To look as deeply as you can into it
Feel whatever comes up
And just let it go
It has served it’s purpose 
You must see by now 
How giving away your own personal power disserves you greatly 
Never again will you move away from your center, from your balance 
From your truth. 
Your interactions are to be based in mutual recognition, appreciation and collaboration with each other’s truth
There shall not be trespassing of crucial healthy boundaries
There shall no longer be resisting, dismissing or lowering your own light and vibration. 
You may have been conditioned to belittle yourself, to lower your vibration, dismiss your truth in order to adapt. 
No more
Time and time again
You have been shown how this is not beneficial, not to yourself And not to anyone involved
You are to stand tall
Be proud of your creation
Be proud of your truth
Be proud of your light
Be proud of who you are
And walk in your truth
Your power, 
The power of being aligned with the truth and light of your creation
Is what will make you shine
And what will help others align with their own
It may feel lonely at first 
But it will be extremely gratifying
As you will be fulfilling your life purpose 
And serving humanity at large
Whether they recognize it at first or not. 
It is time to create from within this light of yours that you are owning and not dismissing 
From this place you can create joyfully
From this place you can join with others
That match this vibration 
To create beauty for us all. 
It takes courage, true honest profound healing and owning up to your truth
You deserve to be here
You deserve to be happy 
You are meant to show us all the way
God Bless you

Nothing less than light at this point

You may come into a surprising disillusionment at this time
Brace yourself for a bit of a shaky ride. 
You may have thought you had it all figured out after going through so much and doing the necessary work to heal and evolve.
You may definitely not have seen this coming and may ask yourself why is this still going on.
Things may not be clear but rest assured there is always a higher purpose to even the most painful confusing moments.
It’s hard to grasp within the moment,
But if you look back to other similar shocking situations that seemed to ‘end’ your world, you know that clarity comes as the shock effect subsides and you see another ending of whatever represented a certain aspect of yourself that needed to be released and transformed into a higher version of yourself.
Hold yourself 
Nurture yourself 
Heal yourself 
Love yourself 
Ask for Divine assistance and clarity 
Breathe deeply 
And release
Do your best to avoid the temptation to focus on the shock and pain
Rather move your focus on anything and everything that can bring you a comforting feeling
Even if for a brief moment 
Even just a nice song
Soothing vibrational music
That uplifts your vibration 
Lavender essential oil
Take your mind off of the hurt
And back to the light
And repeat
Let these glimpses of light build back up for you
Comfort yourself 
Allow yourself to gently heal
And regain perspective 
Try even for moments 
To detach emotionally 
Enough to see the bigger picture
Of who you truly are
Where you are destined to be and create
And how this situation does not serve and align 
It is time to own your energy 
Your unique expression of creation 
And your higher purpose 
You can no longer
Allow yourself to stay in situations that lower your vibration and limit the expression of your Divine self
You have restricted yourself 
For so long 
You have already learned those lessons
Some situations are painful to leave behind
But you have done so much work to approach your alignment 
You cannot be dragged backwards for others that are not prepared to do their own work and learn their own lessons. 
It may seem like a lonely confusing journey at the moment, but not for much longer, for it is when you are clear on who you are and what your energy is
That the universe sends you that which matches your vibe to create and grow. 
Know and appreciate your value and contribution and accept nothing less than that same respect and willingness 

The Ultimate test

We are ending a year
We are ending an era
And moving towards true outstanding transformation 
Just before we turn the page
You may go through an important challenging test
The key to walk through this
Is found only deep within you
You will be pushed
To find the secret power of your creation
Most probably unknown fully to yourself Until now
This moment will become your breakthrough In which all your challenges will make much more sense
For you to finally tap into your higher purpose here on earth. 
You are not a victim but a powerful creator who chose to encounter and touch much darkness with your light.
Your path has not been easy and you may have stumbled along the way
But you always knew to find your way back to focusing on the light
We are here to help heal and show the way towards the light
As we encounter darkness
We are to do all in our capacity to avoid further destruction while obviously protecting ourselves 
We are here to break vicious cycles
To create the space for others to learn grow and heal
In not engaging in nourishing negativity, distancing ourselves and sending love and light even to those who wish us harm
For they are the most in need
They are those who have lost their connection to their own light
So much that they hate you for being so connected to yours. 
It is time to own your power
Be proud and not ashamed
Of your own light
Stand tall
Learn to protect yourself, your energy
And learn to let go of fears
Anchor yourself In your light
And send it to others
Even to those who oppose it
Let your heart
And others
In understanding this
You will understand the precious gift
This whole cycle has given you
Despite it’s difficulties
And you will understand 
The true gift you are to the world
Thank you for your dedication 
Wishing you an amazing New Year 2022

Being Real

You are not your acquired limited beliefs of yourself
You are not the limited beliefs of others of you
You are so much more
You are not your attachment to your limited experiences
Or to certain dynamics
To certain people 
Nor are you
Your attachment 
To a certain persona you have created
Based on your experiences 
You are not your pain, anxiety or any residue as a result of certain experiences and/or dynamics 
You are much more
So much more
It is now time
To detach from all that has created this limited version of you
And merge with the grand vastness
Of your being
Create a rendez-vous or better yet a series of rendez-vous in which you can either meditate
Or just create a quiet sacred space 
In which you breathe deeply a few times
And connect inwards
Set your intentions
To release your past
And all that does not serve your higher good
All that does not align with your higher self 
Look deeply at whatever and whoever surfaces for you
Start with whatever comes up first
Review the experience or person
That weighs heavy for you
Breathe deeply 
Honor and offer gratitude for the experience
Understanding the lesson it served
Honor the good as the uncomfortable
And ask to release any attachment to this from your life
You can ask archangel Michael to cut the attaching ‘cords’ 
Remember also that the essence and souls of these people are also so much more than what they may have expressed at a certain time or even in their lifetime.
Bless them on their continuation
If their soul is meant to be on your journey in their grander form, on earth or in spirit form, it will be
You are releasing the limited version of the experience,
And if not, it will all be honored, blessed and released from your life. 
The important thing is for you to dis-identify
And detach from any attachment that limits your expansion and your vast perception of self. 
Work with this as you can
One important experience, person, dynamics, perception or pattern at a time. 
Perhaps start with the personas who have had the strongest impression on you and move on to who ever else comes up for you. 
Then your own perceptions of self, your residues of experiences, your patterns etc. 
This is why you may probably need more than one time to do this thoroughly. 
Don’t rush it and don’t stress about it
It’s actually a beautiful exciting and rewarding experience. 
Take your time
And do it in a way that feels right and comfortable for you
Look at anything that comes up for you in the process 
Remember it is all to be done with gratitude and love
Wishing peace unto the sealing and releasing of situations, dynamics, experiences and patterns 
All of it served a higher purpose
But holding onto anything and anyone within a specific limited version, denies the growth and expansion of all Involved
Therefore we need to breathe life, peace and expansion into it all, blessing the continuation of us all. 
This is your freedom ceremony
You so wished for
The moment you understand and connect with the You that is so much more than any and all of this
This is where your freedom lies
As you move through the process
Keep deep breathing into each situation that surfaces
And release your attachment
No struggle, no fight, no force 
Just keep breathing deeply 
And free flowing through with grace
And honor for it all
If any feeling seems to stay
Allow it to
Dont fight it
See it
Honor it
Allow it to show you what it is trying to convey
And when it is time
When it has expressed itself
When it is not ‘needed’ anymore
It will go
At the end of each ‘session’
After you’ve released and blessed
Stay with yourself a moment
As you feel 
Breath in peace
Breathe in freedom
Ask to merge with
The grander vastness
Which is You
This may take a few times
But you will be able to reach and connect 
As you release 
All that has limited you
It is a beautiful empowering experience 
You may be able to just dip into your ocean for a bit at first
Just enough to give you the taste
Of that ‘more’ that is you
It might also be
Because you feel afraid
Not used to the freedom
That’s ok
The tiny visit
Will be your incentive 
To delve deeper 
Keep doing this
And you will 
Reach what you were so yearning for
The Real whole YOU

Radical self acceptance

You may be feeling very agitated and tense.
We are going through a clearing of another deeper level of density.
Agitation within, lack of patience, lack of compassion for oneself first and foremost, as for others, lack of acceptance of self All this is playing out at the moment for you to see what has been lingering within, creating blockages to your blossoming.
If you look carefully into this energy and what it brings up for you, you will be able to see the origins of why you are holding this energy.
You can now also see how harmful it is and how it disturbs your alignment with your higher self and your natural, healthy, harmonious, creative flow.Use this time wisely 
Do a lot of deep breathing 
Anything and everything
That calms you
Soft mild bodywork, stretches, walk 
To release stored tension in the body
Inner connecting
Asking for higher guidance 
And allowing clarity
This too shall pass
But make it worth it
Make it work for you
Delve more into self 
And your makings
Radical acceptance, compassion 
For all that you are
And all your efforts on your path
This kind of total acceptance
That you may have not received 
From anyone else
That you are able to grant 
Yourself today
Will help you achieve the peace
You’re looking for
Losing all the criticism
That was not yours to begin with
You came here pure
With the best intentions 
And that is where
You want to be
Leaving behind
Unnecessary baggage 
Acquired from others
You are returning 
To your purity
And to your truth, Your individuality, 
Your personal unique 
And letting go of this restrictive energy
Will free you
And give you more courage and confidence 
To become who you truly are
And allow others to do the same 

Loss-turning pain into gain

You may be experiencing separations, souls who have crossed over and/or who are about to.
Soul contracts are ending at this time. 
The pain you feel shows the depths of your sensitivity
It is inevitable and important to move through your emotions 
There were shared experiences 
Some of which may even have been bitter but some joyful
Some contracts were full of struggle 
And now you see more of the beauty
That was also present
And tend to hold on
For as difficult as it may have been 
It became your world
The way you knew it
And as much as you wished to break free
And fly higher
You felt bound
These contracts seemed to have designed who you are
But that is exactly the point of their ending 
For this state of who you are
Is not the real you
But a limiting version
And as long as you kept interacting
Within these relationships 
The dynamics have held you down
Unable to accomplish
The higher version of yourself
You are meant to fly so much higher
And expand to your full potential
As you enter a higher dimension
These souls were not meant nor ready
To enter at this time
This is where the contracts end
And new ones will take place for you
To co-create within the heights of your innate capacities.
These limitations in which you were held
Were part of soul lessons 
But you hold within you so much more
Bursting to be activated 
So you can fully express 
Who you truly are
As you stand at the gate
You feel bitter sweet 
You can’t wait to finally fly higher
You’ve been waiting for this moment 
For so long
But at the same time
You can’t help but feel bad 
For those you feel You are leaving behind 
The truth is
They too will be moving onwards
In their own journey
Towards their own enlightenment
And freedom. 
Their pace and journey
Are designed according to their own needs, willingness and capabilities
We all come from the same creation
And we are all headed towards the light 
We are all headed the same way
There is no real loss
We have shared experiences. 
This is the moment
To find and express
Appreciation and gratitude 
For all we’ve shared and learned
The good and the bad
For all of it served us in so many ways
All of it made you Into what you are today
Carrying treasures
You can now offer to others
On the continuation
Of your journey
Cherish it all
This is a moment 
You have waited for
Your life is about to change Upside down
Or rather
Downside up! 
Everything is about to shift
To accommodate and enable
Your full Divine expression. 
Your past
Is a gift
Treat it as such
But free it
So it too
Can shift and expand
Just like you
Dont hold on so tight
To the version of these souls as well
Allow them
To find their way
To grow and become better,
More authentic Versions of themselves. 
Our existence Is fluid, ever changing and evolving. 
Perhaps this chapter seemed long
And seemed to accustom you to stagnancy
But life is about expansion 
And even within this time 
There have been so many
Subtle changes occurring in you
That have enabled in fact
Your growth and readiness 
For this bigger change 
Bless your experiences 
Bless all souls involved
Free them and free yourself
To become who you were meant to be
And blossom 

Freeing yourself from fear

You may feel you are coming to your edge time and time again triggering existential fears only to be able to fully release them and find the divine being you are within that trusts itself and it’s celestial team fully
Knowing you are here for a purpose that cannot be evoked by outside forces and you shall not be deterred from your designated path. 
It is at that point you shall feel your freedom and connect with your full innate power to carry forth your divine presence and purpose. 
Your greatness resides in your ability to surrender and rise back up shedding old skin again and again until what remains of you is your pure sacred seed. 

Today much of the illusionary veil has lifted for you
This is a result of your hard work and dedication to the path of light. 
You are now able to look at all things through higher consciousness, through your higher self. 
What you have perceived before as intimidating you see now with a clearer vision of understanding, discernment and compassion. 
You have no longer the need to cling to fear
You know your value and power 
You know the truth and powers of the universe 
You understand all that is
Has higher meaning
You understand 
There is no more need to fear
You release

Another chance for peace

These days you may have an exquisite opportunity to reconcile with your past.
You will have to move through your emotions and not block or bypass them
For they are your gateway to freedom. 
You may have thought things were healed and done but the mere presence of some difficulty may show what is still stuck for you. Stay present in this experience and flow with trust this is for your benefit. Somehow you will get to see your perception soften with more understanding, compassion and forgiveness for others as for yourself. 
Something within you will be able to let go more and see how holding onto this has been blocking your life and deterring you from the evolution of your true self. 
It is time to say goodbye to the past and what has been holding you back. It is time to see there has been beauty 
As well as difficult lessons that have taught you so much. 
All of it has been a gift and should be appreciated as such
These were souls who have convened to act out certain scenarios with you for lessons of evolution and now will be moving on. You have a whole new chapter in front of you
And this truly needs to be cleared without any dense residue but in peace
So that you can be fully open to the unfolding of your higher self and vocation. 
Take the time needed to contemplate, move through emotions and resolve this
So you can be free and open to your next step of evolution. 
Offer gratitude to this chapter, the souls involved, to the universe, your spirit team who have supported you through some very challenging times, and to yourself 
For being brave, doing your best, being strong and above all staying as best you could in the light within some very dark moments. 
The Universe salutes you and is happy to take you to greater heights
once your able to dissolve any lingering residue and reach a closing of a cycle in total peace. 

Use your creative power

The structures which we have known
Which our lives have been built upon
Are now crumbling
This has been a gradual process
One that has brought discomfort 
But that is essential for us to rebuild
On healthier values 
And solid ground 
All that we have known Needs to be questioned 
And re evaluated
Nothing is to remain the same 
We must also question ourselves 
And see
What needs to go
And what needs to be rebuilt anew
These days as we review our past
We have the opportunity to see how certain thoughts and acts have created realities we wish we could erase. 
Look to your thoughts as tools of power 
Check yourself out when you complain criticize, hold resentment or any other negative energy. Is this the energy you wish to nurture and propel forward into your life and into the world? 
Think and act wisely Weigh your every word Your every thought
Your every action and reaction 
For your initial thought
Carries energy You have the power 
To choose and create
The energy You wish to direct
And if negative energy 
Has been directed towards you
Or you may have absorbed it
In any way
You have the power
To stop it right then and there
And transmute it
Into better energy 
For the benefit of all
Stopping it from affecting you
And stopping it from further affecting us all
Through you. 
You have that power 
We all have that power 
And if we have learned 
Anything From all the hurt we all have gone through It should be to
Take serious responsibility
For our energy 
And that starts
With our thoughts. 
You also have the power To choose 
The energies You absorb
By choosing wisely 
To the best of your ability 
The company you keep 
The people you interact and create with
As well as interactions and information 
You absorb through media and social platforms. 
Pay attention to your energy 
Every time you have, 
Even and especially, 
Absorbed negativity
Through other sources. 
Leave nothing to chance. 
Be the powerful creator
You were created to be
Use discernment and healthy boundaries 
To enable you to nurture that which you wish to create For yourself 
And for us all

Cleaning the slate

More visions from the past come up for review.
What could of, would of, should of been. 
A different perspective on certain situations is offered to you. 
Insights on how things occurred How others have acted, how you have acted, how Perhaps they or/and you could have acted better. 
It may cause some discomfort knowing you cannot go back and fix things. 
But there is still great importance to these new revelations in understanding better about others, about yourself, about your past and what you needed to learn, what needed to change, what has already changed, how much you’ve grown from then and what still may need to change.
If we give into the flow, if we are dedicated to the path, we are eternally learning, growing, evolving.
Stopping to review
Seeing things with compassion
For ourselves and others
Expressing regret 
Even if within
Understand that perhaps some people are also expressing regret to you within
Forgiving others
And ourselves 
For with
Sincere Intentions
Our energy brings
Growth to all
Send gratitude and love
To situations 
To be sealed
In healing for all involved
These are important moments For us to be able to Clean the past
Move forward Without any uncomfortable weight
And recreate ourselves and our future Based on all we’ve learned
For the highest benefit of all.