Fierce Focus


We are within a New Moon energy today
The energy has been intensifying up to the New Moon and will continue a few days after.
It is important not to give into anxiety or negativity.Do all you can to remain positive.If you do feel a bit low,dont over push yourself either.Rest ,Be gentle with yourself and take good care of yourself.Allow healing to occur.
We are firmly closing the door to the past and all that does not align with our highest good.A New beginning is afoot.
Fiercely focus on the positive and on your higher path.
Disregard the nourishing of the negative that is happening in your surroundings and in the media.This nourishing makes you focus on what you fear so you create it into your reality.That is not what you wish for.Instead, focus all of your energy on what you wish to create.That is why detachment is essential at this time.
Underneath this storm there is a very important shift occuring for humanity.
It is important to stay on course of your higher purpose for you are here to create something of higher value in this world and after this wave you will be given opportunity to move forward and be a part of what is very much needed for us all.
Work diligently on healing, resting, raising your vibration, on your well being and health and on mastering your gifts for you will soon be called.
There is a very high sensitivity at this time
A heart opening
The energy is intensifying
And we are prone to a lot of anxiety
But there is also humility as we are being stripped down to essentials. We once again are close to our truth and we are re-learning to see true beauty in the simplest acts of kindness and love.
Stay in this place with your heart
Nurture this moment
It is precious and teaches you so much.
It brings you back home
To yourself, to your heart, to your soul.
This is where true beauty is created.
This is where you find yourself and your purpose. This is where you find true connection with humanity and with Creation.
When anxiety does hit you
When you feel overwhelmed
When you feel you are absorbing the panic energy of the collective or if any lower vibration energy arises in you
Just state
“I transform this negative energy into LIGHT”
And repeat it as much as you need,
With all of your focused intention.
If you feel more comfortable
Ask the Divine
‘”Please help me transform this negativity into LIGHT.”
Keep repeating this and see your energy transform.
Those holding the light in this storm, in this upheaval
Are those that will be creating the new world based on values of truth, integrity purity,light & love.
Those who have been abusing power, living lives based on lies, treating others maliciously will gradually be facing the consequences of their actions.
Truth will be exposed on many levels
No one can hide
We are being shaken to Awaken
That is why the time spent alone in quiet is so essential
To examine our lives, our motives, our values, our truth and prepare for creating a better world in which we manifest the Truth of who we are and move forward giving our best to ourselves and to the world.
Lies will no longer be tolerated
And LIGHT will prevail
And transform our world
Into who we are meant to BE.
Much love
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Focus on the Light

DSC_1340 crp light stronger sind

Beyond what is occuring at the moment
We are undergoing huge transformation
Current events are pushing us to purge many fears that linger within us
Try not to be swept into the panic energy of the collective
Rather look within to see what is being triggered
What emotions, what old fears are coming up for you?what are they connected to?
Allow yourself to purge these emotions.
Process your fear and anxiety
Have a cry if you feel you need
Theres nothing to be ashamed of
But stay aware
Acknowledge and move through these emotions and old density
But do not nourish fear
Understand that this is being fueled at the moment and yet it is not who you are.
Fear weakens you and pushes you away from your connection to source, taking your power away aswell as your sense of truth.
Do not give into this
Nourish your light
And be a light for others
Stand in your power
Physically, emotionally,mentally and spiritually
Remember who you are
Nurture your true essence
If there are physical limitations at the moment that does not limit your soul nor does it limit your growth.
Use this time to benefit you
Take some quiet time to purify yourself from energies that do not serve you
Reassess where you are and where you are heading.
There is always a higher purpose to anything you go through in life
And crises offer opportunities for a lot of growth
Reconnect with your soul and see what it has to tell you.
This is a great time to look into what you need to improve
To catch up on things you needed or wished to do for yourself or your projects
Rest and soul search
This phase will be over and you will be glad you made something of it rather than indulge in fear.
Stay on course and stay positive
There are still big changes around the corner so continue to work on your higher purpose.
This also can be a great time to work on improving professional ideas.
Remember that physical exercise is important to release tension build up in the body and get your energy flowing.
Whatever you do
Focus on the positive and keep building
A shift in focus is all it takes to change your whole experience.Its your choice and its in your hands.
Raise your vibration and continue to hold the light for yourself and others.
Much love

Closing a Cycle

DSC_1363 crp closing cycle sind

We are heading towards the full moon on the 9th
We are closing a cycle at this time
People and situations from your past or that symbolise your past in some way, may reappear by surprise to see if you know and are crystal clear about where you are headed and what no longer serves you.
You will be presented with choices and its all up to you to discern wisely.
This will offer a closure for you for all that you have gone through, your old patterns and habits, what you have accepted in your life and it will also show you how much you have grown and are no longer in that mind space or level of vibration.
The closure does not necessarily mean you need to interact with anything or anyone presented to you.It is more of an inner personal closure, one that you have needed, to be able to draw the line, see where youve been, how much youve healed and create healthy boundaries, saying goodbye more ‘officially’ to the old and welcoming the new that aligns with your new higher vibration and more awakened self.
There is a possibility in certain cases for something from the past to return in a higher version adapted to your continual need for growth.
It is up to you to dicepher
What is true and what is false
What no longer serves your higher purpose
And what is actually coming in to truthfully co-create with you with the same devotion to higher missions.
You deserve this
You have worked hard
You have been dedicated to the path
You have learned your major lessons
And even though there will still be lessons
You are more clear on what serves your higher purpose and what needs to be totally released to welcome a new creative life force, joined with others to manifest more of your higher selves, focusing on creating something of Divine beauty for yourselves and for the world.
Take a moment to contemplate this very important phase
Reviewing your life
Be proud of your growth
Make wise choices
And move forward
With excitement
Towards the wonderful new life you are about to create ❤
Much love
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You are capable

DSC_1340 crp light stronger sind

One minute you may be full of vision
And in alignment, feeling positive
And then out of nowhere
You may feel fear,doubts, lack of confidence,
Feeling more comfortable crawling back into limiting habits
Needing any distraction to put you back there
You know this road too well
Yes there is a will
But how determined are you?
Know that your light is much stronger than anything attempting to distract you
Leading you to believe you are not capable
Its time to let go of your ego, your shadow and any energy attempting to limit and block your light
Its just not as powerful as your God given light which is meant to shine through
Allow it to
Stop paying attention to all those distractions
Start seeing how you fall into the ‘traps’
Look deep within
You are so much more than what you allow yourself to bring through
You are stronger, wiser and more capable than you allow yourself to believe
If you do go through a relapse after a rise
Just allow your fears to move through you
With understanding,love and compassion.
If you need to rest,to heal and recover
Do so
And then pick up
Dont lose your vision
It is in you for a higher purpose
You are here for a higher purpose
Ride the waves but stay on track
Believe in yourself
Push yourself a tiny bit further each time
You’ll be amazed to see what you will discover
Much love

You’re worth it

20170321_154613txt-sind (1)

You may be feeling a bit low,fragile, emotional
On our road to evolution there will be highs and lows
It is the way that we deal with the ebb and flow that will determine our determination and growth.
It is very important even when things appear to not go in our favor, to not lose our vision, for things are not always what they seem.So much goes on beneath the surface that we do not know of.There are so many energies to be orchestrated to reach our venues and all along the journey is the most important part of it all, for that is where our learning experience occurs.
Most of all we are to learn about ourselves, our beauty, our value and love ourselves through it all, care for ourselves.
To the extent you care for yourself is the extent of joy and success you will produce for yourself and for your loved ones.
It all starts with your own well being.
Compassion and gentleness for yourself if you feel low willl take you a long way.
It is recognizing, respecting and appreciating the Divine in you.
Show yourself tender loving care as you would a loved one.
Slow down
Pamper yourself
Practice stillness
Your angels are near
Perhaps they wish to let you hear something
Be kind to yourself
Youre doing fine
Sometimes you need to slow down
Heal some emotions
Some sensitivities
Allow your celestial team to come in and help
Be kind amidst the shifts
Keep positive
Even if you need to cry
This too is a cleansing and healing
That is sometimes needed
Sometimes we take on too much for too long
Without processing and allowing soft nurturing healing
Be there for yourself
You are worth it ❤
Much love