Hone your Energy

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We are headed towards a New Moon on the 20th.We have been going through a huge transformational shift which is intense and growing in phases.
At this point we are to take a closer look at our energy
Every thought you allow to linger in your mind carries energy
Pay attention
At any given moment
What is the predominant energy?
How does this thought make you feel?
Did it uplift you ,or did your vibration just suddenly drop?
You have the power of choice.
You are the captain of this ship
Where are you steering towards?
Paying closer attention and beginning to discipline yourself to choose and redirect your thoughts is imperative for your well being and growth on all levels.
Also,pay attention to whatever pulls your attention and energy and distracts you,pulling you away from your peace and harmony.
Was it a necessary engagement?Could you avoid it or disengage politely as early as it entered your sphere?
Sometimes there Are necessary uncomfortable situations that Do need our attention.Keeping drama to the minimum and resolving to search for the light in any situation is the best way to deal with these situations.Remember there is always a higher perspective and a higher purpose to anything we go through in this life.
Finding compassion for yourself and others as you navigate yourself as calmly as possible to find the point of light and more clarity is the way we are to go through these situations in a manner that offers us the growth they were meant to serve us.
It is time to save your energy
It is time to savour your energy
And use it for growth
It is time to own your energy
It is time to Hone your energy
Own your existence by paying more attention to where you choose to direct your energy.

Much love



Focus on what you are Creating


We are within the energy of the full moon
The energy is pretty intense
You may be feeling very emotional
You may be feeling frustrated
Some situations may be coming in to test you
Do you know who you truly are
Do you know your integrity, your values
Are you living by them?
Have you learned your prior lessons well to the point that you respond differently to situations or are you still triggered by the same emotional conditionings?
Do you make wise choices for yourself ?
Dont be fooled by the illusion of circumstances
You are the creator of your world
You can create the conditions in which to thrive ,it all depends on what you focus on.
Dont panic and dont despair
There may be a lot going on at once and you may feel overwhelmed.
Focus on the good
On what you are Creating
Nourish that and nourish yourself
Whatever situation that comes up to test you may also bring up a whole lot of density from before that needs to be cleared
A lot of healing is taking place even if you dont realise
You may feel old pain arise
You may find yourself crying rivers
Let it flow
Dont block this
Let it all flow through and out of you
Dont hold on too tight
Dont try to control
Dont try to over analyse
These situations have come to aid in your healing
Make the right choices
Remember your worth, remember how far youve come and how hard youve worked on yourself to be able to live a life of self value and integrity.
And if you feel confused
Just surrender to the Divine
Completely surrender
Allow the Divine to take you Higher
Raising your vibration so you can see things from a higher perspective
Do what you can to embrace yourself
Hold yourself in a safe space
Suround yourself with that which soothes and uplifts you: essential oils like lavender,self massage with quality massage oil, HZ vibrational music specifically designed to uplift your vibration,gentle stretches and exercise,Nature etc
Try to let go and relax, meditate if you can
If not Just breathe deeply and release
Try to find some precious sacred quiet time for yourself
Savor the quiet and allow yourself to go through whatever is processing through you
Allow yourself to reach your depths within the quiet,answers, signs, senses will be revealed.
Clarity will come especially as you let go and take good care of yourself.
You are here to be the true version of yourself
Allow anything that dishonors that to wash away with the rivers
This is what its all about
Unpeeling layers and layers of what is Not You
To Reveal
What IS You
Keep releasing
Keep raising your vibration
Keep honoring your truth ,your self worth and your values
Keep focusing on what you are revealing and creating
And let the rest go..
Much love
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