Conquering the beast and unleashing the New You

Mastering our mission of anchoring peace

Allows us to create anew

Even if we’re not there 100% but close

And much more aware

We are well on our way and will keep at it until we’ve conquered this 😎😉🙏


Let it all go and Allow this New energy to take you forward

Intense energy may cause you to be overwhelmed. Let go of all distractions and focus soul-ly on your energy and alignment Let source move through you to wonderful expansion



Intense meeting point between your past and the New emerging YOU

There is an intense meeting point between the letting go of the past and the New emerging you. Don’t let anything hold you back, stay steadfast, focused and stand tall for you are about to become unapologetically YOU

Anchoring your presence

The energies at the moment are supercharged.

Much light is being ushered in and it may feel destabilizing.

Settle in, ground and Nurture yourself.

As you embody more light, you are opening, your heart is opening and you are being prepared to blossom.

You may feel sensitive, emotional and vulnerable. Stay with this vulnerability, dont rush to close up. It is a result of your heart opening and it is opening you to share more of your depth and create deeper and richer experiences and connections.

You may also encounter distractions

Dont let them deter you from your higher path. 

You have come a long way and gone through a lot to get where you are on your journey and you are being asked to master your lessons as you close a huge chapter of your life.

Trust your intuition above anything else and discern what is not aligned with your higher path and dont hesitate to weed it out. 

There is a very strong energy asking you to anchor your existence, your stand, your decisions and choices

All you have learned until now has helped you reach them

Knowing who you are



To walk your higher path

You have reached a spiritual maturity

A higher consciousness 

You will be moving into a position in which you can aid others through the wisdom you have gained. 

Honor your past for what it has given you

Cherish the gifts you have discovered within you and polished as a result of your experiences 

Be proud of who you are and what you bring to the table

As you move forward co-creating with like minded something better for us all.