We are Ascending

We are Ascending

In order to ascend to a higher level of being – closer to alignment with our higher selves, we need to release all that is blocking us, holding us back, all that does not align.

We are being pushed into a very uncomfortable passage, similar to what we have been going through these last three years, but accelerated. A passage in which you may feel lost or ‘thrown off a cliff’ in a way – pushed out of your comfort zone. You are being asked to let go of all you have known and clinged to for comfort and security, for these were false/faulty support systems. You are being asked to find your real truth, identity, support, guidance and peace within and in your connection with source.

Trust and have faith in the Divine Higher plan for it is acting in your best interest and is about to take you to better and higher realms. 

In fact, You are about to take yourself to higher realms – by allowing and flowing with the process. 

Focus on letting go of the past, letting go of attachments, reconnecting with your ability to feel safe, peace and freedom within through your solid connection with yourself and your Celestial team.

Let go of what you ‘Know’ 

And be open to the New unknown coming upon us.

There will be an event that may seem scary on the surface but is designed to further shake you out of any remaining lower vibration you are holding onto

Especially fear. 

Fear not

For through this passage and final release, you will transcend all that has attempted to condition you

You will break free

You will Rise Higher

And Ascend 


Keep looking and strengthening within

There is where your golden ticket resides. 


Anchoring your presence

The energies at the moment are supercharged.

Much light is being ushered in and it may feel destabilizing.

Settle in, ground and Nurture yourself.

As you embody more light, you are opening, your heart is opening and you are being prepared to blossom.

You may feel sensitive, emotional and vulnerable. Stay with this vulnerability, dont rush to close up. It is a result of your heart opening and it is opening you to share more of your depth and create deeper and richer experiences and connections.

You may also encounter distractions

Dont let them deter you from your higher path. 

You have come a long way and gone through a lot to get where you are on your journey and you are being asked to master your lessons as you close a huge chapter of your life.

Trust your intuition above anything else and discern what is not aligned with your higher path and dont hesitate to weed it out. 

There is a very strong energy asking you to anchor your existence, your stand, your decisions and choices

All you have learned until now has helped you reach them

Knowing who you are



To walk your higher path

You have reached a spiritual maturity

A higher consciousness 

You will be moving into a position in which you can aid others through the wisdom you have gained. 

Honor your past for what it has given you

Cherish the gifts you have discovered within you and polished as a result of your experiences 

Be proud of who you are and what you bring to the table

As you move forward co-creating with like minded something better for us all.



I am free ~

I close my eyes

I put my hand on my heart

I BREATHE deeeeeply

I fill myself with PEACE and LOVE

I Exhale and Release

All anger, frustration and worry

I Release the thinking mind

The Deeper I Breathe

The more I Release

Until it all becomes a distant memory

And I RISE and Float above All density


At any given moment you have the possibility to tune into the higher consciousness of the universe…. BREATHE ~

You are so much more

We are purging more density within us, deeper layers of past hurts surface to help us understand limited self perceptions. We are so much more, we are powerful beings of light and we are to move forward acknowledging and anchoring our sense of self.

Personal examples of signs from ancestors

Sharing with you personal examples of Higher guidance ad healing I’ve received from passed on loved ones to show how these can look like and help you open up to your own full healing, release and higher guidance.

Another blessing in disguise

You may have recently been through a deceitful situation.
You may still be in shock, overwhelmed, hurt.
You may also be upset with yourself
After going through so many hard lessons in your life, you may not understand how you’ve allowed yourself to fall again into deceit.
Don’t be so hard on yourself¬†
Different aspects and energies were at play here that you were not aware of. 
This might have been a pre-planned soul contract to mutually learn another lesson, which explains your trust in whoever this involves.
The beauty here lies in the fact that you did realize this is not for you and that it does not align with your highest good
And this understanding came from all you’ve learned prior to this.
The decision to let go may have been difficult and complex, and yet you knew you had to be strong and do it. 
This strength is strength that you have built over so many experiences that taught you how to deal with sticky situations and how to stand up and leave even when you are getting confusing messages.
The fact that you are being harmed even in situations with good intentions is enough for you to know that you need to take care of yourself first. 
If you feel your energy scattered, dispersed, lowered you need to take back your energy, period. 
Taking back parts of your energy that have been attached to lower vibration situations will liberate and empower you and allow you to gradually see clearer. 
The other person/people involved may not be at your level of understanding of how to take care of their energy. 
Perhaps your presence and your release may help them learn
There is nothing more for you to do
Except wish them well and pray for them to find their way to their light, which is the purpose of all our journeys. 
We cross paths, we teach each other lessons, but we dont always grow together 
Because not everyone is at the same place and readiness on the journey. 
We can sometimes help people, but we cannot save people from themselves and their own objection to see the light. 
They will get there, don’t worry, we all eventually get there¬†
Most probably, you planted a seed for them to awaken and they will decide what and when to use it to the benefit of their evolution.
Your responsibility is towards yourself 
You have not come this far to crumble
Stand tall
Dust yourself off
You may have been through a shake up
Take the time needed to heal 
By now you have learned beautifully how to heal yourself 
And keep your connection to your higher self and spirit team intact
You are here on a mission
A higher mission
And, yes, 
This was part of it
You scattered some stardust
And planted some light
In yet another dark situation 
And believe it or not
It will do it’s work
Just like in all the other situations 
Be proud of yourself 
For spirit has used you
To plant light in the dark 
And you may get scratched and hurt
But because you are so unwavering In your connection to your light
You always come out stronger and brighter than before 
This was yet another blessing in disguise
For you have endured, learned, strengthened and evolved
And now, soon you will be ready for your next level 
You will be ready to implement your higher vocation
God Bless you
Thank you for all you allow yourself to go through to evolve
For the benefit of your own soul
And for all of Creation