Recognising your true power

We have just moved through the 10.10 energy portal with such a beautiful energy of opening and tomorrow is the full moon, the powerful energy can already be felt.
We are being encouraged to open up to more light and let go of dense energy that does not serve us. The most important thing to learn from all you go through is that you are always so much more than your challenges
And the moment you reach recognition and awareness of your own power as an energetic creator of your life, then all kinds of helpers spiritual and earthbound come in to assist and collaborate, for your free will is what matters.
Make sure you know now to focus on the positive and on following and creating more light for yourself and others and dont give into anything else that tries to steal your attention away.
You are here to create Magic
Focus on that ❤️
Much love



The New Moon is upon us.
The energy is intense.You may be feeling knocked out and in overwhelm, not understanding what has knocked you out like this, finding it hard to regain your footing.
Try to relax
Try to allow the energy to move through and past you
You may find all your insecurities reappearing
Allow yourself to observe all that comes up for you
Understand this is a passage, a clearing
You also get to see what you are still harboring within that does not serve you
Now you see it and it is so clear to you that this does not serve you
Allow the clearing
Let it all go
Try to find peace stillness quiet calm
Allow the flow of the universe, of the energies that need to come and go
Release the tension in your body
Release the need to decide, to act, to plan
Allow this moment
This too shall pass
You will be back on your feet in no time after this important clearing
Stay conscious, aware
You are headed towards important new beginnings
The sadness of the past
The negativity, the fears, the doubts, the insecurities
Need to make way
For your confidence in who you are and what you wish to create
Focus on that and watch all else clear away from your bring
Be gentle with yourself
Be in quiet or listen to calming music
Tune into self and listen to the Divine
Tune into nature if you can
Take it nice and easy
Prepare for the new that you wish to create
Much love
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