Evolving from pain

Evolving from pain

You may be feeling very emotional
Another clearing is upon us
The extent to which you allow to move through you is the extent you allow to clear and heal.
We go through the layers needed to heal and yet, at this time, you have an opportunity to see deeper into your sovereignty of your own existence, energy and well-being.
It is important to go through our emotions, allowing ourselves to feel them on their way to release
It is also an important part of our existence to feel emotions.
By no means is it healthy to run away from them or try to cover them up as they will come up in unhealthy ways creating further pain for ourselves and for others.
We are here to heal these cycles of destruction and chaos, we are here to transmute the initial reactions of anger and chaos that keeps nurturing ill-being. Therefore we stop, we observe, we allow pain to move through us. We acknowledge, we move through emotions, we own our existence, our feelings and allow them to heal so we do not continue to carry the energy, and further hurt ourselves or others.
After doing so for a while, releasing layer after layer, it may seem sometimes overwhelming, but there is an opening for you to see at this time that you are able to hold your emotions with much love and compassion for yourself and still not dwell there, keeping a higher perspective of who you truly are and how although there are those who may have hurt you, we are all here going through our journey, doing the best we can at every given moment to the best of our understanding at that moment, and we too have made mistakes at times, even if we have evolved since then, it does show us no one is exempt from mistakes, its part of the journey and this acknowledgement may help you find more compassion and forgiveness for yourself and for others on your way to a deeper and more important release of all and anything that hurt you along the way so that you can make way for a clean slate for you to create the positive you wish for yourself and others.
We are all eternal, and the cycles continue for us all to heal more of what we have created by swaying from the Divine’s light.
Let there be no anguish for the souls that choose to leave this life in any which way they have chosen, for there is always a higher purpose that we dont always know about.
They do continue to be with us in another form.
Trust in your existence, in the Divine and the higher guidance there for you non stop. Trust you have a higher purpose and whatever you have gone through has a higher purpose. Live, know who you are and what you bring to us. Honor yourself and your experiences that have enriched you with life, with emotions, with compassion and understanding and above all with love that never dies throughout it all.
That is what youre here for, to see and show us what really matters despite all illusions. You and your own unique colorful heart withstand the trails and trials of time and show us through it all who you truly are.
You are here for a reason
You have tremendous value and purpose
And so does absolutely every scratch and bruise you went through
It has added that much more to your beauty, depth and understanding giving you the tools you need to help create at this time, a much needed better, healthier, more peaceful and more positive world, all because you had the courage and the dedication to stop being part of the vicious cycles, transmuting the energy for yourself and others and healing so that you can help us create anew.
Thank you for being here at this time
Bless you
And bless all you are about to create for us all.
Much love

Walk through


We have walked through an important energetic portal on the 12.12 amplified by a full moon.
This Gate is open to us for 12 days.
We are completing an energetic cycle and closing a decade.
As we head towards a new chapter, a new important decade, a new beginning
We need to review all that was said and done
All that we must leave behind
Recent events may have triggered you yet they were a crucial catalyst for a much needed change.
Your old patterns came up to play to show you one last time what you will no longer accept from others or for yourself.
Others may have helped you see where you have stayed stuck in lack of confidence and self appreciation.
That needs to go.
You are heading towards a beautiful new beginning
One that you have created with your own hands
Your own energy
Your own sweat and tears
Your own lessons
Your own love in your heart
Your own magic
Your own faith
You are here
You are being upgraded energetically
And that may feel like growing pains
Your body craves for rebirth
Your heart is cracking open,craving to feel the love of life again
Your soul is bursting
Wanting to jump in joy and reconnect with its true essence.
The time is so near
You may already feel it
Stretch your limbs
Go out and reconnect with nature
Feel and sense the Grace of God.
Reconnect with your vitality
Absorb the gentle light of the sun.
Reconnect to who you truly are
Feel alive again
Take a walk in the fresh air.
Allow all that has taken place to move through you as you release absolutely everything that has ever held you back
You are here to shine
You are here to flourish
You are here to show us your unique light
And collaborate with soul family to shine onto the world
You can no longer hold back
We need you
The world needs you
Full of joy and vibrance
Confident in who you are
For you have been created for a purpose.
Use these upcoming days
To purify yourself from the past
And from anything holding you back
All lower vibration needs to go
For you to walk into your wholeness.
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Recognising your true power

We have just moved through the 10.10 energy portal with such a beautiful energy of opening and tomorrow is the full moon, the powerful energy can already be felt.
We are being encouraged to open up to more light and let go of dense energy that does not serve us. The most important thing to learn from all you go through is that you are always so much more than your challenges
And the moment you reach recognition and awareness of your own power as an energetic creator of your life, then all kinds of helpers spiritual and earthbound come in to assist and collaborate, for your free will is what matters.
Make sure you know now to focus on the positive and on following and creating more light for yourself and others and dont give into anything else that tries to steal your attention away.
You are here to create Magic
Focus on that ❤️
Much love



The New Moon is upon us.
The energy is intense.You may be feeling knocked out and in overwhelm, not understanding what has knocked you out like this, finding it hard to regain your footing.
Try to relax
Try to allow the energy to move through and past you
You may find all your insecurities reappearing
Allow yourself to observe all that comes up for you
Understand this is a passage, a clearing
You also get to see what you are still harboring within that does not serve you
Now you see it and it is so clear to you that this does not serve you
Allow the clearing
Let it all go
Try to find peace stillness quiet calm
Allow the flow of the universe, of the energies that need to come and go
Release the tension in your body
Release the need to decide, to act, to plan
Allow this moment
This too shall pass
You will be back on your feet in no time after this important clearing
Stay conscious, aware
You are headed towards important new beginnings
The sadness of the past
The negativity, the fears, the doubts, the insecurities
Need to make way
For your confidence in who you are and what you wish to create
Focus on that and watch all else clear away from your bring
Be gentle with yourself
Be in quiet or listen to calming music
Tune into self and listen to the Divine
Tune into nature if you can
Take it nice and easy
Prepare for the new that you wish to create
Much love
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