Thank you Mr Tree

hug a tree

If you feel dispersed scattered overwhelmed or just confused
Go out anywhere nearby where there is a tree that you feel attracted to
Try to focus your energy and sense it
It may have a gift to offer you
if you don`t feel comfortable hugging it
Place the palm of your hand on its surface
Feel its energy
Stand with your feel flat and firm on the ground
Try not to think of anything or anyone
Concentrate on what your palm is feeling
Mr Tree has some amazing grounding energy to offer
Stillness, peace and calm
Feel at the same time with the soles of your feet the energy of the ground beneath
and how the Tree is connecting to it, anchoring itself, firmly, steadily
Breathe with the Tree
Balancing yourself with the energy of the tree
will help you Re center
and Remember
as we are all from source
We anchor our existence
we become once again calm
And Free ~
Don`t forget to thank it
Thank you Mr Tree 🙂