Recognising your true power

We have just moved through the 10.10 energy portal with such a beautiful energy of opening and tomorrow is the full moon, the powerful energy can already be felt.
We are being encouraged to open up to more light and let go of dense energy that does not serve us. The most important thing to learn from all you go through is that you are always so much more than your challenges
And the moment you reach recognition and awareness of your own power as an energetic creator of your life, then all kinds of helpers spiritual and earthbound come in to assist and collaborate, for your free will is what matters.
Make sure you know now to focus on the positive and on following and creating more light for yourself and others and dont give into anything else that tries to steal your attention away.
You are here to create Magic
Focus on that ❤️
Much love

Ready to Shine?

Are you ready to Shine?
See your insecurities arise for what they are, an old outdated defense mechanism shadowing your true light.
No more hiding.
Focus on unveiling your truest most authentic self and there within lies your light, your beauty and your gifts given to you by the Divine ❤️

Ready to Shine?
Claim it, signal with a thumbs up and let us all know you are Ready! 😊
Much Love


Breaking open


Your heart is breaking open
Your heart is expanding
To reveal more understanding
More vulnerablity
More truth
Deeper truth about your old wounds and how it all connects to your present reality are being revealed if you allow them to.
Allow your barriers to come down for all this precious unfoldment to occur,
Perhaps in dreams at night or in daydreams.
Your days may seem somewhat cloudy and blurry at the moment so that more deeper truth about yourself can come to surface.
You may be feeling out of sorts, confused about your journey and what way to go.
Allow this cloudiness to envelop you so that more truth can come to surface.
This is an important process though may feel uncomfortable and perhaps even a bit painful,
Yet it allows you to discover more deeper truth about yourself and the way things work/ or dont work for you.
What is holding you back what hurts so much that it creates a blockage?
What causes you debilitating fear that denies you forward movement into your biggest dreams?
If you follow what is coming up without resistance you will begin to see things more clearly.
If you let down your guard, finer cracks open windows to your soul’s truth,
A truth that you have protected for so long for fear of being more hurt.
It’s time to open your heart to the sun.
You crave opening up to more life,
Yet you know something is holding you back.
Your psyche is guarding you and not allowing you to see what it is.
Allow this cracking open
Allow this vulnerability
Be gentle and loving to yourself and allow your soul to open up to yourself
Allow the tears to reveal the rivers flowing back home to the heart that craves to live and love again.
Lovingly embrace your truth for you to reconnect with your wisdom and power to understand that only love is true
And that all that has occured that is painful were the barriers of pain belonging to others in an attempt to shield their hearts.
They too will understand one day that only love is real and that their hearts crave to crack open from their imprisonment
You are responsable for your own journey
Understanding more of what has clouded your heart and zest for life you can now procceed to untangle the knots and unleash more of your light
First allow the emotions to come through
Observe without judgement
Let them flow through
Show compassion for yourself and others
Follow these emotions to your liberty
You are free to feel you are free to flow with it all until you gain your true freedom
Let all the barriers down and allow yourself to follow all that comes up to reach your heart to heal
Touch what wishes to be touched
Let your soul guide you to visit that which needs to be visited
So that you can be present to all that has made you you
You can take your inner child out to see the sunlight and play
It is safe here with you
For today you know how to say to it
I love you
For all that you have gone through
I love you
You can let all that go now
I will take care of you now
And we will allow ourselves to visit all that we crave for with renewed innocence and passion
Coax your inner child out of the blockade it has created for itself
Bring it out to play and love life once again knowing it is safe
Watch it jump and skip and dance and celebrate life once again.
This is how you invite the new and that which you wish for into your life
By breaking down the walls that ‘protect’, surround and actually block your heart
And allowing it to breathe again, vibrate, pulsate, live again, flow into the flow of life and love again
Letting go of that which has caused it to stagnate that which has blocked it from life.
Get back into the flow of life and live again fully as you were created to.
Touch all you wish to with the same curiosity, wonder and zest for life.
Step into life fully knowing you have your back and you will no longer deny yourself the life you wish for because of your fears, because of what happened in the past.
You will break free from these emotional traps and feel your freedom to live the life you truly wish for.
Start chiseling away at those walls
Bit by bit and free yourself

Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Release fear


You may be feeling stretched ouuuuuut 😊
We’ve been going through so many planetary influences lately including the eclipse and Mercury retrogade affecting communications, plus several more.
It has certainly not been easy but all of this has been creating a huge Transformation for us in releasing old ways of thinking and doing, that do not serve us.
You may be feeling ‘antsy’ with anticipation to see tangible results of this transformation in your physical reality.
Understand that everything is in Divine timing and if there is any residue lingering in your energy field of resentment, self doubt etc these need to be healed and released before the results of your efforts can be invited by your Own Energy into your life.
Patience and a while lot of self love is needed, as you use this time wisely to continue to rediscover yourself.Find ways to anchor some regular self nurturing and maintaining High Vibration so you can continue to tune into your own Divine guidance and continue to act from your Higher self.
If you do still feel bouts of negativity check them out and see why and what needs to be worked through and cleared.
Keep holding onto your vision.
Keep valuing yourself.
Keep looking honestly and deeply within to see if you can find out more about who you truly are and what your deepest desires and passions are especially if they were burried long ago.
You are heading towards living a full life, embacing the truth of who you are.
No more paying attention to negativity
No more entertaining anything or anyone that dishonors you
And that includes yourself!
No more negative self talk
No more playing small
No more knocking yourself down for every initiative you have
No more procrastination and hiding behind whatever excuses.
You are here to live your life to the fullest and truest expression of who you are.
Anything less is numbing yourself down, then no wonder you feel down.
If you have to break some self limitations
THIS is the time to get ‘cracking’
That will explain the stretch and the wait.
We are heading towards a powerful New moon on the 31th July and a very important Energetic Lion Gate portal on the 8.8.
Pay close attention to what is still holding you back and start chipping away at it to cut yourself loose
You are born to be Free
And Free you shall BE
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Breaking the chain


If you find yourself
In a same old, same old kind of challenging scenario
Wondering how you are here
After all youve been through
And all the conscious work
Youve done on yourself
Consider this to be your opportunity
To master non attachment and forgiveness.
The road to self discovery
Is the most precious, sacred road you can take
All your experiences
All your challenges
Are to bring you back to self
Knowing that your source is within you
No matter what comes and goes in your life,
Is liberating
Knowing all you need is within
Your strength, your wisdom, your light, your love
All replenishment is within directly connected to source
We are social beings and interactions are important,
But there is no need for attachment.
Attachment diminishes our own sense of power, our own connection to source.
Further more, Attachment to those who play out abusive patterns are a red alert to heal our old wounds
If we had caretakers who could not offer us stable nurturing, we will repeat this pattern in an attempt to heal this, for this is the only template of love we have ever known.
A total release of attachment of any kind and forgiveness of all those who have wronged us, offers a sense of liberation from the entrapment we have created for ourselves, knowing that deep within we have all we ever need, we can rely on ourselves, we can be replenished by source and the love that we are.
We can allow ourselves to invite true respectful, caring relationships that offer beneficial interactions of positive growth and light.
There is no need anymore to replay the dark and disfunctional in order to heal.
There is no more need to replay in our heads any of the who,what, why, when, details of what happened.
Understand the role of those who came to replay this for you.
See the importance and the purpose.
Let it go
Let it all go
You have come back to you
You have found you
This is all that is important
Anchor yourself within
Find your inner peace
Your inner power
Your inner love
Develop even more your connection with self and with Divine source.
This is where its all at
All of it
From this place
Of purity, of confidence and of self love
You can recreate your life
One of honesty, integrity, respect and love
Knowing you carry within
A beautiful source of richness.
Much love

Your Beauty


These days as our deepest wounds arise for review, it can feel very destabilizing.
Weve already been through so much
And it is as if theres another cherry on top
This Cherry is indeed a cherry
For this is where you consciously choose to look at what is arising for you
And see the bigger picture
This is where you meet what hurts within
And how this is affecting your life and progress
This is where you decide to let it all go
Because after all youve been through
You actually know who You Truly Are
And this has nothing to do with you
If anything it is just slowing down your journey and weighing you down
This is where you decide to forgive, for you know those who have done you wrong knew not better
And because you know that forgiving will help you finally release the attachment to the pain, anger or resentment that is blocking your journey towards the light.
You do this willingly, perhaps even joyfully
Because in the meantime
You have encountered something far more important
You have learned how Strong you Are despite all youve been through
Youve learned how Compassionate you Are towards yourself and others after learning all about pain
Youve learned how Tenacious and Determined you Are in face of so many challenges
Youve learned how Loving you Are despite not always receiving the love you would have wished for
Youve learned that in your capacity to remain open hearted, sensitive, fragile and vulnerable in face of it all, you have exercised your greatest strength of all
Youve learned how Beautiful you Are
And this beauty that you see
Encourages you to cherish and honor who you Are
Perhaps where others did not know to.
This Beauty that you see
Pushes you to pursue your journey with excitement, passion and pride in who you are and what you have to offer
This, right there, is your Victory
Meeting your old wounds plus those who may have recently stepped all over them
And finally seeing
Who You Truly Are
Its been quite a journey
Doing all you could while holding on to all that pain
Imagine now, when you lay it all to rest
What you can accomplish and how joyful you will be
Today you can truly look at yourself
And understand you are Whole and Complete
You have all you need inside you to nurture yourself and develop yourself to your full potential
You do not lack anything
You truly have the power
And you have so much to offer
You are liberating yourself
Focused on enjoying who you are and moving towards offering your light to the world!
Much Love and Light ❤
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Huge Transformation part II – video

You may be feeling low, but this is mostly due to mourning the loss of the old limited version of self you can no longer hold onto.
Gently move through this phase with awareness and compassion and walk towards
your higher path celebrating who you truly are!
Much love

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