Dear Brother
Dear Sister
Where along the line have you given away your inner Power?
Where along the way have you surpressed your Truth?
In a situation you are facing today
Can you see
In what way are you giving away your sense of Personal Power?
In what way are you surpressing your Truth ?
Can you see a connection?
Can you now look into the mirror
And say to yourself
Can you own your Soul Integrity
Will you choose to Align with your Highest Self
It is time, you know that
You cannot continue to see things in your life that do not Align , do not represent who you Truly Are
And not see how you are not owning your Power
Are you ready ?
Anchor yourself in the True Beauty of who you Are
We are all Unique
With our own Gifts, our Truth and our Power.
Face a situation today
That has been taking your Power away
No need for anger or bitterness
Just look at it
It is draining your Energy
Your Life Force
And it seems to distract you from your Light
Only because you are giving it Energy
And allowing yourself to get lost within it
Face it today
Express your Truth
Gracefully, kindly
Without any hint of anger or blame
Remember others are too in a sensitive state and may only cling to your anger and not hear your words
Just state your Truth in a respectful manner
Wishing others only the best for the continuation of their path
Sending them Light for them to continue to find their own path to their Light
And Expect to be Respected
If you need to walk away from a situation
Do so Gracefully
If you need to Express yourself
To gain closure
Do so in Honesty and in Beauty
You are Free
No longer in bondage of a situation
You have given your Power to
Reclaim your Power
Own who you Are
Own your Beauty
Own your Truth
Continue to tend to your own Healing from the situation and what this has brought up for you
This is a very deep Healing Lesson
Can you see it now?
Are you ready to finally Heal this deep issue
In a loving manner ?
Loving and forgiving yourself and the other?
All the others along the way.
Now lay it to rest
You are a Magnificent Creation of the Universe
You hold within you Gifts
You are here to Express those Gifts and the Fullness of Who You Are
You shall Not be limited
You shall Fly
Now Fly
And be who You Are meant to Be
Devoted to the Truth of your Soul
Never to be forsaken
Never to be silenced
For Your Path
Your Voice
Is a Sacred One
A Voice the Divine has given you to Express
And to help all Human Kind by your Beautiful Example
Is that important enough
For you to Appreciate you?
You shall no longer sway or betray
Your soul’s Beautiful Expression of Creation
Your Human Family
Need your Voice
To be Uplifted and Inspired
Thank you
For standing by your Truth
And offering us your Gifts
Wish to listen to you♡
Much Love & Healing Blessings
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Ring True ~

ring true



Stand in your truth
Mean what you say
And say what you mean
Fully being in your truth
Is embracing your purest energy
And carrying it forward in all that you do
Now That is real power
In this you are directly aligned with your source energy.
When you make a conscious decision not to waver,doubt,hesitate or fear,
But rather anchor your existence in a balanced movement forward, taking obvious needed pauses for thought and consideration, you are poised for successful outcomes in what you do.
You are aligned with your soul power that is designed for your specific path of creation.
You are a creative force and you are here to contribute to creation.
Aligning with your higher being frees yourself from blockages and enables your energy to manifest your role in creation.
Speak your truth
Live your truth
Be your truth
And Soar ~

Much Love,

True Path


Upon your search for your True Path

Truth Not Fear





Today I want to talk to you about TRUTH
and how our FEAR InterFEARS with our sense of TRUTH..

Sometimes we are challenged by situations inwhich we feel our Truth threatened..or inwhich we feel very much confused and at difficulty to face crucial decisions in our lives.

Our Truth is where its at..obviously..and is the only way to go..
The only thing creating that inner debate is our Fear..

Our Fear..that we are not able for one reason or another to follow through on our truth..that we will not be supported..

Psss…Guess what? YOU WILL BE SUPPORTED every inch of the way by the Universe if you FOLLOW YOUR TRUTH

The only thing that can go wrong with that if you invite your fears to come into play and change the course of things..
If you stand tall and Believe in Yourself and in your truth..the Universe will back you up all the way!

Not clear on what your truth is on the matter?

Connect to something that you are absolutely sure IS your truth and makes you feel Great about You.

When in that energy, you`ll find it much easier and clearer as to what else represents your truth and makes you feel this good about you.

Its that easy.

Anything else should fall away, and clarity should come about,

As you focus on your highest vibration and your Fullest Soul existence.


Today I Shall Die to All that is a lie/Mia Leventhal

I shall Die
To All
That is a Lie

Today I shall Die
To all which
Allows me not
To fly

Today I shall
look you straight
In the eye
If ye
Shall not meet me there
I shall not sigh,
Nor shall I cry.

For I have mountains
To climb
Rivers to swim
My companion
The Blessed sun in the sky.

Today I shall Die
To All that is a lie
I shall never again
Ask why ~

* Poem taken from my poetry site : “Soul Revelations

Much Love,