Protect your Energy


The flip side of owning your Energy (prior post)
Is Protecting it and Clearing it
Especially if you are sensitive
You are prone to absorb the energy of others
Wherever you go
Whether it is people close to you
Or just as you go about in a public space like a shopping mall
Or even online
If you are not aware
You can find yourself absorbing lower energy
Without even noticing
Leaving you feeling drained or negative
Not sure how you got there
It is imperative
You protect your energy
And clear it on a regular basis
Learn to be aware of the energy of those around you
If you feel it may be low
There is no need to blame or think too much about it
Just make sure you stay in your Own Energy
Find what works for you
You can work to maintain your energy and make a point of staying Positive,
You can imagine yourself in a bubble of white light,
You can ask for protection from Archangel Michael or any other Divine assistance of your choice
Make sure you also find a way to consciously allow the Clearing of your Energy daily
Spending a quiet moment
Deep breathing
And exhaling
Allowing yourself to return to your Higher Self
Asking for anything that does not Align with your Higher Good be released
Practice deep breathing until you find yourself centered again
Shower is always good to clear energy
And so is being in Nature
Find what works for you
And learn to tap into your own Energy
Making sure you are within your Highest Energy of light
This will enable you to maintain a sense of Well Being and Manifest who you truly are.
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘ Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.