How do you value your life?

Recent New Moon energy left us very emotional with the higher purpose to help us release stuck emotions linked to hurtful events that we’re still clinging onto.
We are ending a karmic cycle and need to release emotions, energies and experiences that do not Align with our higher good.
We have learned all that we don’t wish for to be able to create that which we do.
Honoring ourselves, our lives and the individuals we interact with.
Creating a life based on love for yourself and what we wish to create invites those who share the same values. ❤️
Much Love

Important maintenance



The New is definitely in the air
And yet there may still be situations that slightly challenge you
Our work is not done
In fact it never is
We are constantly learning and growing
There may be situations that ask you to look carefully at what is presented before you.
Perhaps there are things mirrored to you
That are worth looking at
Perhaps you need to learn to use discernment
Perhaps you are to see where you still need to work on balance in your life.
Maybe what you need to look at is your self confidence and maybe you need to look even deeper at how you respect yourself and protect your boundaries.
Perhaps all of the above are concerned as they are connected.
It all comes down to refining your recent lessons of honoring yourself.
If you feel confused and/or disturbed, take some precious alone time to figure things out.Detach and look within.Follow the emotions that come up and see what they are telling you.
Do not worry, you are not going backwards, you are merely refining what still needs attention.
It is very important for you to establish a solid relationship with yourself
Knowing what your needs are to maintain your highest well being.
You need to Anchor your existence as you supply yourself with what you need and create certain regulations and barriers so as to honor and protect your needs.
Pay careful attention to your intuition
If you feel uncomfortable
These are signs to pay attention to.
Make sure you do not let others tresspass your limits that honor your well being.
Take the time to see what those are for you so as to create a structure for yourself that respects your needs and so you can then understand what needs not to be breached.
We are learning who we are and what we need.
We are rebirthing and wishing to open up to Life on order to Strive.
We have gone through so much that did not honor us.In order to know how to prevent that in the future, we need to learn more about who we truly are and what our needs are.
Start by taking the time each day to clear whatever disturbing energy you may have encountered and to reconnect with self to be able to hear carefully what is coming up for you as well as listening to your inner guidance.
Ask the Divine to assist you in connecting to your truth, in releasing unwanted disturbing energy and to help you gain clarity for the continuation of your journey.
Make the time each day for this precious alone time.
This is one of the most important actions to offer yourself on a daily basis to take care of You.
You Are Important.
Much love
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The Pearl


Peak Transformation time
Is Here
What will you choose to take with you
To the Pure Path of the True You ?
After a long Journey of Learning
We are at an Exquisite
Pearl of a Moment.
Acknowledge the Beauty
And the Preciousness.
On the surface
It seems
Like a mixed bag
Of opportunity
And challenges
Charged with excitement mixed with emotional upheaval.
Look Again
Look Closely
Look Deeply
What you will find
Is the Purest Pearl
The Answer
To the Quest
Of Existence.
Within any challenge
Within any triggering emotional upheaval
There lies a lesson
The lesson
Is to choose
Who You Are
In your Soul Creation
The lesson
Is to Practice
Lies there
In stillness
And in the Purest Beauty
Of Creation
Within the chaos
Within the emotions
Even within the physical pain
Its there
Waiting for you
Its the Purest Version
If you dare
Reach Deep within
This Meeting Point
You will have solved
All the Mystery
Of Life itself
You will have understood
There is no more strife
There is no more combat
There is no more fear
There is only Peace
There is a Mastering
Of your Presence
As a Seed
Of Creation
In face of the Whole Universe
To your Creator
I See Now
I am One with You ♡
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in online shop

Blessed Journey


Mia Leventhal au Club des Poètes 20160215 crp.png

I received this photo this morning

and I am still quite emotional..
I wish to share with you
This is me.. many yrs ago..Paris..the “Club de Poetes”..
The beginning of the dream..of the path.. needless to say , its been quite a journey since then..
I have so much respect for my journey..
If I were to say something to my younger self as to all young people out there

I would say
Hang on to the your passion..
The dream may shift and turn according to what you learn mostly about yourself along the way
But never lose faith in the essence of that dream that you feel inside,

even if you may not even know exactly to describe it.

Believe in yourself and stay open to learn and listen to Higher wisdom

which whispers to you, deep inside all the time.

When spirit sees youre not listening

it sends you messengers

Learn to discern the messengers of light and those who are there to lead you astray, 

they too are to teach you a lesson or two by the way.

Bless your journey.
Have Faith,

despite all that may come by

Forgive yourself and others for mistakes that may occur

we are all doing what we can and learning along the way.

Be prepared to win some, lose some, shed some, shift some

All designed to discover the true you which is at your core

and Create the Existence in which you can Thrive and Shine your True Brilliant Light onto the world.


I am still on the journey
If I have learned anything by now , it is that nothing is coincidence and this photo came to me as a Message from Spirit

To Remember the Essence of who I am

To Remember the Passion

To Close a certain Cycle on a Journey

To Respect all Ive been through

which has prepared me for the further unveiling of my True Being.

Blessed be all that has been and all that is yet to be.

Blessings to all of you on your journey

Much Love