The Journey to Liberation



Tonight eve of Passover…The Jewish people on this day, led by Moses, set out on a journey to free themselves from slavery by the Pharaons..

Liberation..I too wish to be I carry with me the spirit of my ancestors…and my current global kin..including my Palestinian kin ..and especially my global sisters..on our road back to reclaiming our own power and right to joyful existence..AMEN


This video was created exactly a year ago, as I myself have embarked on a personal journey which I now realise was perfectly designed for me to master my own sense of liberty, identity and power..the hard way..

As I recreate my life once again from zero, I hear myself in class with my Palestinian sisters telling them over and over “Min wala ishi naam el ishi” from nothing we will create something..and as they ask me will you do..? I say to them the same..I will make something from I walk my talk..and we shall walk together, as I have once I grow I will help you grow with me..


I am here for you/ Mia Leventhal

I am here for you

My Brother,

I have returned to know you

My Sister.

I have come to hold your hand.

This may be my land

but it is yours too

just as we share

the same God

Me & You.

I promise to do my best

to help you stand straight

we shall always eat

from the same plate.

If you take my hand

we will show the others

what true Love is all about.

If you allow me

to walk by your side

we shall prove the errors

of our Brothers

without a doubt.



We were not created to be in bondage, nor suffer from violence, aggression or any sort of overpowering or oppresion. WE all have the right to exist freely in joy and full expression of our Divine being.
While the physical reality still holds these horrrors for us to experience, It is my belief we are to do a very important mastering within, inwhich we understand without doubt ,that nomatter what tries to capture and rob us of our power and freedom, we are all free within, in our pure seed of being, and there is always a need to connect to that inner freedom and power, and push through the barriers that try to overcome us, in our unique creative yet powerful ways. There is always a way, if we connect to the power given to us from the divine, a power we are all born with, and once we connect to this , proudly, we RECREATE our reality and show others the way.. to Liberation.AMEN

Much Love,


*Taken from my Humanitarian site AAKHDA