Stop hiding your own light

Are you afraid of your own light?
You may have experienced those who are uncomfortable with your true expression of self and this may have caused you to shut down. Its time to understand that these are people who are merely disconnected from their own light and find yours intimidating.
Its time to reconnect with the expression of your true soul and expand into the full manifestation of your purpose of Creation. You are supported by the Universe and in doing so you will be inspiring others to find their own light too ❤️
Much Love




You may be feeling highly emotional
We have entered an important energy portal yesterday and are moving towards a full moon on the 14th.
A lot is occuring for us in ways that do not meet the eye in order to help us transform and hold more of our light.
So much is moving through us
So much is coming up for us to review
There is a need for some deep inner soul searching to be able to find the sense in all the fragments coming up
We are being dismantled in a way
Your soul is calling you to drop all that has been keeping it in hiding
This is huge.
For many of us
We have created whole lives around fitting in…adapting..getting along
During which we have learned a whole lot about what it feels like to live disconnected from our truth..from our soul..
The Universe will not let you hide any longer
It is pushing and shaking you
To firstly open your heart
Which is why you may find yourself crying for no apparent reason
Perhaps some reviewing of dissapointments that have led to close your heart as this occurs
But you are not meant to live your life with a closed heart
Even as you do rightfully feel you need to protect yourself from harm and toxicity of others, let this not bring you to harden and further yourself even more from your soul.
Your experiences have brought you much learning about where we reach when we distance ourselves from our light and that is definitely not where you want to be.
You have learned compassion for yourself and others and this softens the heart.
You have learned resilience which has strengthened you.
Trust yourself today to know when you need to use discernment.When in doubt take a pause to tune into your higher self and your instincts.
Move forward leaving behind all that has hurt you, trusting yourself and the Divine to guide you to your higher purpose.
Make a point on a daily basis to tune into quiet time with yourself away from distractions to clear your energy and listen to your inner self and the whispers of the Divine to you.
Know that the Universe needs you to follow your higher purpose for you are a part of the divine plan.
These days, allow the dismantling of that which no longer serves you
Allow the tears to flow and the density to be released from your energy field to clear the way for your true inner seed to finally come out and express itself.
If you feel tears flowing allow them to
You are not going backwards even though it may feel that way
You may be revisiting old pains or feelings of self doubt
See these as they wash through you
Whatever lingers in you that is blocking your way needs to move out of your system
For you to fully manifest who you are.
Tune into self
Allow old forgotten dreams to resurface
Connect with parts of you you have left behind
Try to connect the dots and allow your soul to soar
Listen carefully in the stillness
To who you truly are
Let go of whatever is blocking you
No more time to waste
Embrace yourself truly and wholeheartedly
Strive to become that which you were created to be
There within lies your freedom, your passion, your vitality, your creation and your light to shine and inspire us all.
Remember those of us empaths and lightworkers are purging not only for ourselves and are holding the light for the collective.This is not an easy task but one with honorable responsability.
Much love
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Prepare to walk your truth

Today is 9.9.2019
An important energy portal with the emphasis on 9 which symbolises closing a cycle.
The energy may seem intense
You are closing a chapter in your life and you are to allow the release of all the density and toxicity of this chapter.
The release may feel uncomfortable as you have all this move through you.
You may be feeling tension, agitated, emotional , anxious as well as scattered and disoriented,not your usual self.
Try to do what you can to be gentle with yourself as you go through these changes that will last for around a week or so.
Your light is being upgraded, you are being prepared to go deeper, purer and truer to your true self and your soul purpose.
Do find the time to go deep within and connect
Detach from outside noise
And research your true voice
Spend quiet time alone and try to listen
Find who you truly are
Underneath all these experiences you have had and all the habits you have created
Now is the time to find your pure truth
You are not here to be who people expect you to be
You are here with a unique voice and gift
You are here to share that with us
Do not worry anymore if you will be understood
The moment you no longer cater to what you think others want from you
Is the moment you will have found yourself
And by being your true self
Those that resonate with your truth and need to hear your message will be attracted towards you.
Its time to release all that is Not
To become all that is
You ❤
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Breaking open


Your heart is breaking open
Your heart is expanding
To reveal more understanding
More vulnerablity
More truth
Deeper truth about your old wounds and how it all connects to your present reality are being revealed if you allow them to.
Allow your barriers to come down for all this precious unfoldment to occur,
Perhaps in dreams at night or in daydreams.
Your days may seem somewhat cloudy and blurry at the moment so that more deeper truth about yourself can come to surface.
You may be feeling out of sorts, confused about your journey and what way to go.
Allow this cloudiness to envelop you so that more truth can come to surface.
This is an important process though may feel uncomfortable and perhaps even a bit painful,
Yet it allows you to discover more deeper truth about yourself and the way things work/ or dont work for you.
What is holding you back what hurts so much that it creates a blockage?
What causes you debilitating fear that denies you forward movement into your biggest dreams?
If you follow what is coming up without resistance you will begin to see things more clearly.
If you let down your guard, finer cracks open windows to your soul’s truth,
A truth that you have protected for so long for fear of being more hurt.
It’s time to open your heart to the sun.
You crave opening up to more life,
Yet you know something is holding you back.
Your psyche is guarding you and not allowing you to see what it is.
Allow this cracking open
Allow this vulnerability
Be gentle and loving to yourself and allow your soul to open up to yourself
Allow the tears to reveal the rivers flowing back home to the heart that craves to live and love again.
Lovingly embrace your truth for you to reconnect with your wisdom and power to understand that only love is true
And that all that has occured that is painful were the barriers of pain belonging to others in an attempt to shield their hearts.
They too will understand one day that only love is real and that their hearts crave to crack open from their imprisonment
You are responsable for your own journey
Understanding more of what has clouded your heart and zest for life you can now procceed to untangle the knots and unleash more of your light
First allow the emotions to come through
Observe without judgement
Let them flow through
Show compassion for yourself and others
Follow these emotions to your liberty
You are free to feel you are free to flow with it all until you gain your true freedom
Let all the barriers down and allow yourself to follow all that comes up to reach your heart to heal
Touch what wishes to be touched
Let your soul guide you to visit that which needs to be visited
So that you can be present to all that has made you you
You can take your inner child out to see the sunlight and play
It is safe here with you
For today you know how to say to it
I love you
For all that you have gone through
I love you
You can let all that go now
I will take care of you now
And we will allow ourselves to visit all that we crave for with renewed innocence and passion
Coax your inner child out of the blockade it has created for itself
Bring it out to play and love life once again knowing it is safe
Watch it jump and skip and dance and celebrate life once again.
This is how you invite the new and that which you wish for into your life
By breaking down the walls that ‘protect’, surround and actually block your heart
And allowing it to breathe again, vibrate, pulsate, live again, flow into the flow of life and love again
Letting go of that which has caused it to stagnate that which has blocked it from life.
Get back into the flow of life and live again fully as you were created to.
Touch all you wish to with the same curiosity, wonder and zest for life.
Step into life fully knowing you have your back and you will no longer deny yourself the life you wish for because of your fears, because of what happened in the past.
You will break free from these emotional traps and feel your freedom to live the life you truly wish for.
Start chiseling away at those walls
Bit by bit and free yourself

Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Free yourself

It’s time to reclaim lost parts of self.
Your passions, your dreams are meant to be lived. Your Soul is here to express itself.
Connecting with various lost parts of self and giving them voice will connect you with your vital life force and liberate you.
Do something today, Now
and see yourself transform 💖

Much love


Huge Transformation part II – video

You may be feeling low, but this is mostly due to mourning the loss of the old limited version of self you can no longer hold onto.
Gently move through this phase with awareness and compassion and walk towards
your higher path celebrating who you truly are!
Much love

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