Appreciation of self

These days as you delve deeper connecting with your soul and rediscovering hidden parts and more of who you are, you will feel euphoric moments of appreciation and love for yourself. Make a point to reconnect often to nourish this and you will expand your joy, no longer entertaining anything that dishonors you, rather attract that which celebrates your joy together with you 💗
Much Love

Be there for You



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You may be feeling very tender
A lot is coming up for you
It may feel overwhelming
You are your own best friend
Create a safe sacred,cozy, space
For you to be able to be there for yourself
Very deep held wounds may be surfacing for you
Perhaps recent upheavals, dissapointments and disfunctional relationships have brought up older disfunctions in family dynamics that have been very painful.
You may have worked to heal these for years and yet the deeper sting is still there within
This may be surfacing at this time
This is only because you are more mature now and ready to heal this on a more aware and deeper level.
Its not easy
But essential
For your own well being and your evolution towards more light and manifesting more of who you truly are as well as attracting healthier dynamics to you.
Its time to dive deeper into this in order to give it a rest.
Be there for you
This is crucial
Be gentle
Be tender
Be loving
Be caring
Be the parent you so needed as a child
That couldnt be there for you
Perhaps someone in your life at the moment is mirroring this to you once again
You may still be carrying this wound of lack,
Of abandonnement, of neglect, of abuse deep within you until today
And if it is once again mirrored back to you in current dynamics it is time to
Look deep within this
Heal and Release once and for all.
Be extra gentle with yourself
Create a safe space
In which you can quietly be with yourself
Allow your vulnerability
Allow the pain to surface
Allow the little child within to have its say
It is safe
In your arms
You are safe with you
You can be the one you need
You can allow yourself to be heard
You can nurture yourself
And give yourself
All the love you give so willingly
To a loved one
It is time
To love you
You are carrying yourself around for so long
Seeing the pain in others
And so willingly showing them love
It is time
To recognise your own needs
Acknowledge what is hurting deep down inside
Truly understanding how this affects your life
And how this now needs to go
To be able to create the life you wish for
Happy and free
Understand that those involved knew not better and did the best they could
Forgive and Release them
Tend to yourself
You are capable of filling what is missing
You understand yourself the most
Have compassion for yourself
Allow the tender sores to surface
And Give yourself the attention you didnt receive
Give yourself a warm embrace, a cuddle
The warmrh you need, the caring,
The love
Be with yourself as long as you need
And create that trusting relationship within
Create the space inwhich you are heard
Always have a safe space for yourself
Inwhich you can express yourself, nurture yourself and feel loved.
Perhaps you were never heard, never allowed the space to express yourself
Create that space for yourself now
In thought speech, perhaps even recording your thoughts just for yourself or writing.
You can also express yourself through plastic arts, music or dance
Do whatever you feel to give yourself that space.
You may want to seek a therapist to be able to share and heal your pain.
Do what you feel is right for you to heal this once and for all.
Whatever you do, it is You being there for yourself
Remember you have Angels and Guides in the spiritual realm who never leave your side
They await your request to help you
Feel free to ask anything you feel you need to help you.
Perhaps you may just want to lay your head in the arms of an angel for some warmth and respite.
Trust that they can offer you peace
And guidance to clarity or the next steps in your path if you need.
Create the quiet space for them to enter.
Create the peace and tranquility for yourself in any way that appeals to you.
You are loved by the universe
And you are now learning to totally and profoundly be there for yourself and love yourself
There is no lack
You are a being of love
As soon as you reconnect with who you truly are
And you show yourself all that love you have within you
To yourself
You will see once again
How beautiful you are
And how beautiful your life is               As you are always there for you as is the Divine and Your angels.
Reinstating this in your awareness
You shine
And attract the same warmth and love
You have towards you, from others.
This is such a beautiful moment
Do not miss it and its importance
Meet yourself today
And Shine through
With all your light inwards and outwards to meet us all
We shall shine together.
Much Love and Healing Blessings ❤
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Self love first

These days we are faced once again with deep inner wounds and feelings of unworthiness
It is imperative we understand that what is needed to transform and create the lives we wish for is to love ourself.In understanding this we honor our creation, we tune into our life force and align with our higher self, shining the light we have unto others as we celebrate ourselves and life ❤
Much Love

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Message of Love for Valentine`s day ~


Many of us have gone through somewhat of a journey by now.The search for happiness, the search for love and the search for oneself has taken us above and beyond what we might of expected for ourselves..and yet..for many of is yet unclear..why after going through so much , we dont seem to have the answers, or better yet, the answers we have wished for.
There is so much talk about love and we remain confused..despite a lot of experience , we just dont seem to get a grip on what it is we are supposed to do or not do by now..
All of what weve been through have been lessons..going through shiny doors and not so shiny doors have landed us pretty much to similar lessons.
We are all created with Love and Light and that is our source, that is what we Are.
Many have distanced themselves from what they are..disbelieving in their own shine, believing that which has tried to distract them from
Their very own source.
When you distance yourself from your own brilliance its hard to use your compass and make the right decisions.
When you Bless your Existence with Gratitude and Respect, Honoring your part in this vast weaving of Creation and recognizing, by linking to your source, the Magnificent Power of Love and Light that you are, you can only shine and become the Beautiful Unique Creative Force that is You.
When you are being who you truly are, beaming as such, then you can attract those who beam with a similar frequency to create together with the Divine your beautiful part in the world.
Let us choose to forgive ourselves, and others for disbelieving in our light and theirs, for in this we have seen what we are not, in order to return to what we Are.
May we be forever grateful for this lesson.
Let us make a conscious decision
To come back home through our senses to the Truth of who we Are.

Take the time and reconnect to yourself finding that which makes you happy.
Love yourself for the unique expression of creation that you are and
Beam that Love onto the world around you .

The world awaits you.
Much love