Recovering the knowledge of who you are

Change is upon us. There is an intense passage taking us through mastering our recognition of who we are in order to step into our new beginning and higher purpose




We have just moved through the 11.11 portal
We are heading towards the full moon lunar eclipse on the 19.11
There is an energy build up towards inevitable change
Strong turbulence is present in the collective and within
You may feel like something exploding inside of you
Indeed there are things that need to go
And this energy is pushing the stagnancy
Tread gently 
Dont let this energy get the best of you
Try not to let it out needlessly on others 
Turn inwards
Embrace yourself with lots of tender loving care
Do a lot of deep breathing 
To release 
Exercise if you can
Take a walk in nature
Listen to music 
Breathe into any pent up tension
And release as you exhale 
Try to see what needs to go
What have you been withholding 
How have you been 
Holding yourself back
This is a very important moment 
Spend some quiet sacred time alone
Meditate, pray, ask for guidance 
And see what comes up to the surface
That is stifling you 
And just needs to go
For you to become 
The best version of yourself
It is time my friend 
For you to Blossom 

Seal it with LOVE

We are approaching a super full moon lunar eclipse tomorrow the 26.5
The energy is off the charts intense!
You may feel it pulling at you strongly, leaving you drained, exhausted.
You may feel like you’re going through a bit of a tunnel, but hang in there as it is leading to a major breakthrough.
There is an opportunity to heal and close an old cycle.
This is major for your life.
Ground your energy, drink lots of water. Nourish yourself with extra healthy food. Stay away from any negative vibe. Save your energy at the moment, rest more and focus on you.
Meditate if you can. Focus on healing.
There is an important chapter that is ending
Make it end right
Understand what it has served and taught you
Honor that
End it with much compassion gratitude and love for all involved
Allow all to move on with the dignity we are doing the best we can and will continue to do so on our journey
Grant yourself and others the possibility to grow into the next chapter, clean of any negativity, eager to thrive
Be proud of how far you’ve come
Able to see it all with the eyes of love
And seal it all with love
THAT is your accomplishment
THAT is your Mastering, your Graduation
Hold yourself close
With much love
As you move through
A major stepping point.

Well-earned resolutions

We are within the energy of the full Moon and lunar eclipse.
The energy is intense. We are approaching the closing of a very challenging year for all of us.
For those steady on the path of light who have been doing their work to grow and evolve throughout the even more intensified challenges, there is bright change in the near future.
All that is occurring is to push us to a higher vibration personally and collectively. Hopefully you will have felt the magnificent change within you, upon encountering your challenges. The ‘eclipse’ of seeing everything in a different, more positive manner.
Those who inflict harm are themselves lost and hurting. Our compassion allows us to see through those who have chosen evil as their path and discover an ailing confused soul who has forgotten the power of its own light.
Our role here on planet earth, all while maintaining our healthy boundaries, is to know our own true light, to shine through anything and anyone who attempts to dim it, and to understand the pain of those who have lost their way, so much so, that they are convinced that harming others will save them in some way. Understanding their pain does not mean engaging, it means not harboring any resentment and sending them light, if possible, or our best wishes for them to find their true soul’s light and path.
Encountering your challenges with acceptance and compassion for yourself and others softens your heart and allows you to open up even more to your highest guidance.
You are so much more than your challenges. Your light is so much stronger and this is to be your resolution and breakthrough moment , after which your true soul’s mission can unfold.
Look up to the stars, see your own light, as part of creation, as part of the Creator, shine back at you.
You are Golden And you will be stepping on your higher path with these well-earned resolutions in your pocket, showing others the way.
The universe thanks you for your tenacity and dedication.
Bless you

What are you willing to surrender


We are headed towards a full moon and lunar eclipse on the 10th
Energies are building up
You may be feeling emotional, vulnerable,anxious, agitated & all over the place
We have been going through such an important transformational shift
It has not been easy but profound and crucial for our evolution.
Events have pushed us to further review our truth and our life
What we have been inviting, entertaining and nourishing in our life as well as what has been disappointing, disturbing and why.
Looking back to patterns show us what needs to be changed..mainly within ourselves.
It is also an important time to understand
That negative energy can only find its way to your life if there is something within you and your thought processes that nourishes it.
All your fears, doubts and insecurities are a solid ground for anything negative to thrive on.
This is where it is so important to thoroughly observe where you are coming from and what you are holding onto.
What old hurt are you clinging to
That you are willing to surrender in order to welcome your happiness?
Take a good look
This has been holding you down in more ways than one
Its one thing to be observant and cautious but its a whole different story to carry your old hurt with you on your journey and on your quest for joy
Theres an inevitable clash.
Something or someone has been triggering this these days and you may be finding yourself lost in the chaotic emotions and maybe an unclear situation.
The only way to gain clarity is to surrender your old pain
Look at what is being triggered
The intensity of the emotions that come up-
Thats old stuff clogging your vision
Clogging your life flow
If you are willling to surrender it
You will gain clarity
You will be able to release lower vibrational energy holding you down and connect with your higher self
Once you do, things will become more clear.
You will also be unplugging yourself from this insistant clinging to old pain
Once you unplug from this you become your true self and understand that you deserve nothing less than joy.
You will then attract and create nothing less in your life.
If you are willing to surrender this
The Universe will help you eclipse it out of your life,for you to open up to your well deserved joy.                      Much love,                                                  Mia

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Energies are still very intense
We are still under the influence of this recent full moon partial lunar eclipse as well as other planetary influences.
You may be feeling emotional,scattered,a bit all over the place.
Memories may come flooding to be cleared and people of the past may even reappear.
Make sure you hold your truth and dont give into any old deceptions.
We are being ‘eclipsed’ in order to completely close an old chapter of our lives.
All that was said and done is gone.
All that does not serve your higher good is to make way for the opening of a new chapter in your life.
Trust this
Even as you may be revisiting old doubts and fears.
You have come this far
You have gone through so much
To arrive here at this moment of readiness.
Everything you have gone through has prepared you for this new chapter.
You are stepping into your higher path.
Do what you can to find calm through this emotional storm you may be going through.
See all that is coming up as energies of the old you that need to be cleared.
Let the emotions surface and then let them go.
Be gentle with yourself.
You may be feeling extra fatigued
Get more rest
Do nice things for yourself
Find room also for some mild physical activity to be able to release stored tension and to ground yourself.
Clear the energies around you
Declutter old stuff and smudge with sage or pure incense.
Keep a positive outlook holding your vision in your heart.
Make sure not to take offense as people are very irritated at the moment and try to be kind to others.
Find stillness to allow this process.
Things will pick up soon and you will find your energy back again to be able to build on a new level like never before.
Use this time wisely in preparation.
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Your Light shall Heal Humanity


You may be feeling the intense energy of the full moon lunar eclipse
It is pushing us to clear much of the old that does not serve us and our higher path.
It may feel like we are going backwards after all the hard work weve put in to progress and to rising higher.
The Truth is we are going through what is lingering deep within unconsciously
All the lower vibrational thoughts and emotions mainly about ourselves.
Take a good look at what comes up
But do not lose yourself in the emotions that arise.
Allow the clearing to occur and RELEASE
Release the past and those who have hurt you.Do not delve in this any longer.
This is not who you are.
Keep the vision of all your recent efforts and accomplishments aswell as your goals and dreams.They are not at all lost nor are you.
Do not give into negativity of any kind.
Forgive yourself and others for whatever you have gone through and whatever emotions this has created.
See that this is all to be released for there is no place for this disfunctionality on your path to manifesting more of your higher self .
You are incorporating more light in your life.
You are accepting, embracing, nourishing more of your own light.
Anything that does not Align with you shining your light needs to be released.
Be gentle with yourself at this time
Be kind to yourself
Think kindly of others and whatever hurtful things they may have done
Your path is in the Light
Resource yourself in the light in any way you know to.
Light a candle inviting spirit guidance and assistance.
Ask them to intervene for your highest good
Ask Archangel Michael to cut the cords with anyone who does not align with your highest good.
Burn some sage or pure incense to clear your space and your aura of any negative energies.
Listen to high frequency vibrational music to help soothe you and raise your vibration to the light of your being.
Sniff some Lavender essential oil and rest or go out to nature.
Take a walk or do some other mild physical activity.
Resolve to send LIGHT to those who hurt you. This is the best you can do for yourself and for others, Allowing them to find their way to the light as soon as possible,to avoid causing more harm to themselves or others.
Its time to break the cycle of returning harmful energy to harmful energy
Our world is desperate to HEAL
We All wish to return to the Light
And we All will eventually
Yet there are those that get lost along the way.
The best we can wish to Anyone, is to return to the Light.
Let us act today with love towards ourselves and all of humankind, even those who have wronged us.
Let us be an active part of Healing to All.
Let us turn All Darkness into Light.
Harness this intense energy
And choose to direct it within you to bask in your Light and to send Light outwards
Especially to any source of darkness.
This is how we Rise,Transform & Heal.
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Accepting All that is

Energies are intense towards the full moon lunar eclipse today. You may be feeling emotional as another layer comes up to be healed and released.
Finding Acceptance for all that is and has been will create the peace you so wish for in your life. and allow you to release all that you have been holding onto that does not align with your higher good.
Much love



You may be feeling the pull of the full moon and lunar eclipse coming up tomorrow on the 16th.
You may be feeling emotional, the energies are intense and are specifically designed to pull out of you that which you need to further heal and clear.
Breathe and be present
Do not run away
Look closely at what comes up for you.
You have been doing a lot of work recently healing and clearing, maybe even trying to work on forgiveness.
As recent events are connected to old deep held wounds, the healing is a process of layers until you can actually more fully release. As long as you are dedicated, you can see more clarity as each layer comes up to clear.
Perhaps at first there was a great burst of pain then anger then bouts of decisiveness to heal and move on, then again something triggered more sadness or anger and so on. Stay on the path, Allow all that comes up and see what this represents for you. See where you are ready to move on from personal patterns that keep you stuck in a vibration of limitation.
It is time to breakfree from these patterns and cycles but not without respecting all that was and all that is.
By now you can see what has been done
That could have been done better, that you may wish have been done better, but everyone is doing whatever they are doing from their place of understanding.
They would do better if they would understand better but this is what it is.
Acceptance of this brings you the peace you so wish for.
Acceptance of all that is and of All that is not.
Acceptance of others where they are in their awareness and ability to deal.
Acceptance of how they choose to act from their understanding.
Acceptance of your own understanding that may contradict this.
Acceptance that you need to follow your own journey of evolution and Allow others to follow theirs.
If anything, your acceptance will allow them to find their path better than any anger that you may present to them in which case they will be more focused on the conflict and not on finding their light, and so will you.
Focusing on your own light and higher path is not only the best service you can do for yourself, it is the best service you can do for anyone else, for in pursuing your light you act as an inspiration for others to follow.
Accepting your own sadness, pain and anger allows you to move through it and heal.Holding the vision of your higher path, you release and move on to manifest more of your higher self on your journey.
Accepting wherever you are at at this time,releasing frustration that just creates more contradiction to your movement forward and upward. Find peace in what is and whatever is present and strive to move forward to better yourself and your life.
All is well
All is exactly as it should be
Everything you went through has served Divine purposes and lessons, some of which you already understand and some you will understand later on.
Accept what has been
Accept yourself for being in these situations
Accept the failure of others not being able to be in their light and create hurt.
Allow them and wish them to find their light,
As you continue to walk towards more of your own Light.
Shine on Sister/Brother
We are all walking back home to the Light
And so it is
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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