Tap into the Loving Energy of Creation


Today is the New Moon
There is a very potent energy coming in to support your higher path.
You are being asked to hold your vision crystal clear and to align your energy with it.
You may have been experiencing anxieties linked to your wishes.
Let go of the need to sprint forward and achieve, or of all the worries, doubts and anxieties related to what you wish for.
Settle down into a gentle stillness
Go out to nature ,rest, meditate or find a hobby that can help take you within.
Explore your depths
Your desires
Look back to all you have gone through and how you have grown throughout it all.
Be proud of yourself for your resilience, your determination, your dedication and for your growth.
Feel the appreciation for yourself and for the beauty that you do see in your life.
Wanting to better yourself and your life is great but dont disregard the beauty of who you are here and now.
Love yourself
For you are a Divine Creation
Love yourself for you have shown yourself so much strength and courage
Have compassion for yourself for all you have endured.
Love the beauty of who you are, all of you.
Your vessel carries within a spark of the Divine and all of what you are represents a unique version of Divine love and beauty.
If you wish to tap into the Abundant Energy of Universal Love which embraces, celebrates and helps you manifest the Magnificent being that you Are, you need to reconnect with Loving its Creation of YOU.
Take time today to appreciate
And to Allow some gentle stillness for your Higher Guidance to intervene, help you find some healing balance, so you dont miss out on the beauty and signs that may already be around you or coming in very soon.
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Its Here
Youre Here
You are coming into your Own
You have done so much work on yourself to get Here
You have done the bulk of what has been asked of you
You have learned so much
About Life
Anout Yourself
About what and where you wish to Be to fulfill your Soul plan
You have also learned all about what you dont want
About what isnt True to who you Are
Youve come such a long way
The Universe is proud of you
And You should be proud of you
You can feel it now in the air
The coming about of You and Your True place
It is not yet tangible,yet so Incredibly close
It is as if it is right there beyond this thin curtain veil
Asking you
If you are ready to Grasp it
If you are ready to Own it
If you are ready to
Be who you are Truly meant to Be
You are feeling a bit of an overwhelm at the sense of the possibility
Your old well known fears, doubts and lack of confidence are triggered
A mix of this with feelings of impatience as you feel it so close but not yet actually here.
As tense and fragile as it may feel, this is actually a very important moment for you to see exactly where you go back to in your head when your true actualisation is so near.
Going back to those places which feel so comfortable just because their known
Is not your True place
It is an insult to your own Creation not to move towards who you were Truly meant to Be.
It is also your blockage to your own Dreams and Happiness.
Take some time to see what comes up for you and why youre in this space
What youre afraid of
What are you now ready to let go of as comfort blankets,hiding you away from living your Life to its Fullest.
Its ok
Have compassion for yourself
For you have been through so much
And these comfort blankets have served you in certain times
But now it is time to replace them for True engagement with your Life purpose and the wonderful players coming in to collaborate with you to bring forward much Beauty in Creation.
There is Divine Design and Purpose in it All
Give into the Flow
Give into Life
Give into your Own Creation
Gently tend to your insecurities
And begin with little steps to unfold your Magnifecence
It is Your time my dear
It is Our time
To bring much needed Love and Beauty
To the World
Thank you for showing up
Much love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards
Available in online shop



Anchoring yourself in the true you
Will achieve the highest results
Of an Empowered Abundant life
For you will be Aligned with
With your Source Self
Your Ultimate Manifestation
Who you are to Be
With what you came to Deliver
In service of Creation

If you act in connection to immediate pleasing of others
You will have missed your Deepest Purpose.
While sometimes it may be confusing
As acting on behalf of your Purest Self
May seem to have little or no approval of others
You may think at times
How can this be serving anyone?
Rest assured
That the more you stay your course and Deepen your Commitment
To your own very Individual Soul Purpose
The more powerful your Message is to the World
And consequently the more will learn from your Unwavering Truth.
The test along this path
Lies in just how much you are Willing to be True
And Align with your Source Being
Without looking for approval as a guide for your Existence.
The more you Anchor Yourself
The more your Truth will show others the way
The more you will be teaching your Unique Soul Truth to the World
Be Strong
Stay your Course
Be your Unique Self
And Celebrate your Soul Truth
The Universe will Celebrate with you
This is what you have come here to do!
When you learn to achieve this you will have Mastered non attachment
You will gain an incomparible sense of Freedom
A sense of Empowerement like no other
You will have Anchored yourself
In the True You!
Have a Great Week!
Much Love & Healing Blessingsā™”
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop