True Appreciation


Following the Full moon
You may experience a bit of a dive in the deep
Once again another layer needs to be cleared out to allow for more light and to allow for more of your pure authentic self to shine brighter than before.
We are not always accepted, liked,understood or appreciated as we always wish to be but it is very a important lesson to reach your inner core from which to derive your greatest most important appreciation.
Whatever you do, you must be doing first and foremost for your self and for your own joy and fulfillment.
Your first most important relationship is with yourself and your higher source.
You are here to evolve, to grow and you are to strive to manifest your higher self as much as you can.Strengthening your relationship with Spirit and with your higher self, clearing layers of shadow that are hiding your light and expressing your pure true authentic self is your highest goal for your own benefit of growth and fulfillment and for the benefit of others, inspired by your light.
It is important you touch base on a regular basis for you to see where you’re acting from and what is driving you.
Your drive needs to be from within that passionate strive to connect more to your truth and express more of your light.
Whatever response you get in the outer world is not to affect this beautiful bond within and passion to become the best version of who you are.
When you have reached that place from which you are no longer dependent on outer approval but more focused on your own journey towards your light
Then you are free and consequently will be emitting a fierce energy of freedom and confidence of well achored existence which will inspire many.
Many of us have struggled with issues of being loved , understood and accepted from our past and these issues repeatedly resurface until we are free from the need to ‘exist’ for the love of others.
Yes, we all wish and need love and these old wounds are quite painful, but at the heart of our creation lies the love and appreciation for our own creation as a base for the great understanding of creation and of love, without which we cannot become our grandest version nor can we fully understand love of others or for others.

Much love
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Stop hiding your own light

Are you afraid of your own light?
You may have experienced those who are uncomfortable with your true expression of self and this may have caused you to shut down. Its time to understand that these are people who are merely disconnected from their own light and find yours intimidating.
Its time to reconnect with the expression of your true soul and expand into the full manifestation of your purpose of Creation. You are supported by the Universe and in doing so you will be inspiring others to find their own light too ❤️
Much Love