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Healing One and All ~

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Happy Friday
Shabbat Shalom
Jumma Mubarak
Blessed Weekend to ALL ❤

Please join me in sending Love, Light and Healing Prayers
To Humanity, Our Beloved Earth and to the Animal Kingdom

I feel so much has surfaced all over the world recently
and many of us are sure to be feeling overwhelmed

There is a wave of our inner wounds coming up to be dealt, healed and released
within our personal lives as well as on a global level
I believe we can all see our own inner pain coming up paralel to the Earth shaking out its pain
and society coming up with another round of discomfort and discord for us all to look at and see what within us needs to be healed .
Seeing how this is all happening at once can further help us see how we are all connected, and how any act of healing we do for ourselves or those close to us helps heal all of us.
At any chosen moment
Please take a few deep breaths
As you inhale deeply
Feel the tension in your body
Feel where it resides
Breathe into these areas
Fill them with lightness
and as you release
release all the tension that you have been restoring
Repeat this a few times

Your mind may be on a roller coaster
between the info coming at us from all over the world and our own issues that have came to presence
Try to Breathe into the mind and all the Chaos going on in there

Try to find a space of inner void
Relax your facial muscles
Then your neck and shoulders
Try to give your body
a light shake to shake off all the tension
and find your balance again.

Lighting a candle and asking for Divine Presence
Even lighting some of your favorite incense can help clear the density in your space of all these troubling energies and thoughts

A whiff of your favorite essential oil can also help you calm and uplift your vibration
Lavender is one good choice.
If you can do this in a garden or a comfortable space in nature, even better
Now,as you enter a moment of calm and void
Focus on your heart
And on its loving energy
If you need, think of anything that represents for you loving energy and re introduces you to that beautiful feeling.
Allow yourself to be immersed by this vibration.
Send this energy to any and all that has been on your mind and heavy on your heart lately without any judgement, with the sole purpose of healing.
Start with your personal issues and send further to the global issues
Send your love and light to anything that feels in discord to you
Do not stop and analyze or think about any of it.
Just stay in an energetic mode, empty of thoughts and for a moment be this Beacon of Love and Light
Towards any and all that doesnt feel right
With the purest intention of healing
For the Highest Good of All involved.
Stay as you can in this Energetic Moment
And allow this healing energy to enter all of you gently stretching your body in places that Feel stiff to allow them to free themselves as you find your own being beaming in light Once again and finding its own balance.
When you feel ready
Gently fold all of this light back within,
Expressing Gratitude to Creation
Allow a soft transition back into your physical reality
Carrying within you this renewed sense of being
A quiet moment with a nice soothing beverage or a drink of water, as you anchor this energy within.
Repeat this as you feel the need.
Remember as we tend to our own Healing, ReBalancing and finding our Inner Peace
We will be contributing to the Peace of All

Warm Blessings to you All
We are One


Message of Love for Valentine`s day ~

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Many of us have gone through somewhat of a journey by now.The search for happiness, the search for love and the search for oneself has taken us above and beyond what we might of expected for ourselves..and yet..for many of is yet unclear..why after going through so much , we dont seem to have the answers, or better yet, the answers we have wished for.
There is so much talk about love and we remain confused..despite a lot of experience , we just dont seem to get a grip on what it is we are supposed to do or not do by now..
All of what weve been through have been lessons..going through shiny doors and not so shiny doors have landed us pretty much to similar lessons.
We are all created with Love and Light and that is our source, that is what we Are.
Many have distanced themselves from what they are..disbelieving in their own shine, believing that which has tried to distract them from
Their very own source.
When you distance yourself from your own brilliance its hard to use your compass and make the right decisions.
When you Bless your Existence with Gratitude and Respect, Honoring your part in this vast weaving of Creation and recognizing, by linking to your source, the Magnificent Power of Love and Light that you are, you can only shine and become the Beautiful Unique Creative Force that is You.
When you are being who you truly are, beaming as such, then you can attract those who beam with a similar frequency to create together with the Divine your beautiful part in the world.
Let us choose to forgive ourselves, and others for disbelieving in our light and theirs, for in this we have seen what we are not, in order to return to what we Are.
May we be forever grateful for this lesson.
Let us make a conscious decision
To come back home through our senses to the Truth of who we Are.

Take the time and reconnect to yourself finding that which makes you happy.
Love yourself for the unique expression of creation that you are and
Beam that Love onto the world around you .

The world awaits you.
Much love

Mother`s Day Gift with a Message!

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This coming  Mother`s day consider purchasing a gift for Mom that carries an additional value, one that promotes a message of Universal Love & Peace , and that contributes to the well being of other Moms in Palestine!
We are at this time All coming together , understanding how we are all connected, and how by embracing each other we can move our Global family forward united and strong with the power of LOVE !

Join me in my venture promoting a message of love carried within the products created by my Palestinian sisters; those created by our collaboration or those created by myself funding the project Aakhda. All products by Kahliya will always be carrying a message of love in more ways than one, by purchasing one of these products you are guaranteed to receive a product which carries this energy in full intention as well as helps further this important endeavor to carry the message forwards.

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I thank you for your embrace on behalf of my sisters and myself from the bottom of my heart, and send you all wishes of LOVE 🙂


I am Love

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*Embroidered message by Kahliya soon available at kahliya`s shop



Sometimes life can be very challenging.. shaking us up a bit..leaving us overwhelmed.
As a result we ask ourselves ..why? What is going on..?
It is then, more than ever for us to remember WHO WE ARE..for despite the attitude of others towards us, their expression of their own loss of self..we must ALWAYS remember our True selves..
WE ARE us, is a seed of love that wraps us up in warmth,purity and beauty…a Graceful power that heals both ourselves and our surroundings..if we only ALLOW it..

So, look into your inner seed today, allow it to heal you, comfort and sooth you, allow it to beam to all those around you from within.Cherish and honor yourself today, for YOU ARE LOVE !

* Small reminder that I am still settling in new location and preparing for the relaunch of Kahliya`s activity and reopening of the shop! Can`t wait! Stay tuned! Hope to be back in full creativity soooooooon!

Much Love,


Message of love-part II

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message-of-love-part-ii-031-copy-copy                    Embroidered wall hanging,my creation,Kahliya

In continuation to my post message of love  I would like to wish you all


May we remember to genuinely appreciate,cherish and forever celebrate Love. May we call upon the energy of love to sooth our pains,ease our despair,and regenerate our vitality.May we transmit and offer love generously and abundantly ,even and despite ,  moments of doubt , fear or anger:  to our lovers; families and friends; neighbors and even our enemies, but most of all – to ourselves.

Learning to love ourselves sincerely and truly ,in full forgiveness,with our beauty and ugliness,our strength and weakness, is celebrating the creation of life, as it encompasses all – the GOOD and the BAD. The only true journey to ‘true love’  enabling us to love and accept others whoever they may be,with much less judgement.


Celebrate yourself,your loved ones,the beauty around you, a lovely flower, a breathtaking landscape, a great book, an amazing dish..all this is love!



                                                   photo courtesy of  Century

I encountered this adorable photo adjoining a lovely post written by Sriram from his blog century,titled-

‘Unusual friendship’.

To which I would like to add..

How lovely can it be to allow our pure souls to connect and experience sincere love and friendship disregarding the aquired  and customary barriers of ‘society’ and ‘education’ ?

Is it not time to realise that there is so much to learn from ‘the other’ , ‘ the different’ ,while at the same time there is much more in common than we realise? Why do people tend to feel so threatened by someone who is different than themselves?

Food for thought..for a lovely Valentine`s day..! Have a good one!

P.S  If you like the embroidery in the photo,check out my online handcraft shop!  🙂

All my Love,


Message of LOVE

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It is the season of Love with Valentine`s day coming up,and I would like to put an emphasis on the word LOVE.I believe it is exactly what is needed much more of on this earth at the moment,for it is the lack of Love,which is causing us to act in fear,anger and pain ,believing this  can restore the harmony ,tranquility and Love we all so yearn for…but it is my humble belief that ONLY LOVE can bring LOVE..

I agree, it takes an enormous amount of courage to step up,reach out ,extend a hand to ‘the other’ whilst the prior offense and pain  are  fresh in our memory,but  ‘forgiveness is light’  and by taking that ‘chance’ on forgiveness and compassion,by respecting and opening ourselves to the other,we open ourselves to join hand in hand  in respect and appreciation of the greatest gift of all, the gift that GOD has given us, the GIFT of LIFE.

At the very least maybe we can begin by trying  to generate as much love as possible when and where we can ,taking into consideration more and more ‘others’ ,being whom we would normally not care to think of,within our comfortable and safe boundaries,slightly stretching them as we go along..just a thought for valentine`s day..  🙂

We are all in this together!


Bearing these thoughts in mind, I am creating a series of  crocheted heart -pouch necklaces ,as gifts for Valentine`s day to sell in my online handcraft shop,while I choose to DONATE the benefit of their sale to UNICEF who is currently raising funds to purchase urgent necessities for the children of Gaza,in a symbolic effort to recreate balance of love in the world;and as an act of pure compassion as human suffering is human suffering,and we should never close our hearts to the suffering of others.


Think of it as an opportunity of offering your love to your loved one aswell as to an unknown child in need at the same time;an opportunity of aiding in restoring the balance of LOVE in this world.



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