Know your value

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You may have found yourself stretched to your limits and beyond in a situation that may even have replayed old outdated dynamics that you know do not serve your higher good.
You may have even felt bewildered as to how you find yourself in such a situation which you have already learned so well in the past.
There must have been something lingering within you that needed to be learned, dug up from the depths of your subconscious and released.This may very well be related to your self worth.
Whatever this situation has been it has been dragged out just enough to be over it.
By now youre sure to get it.
You may feel depleted by it all
But this just had to play itself out until all of this remaining lack of self worth is totally out of your system.
You may have been surprised at yourself for even finding yourself once again in such a scenario after all you went through in life and learned.
No need for any self judgement
If this is what was in you it needed to come out until the last drop was out
And you find your self dignity and value all over again fully.
Whatever has been dragging out has finally come to a halt.
The energies at the moment are supporting your alignement with your higher self and purpose.
You can feel the inner victim game ending for you.
You are recognizing your value and this aligns you with your power.
You no longer accept disrespect.
You move forward and make decisions based on total respect of self.
This is the only way you can move forward and build anything positive in your life.
Its time to dismantle once and for all any faulty structure upon which you have had your life stuck.
These old perceptions must crumble and go completely.
This is what you have been witnessing
And this is why it has been difficult to let go of and so painful
Because it has been with you for such a long time
It has been your base, an unstable one at that.
No matter how painful and exhausting this might have been for you,
See it for the opportunity it is
See the thorough and deep work that has been done on your inner structure.
Be grateful for having been able to clean it all up and start anew knowing your worth and demanding nothing less for yourself and your life.
Stand Tall.
Know who you Are.
Your inner work is blessing your ancestors and generations to come.
Thats how important you and your work is
Be Proud and Honor yourself and all your hard work, your dedication and determination.
Step onto your Higher Path
Within the power of Aligning with your worth
Within this power you are also able to give yourself and others the best of you
Thats a whole different ball game.
Much love
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Your emotions are valid


You may be feeling very tender..emotional
We are headed towards a New moon and in the meantime we are within a whole lot of water energy=emotions
Dont fear your emotions,rather sit with them
They are an important part of your existence.
You may be reminiscing about the past or fantasizing about the future.
Try to stay in a place of just feeling your emotions and desires,knowing they are valid and important.They are real and they are YOU.They make up who you Are.
Were you forced to hide them or shut them down in the past?
Have you felt there is no place for them to be accepted?
If they arise it means they need to be accepted,first and foremost by you.
You need to recognise and accept them ,give them space and validation.
Accepting oneself fully is the first step towards attracting interactions that mutually accept,respect and nourish each other.
Start today by being very gentle,kind and nurturing to yourself.
Pamper yourself with favorite music,essential oils, comforting food, a good book a favorite hobby and/or Nature.
Be there for yourself.Hear yourself out.
Listen carefully to all your emotions being expressed.Give yourself a warm loving embrace and feel your Angels there with you too.Talk to them and ask for their assistance.They need your request to intervene for your highest good.
Develop a bond with them through writing or talking.Rest on their shoulders knowing your emotional needs will be met.
Understand the past does not define you nor does it imply that there is no validity to your emotional expression just because others have failed to embrace you due to their own emotional blockages.
Flow freely with who you are today
Even if it means to let tears flow, let them flow while dancing and smiling for your emotions are beautiful,caring and loving and your open heart is what the world needs more of today.
Be proud of who you are
Do not hide
Keep your heart open
Love all of you
Nurture your emotions and express the whole truth of who you are without holding back
And allow the universe to reciprocate ❤

Much love
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Accepting All that is

Energies are intense towards the full moon lunar eclipse today. You may be feeling emotional as another layer comes up to be healed and released.
Finding Acceptance for all that is and has been will create the peace you so wish for in your life. and allow you to release all that you have been holding onto that does not align with your higher good.
Much love

New You


Your New Life is already here
Wether you are acknowledging it or not
You may tend to not believe
Or await to find out somethimg is wrong
Its up to you to let go of your old ways of thinking, conditioned for your survival.
You are Here
At the beginning of a Beautiful New Chapter in your Life
Stand Tall
Look up at the Sun Shining at You
Every little doubt or fear that creeps up on you
Shoo it away!
Or ask The Divine
To Purify your thoughts
Every negative thought will hinder the Beauty that is upon you
Await and expect Beauty
Maintain your high vibration
Remain connected to your Light
And continue to attract
Light and Joy to you
Allow yourself to Dream
To drift away and envision your Best Wishes
Wander and Play
Dont block yourself
Stay a while in this Energy
And Nurture the feeling
Swish away negativity at all costs
And give a little break to the need fir all to be Logical
At any given moment
You can attract Miracles your way
That can switch around your Life in an instant
Connect to the sense of Magic
Be a Co Creator of the Magic in your Life
Together with the Divine
Ask for clear signs of confirmation and watch for them
Be in Love with your life
And watch this Love Vibration
Create Wonders ❤
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Gift of Love


If you have been through heartbreak of any kind at this time
This message is for you
Its not easy to feel heartbroken in the midst of festivities full of joy and love going on all around you
But let us not forget the symbolism of celebrating the birth of Jesus is honoring the Pure love he stands for and that resides in us All regardless of our religion of choice.
Its very important to take crucial down time in order to heal but do not wallow in self pity
For you are a child of God full of love and you have shared of that love
Be so very proud of that
The love you shared is never lost
It helps heal others even if they show no or little appreciation and continues onwards to Heal the world.
If anything, take a good look at what you shared and see that Beauty that resides in you !
How Rich Are you !
You are not in need
Offer it to yourself in order to heal and recover and eventually you will be able to continue to share with others who can appreciate and cocreate
This is definitely a time of Birth – Rebirth of your God self
A time when you acknowledge who you are and how rich and powerful you are full of light and love
Dont deprive of offering this to yourself or of contuining to offer it to others.
Understand you have offered of your gift to another in need on their journey towards the light.
Obviously do not stay around any toxic situation for you honor and love yourself and that is of utmost importance
But as you heal, do not give into resentment
Understand the journey of others
Allow them to continue their path toward the light in their own pace and manner.
Wish them well.
While it is understandable that pain tends to lead to resentment
This is the true point in which full healing and evolution can occur
If you are able to recognise the pain and tend to Heal and Release it
Releasing the other from your anger
enables them to find their way and even more so liberates yourself from the weight and toxic energy of anger further attaching you to the situation
Let it all go
Be free to continue your path
Celebrate who you are
Celebrate the love in you
Appreciate all our attempts here on earth to share love even when things dont work out.
Keep the love vibe alive.
May we All Heal
May we All return to the Love that we are
Much love & Healing Blessings
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Lighten the Burden


There is an important need
To Forgive at this time
Whatever you have been going through recently
Has triggered wounds from the past to surface, for the purpose of deeper Healing and Release.
If it has triggered you
This means
There was definitely more need to Heal these.
While it does seem overwhelming at this time
There is a clear Divine purpose to concentrate and intensify these current events so that this can be totally released before the ending of this year.
No matter how it may look to you at the moment
You Are beginning this year with beautiful surprises,rewards from the Universe for your dedication to the path
You will not carry all this through the threshold
There is a strong need for clearing the heavy toxic energy
Even if things are not clear to you
They dont have to be at this time
Your concern is to have Faith
To do your best to release all of this so you can move forward to celebrate your life and who you truly Are!
Forgiving yourself and all others involved
Then and now
Does not mean you are ok with their actions
Nor does it necessarily mean you are to continue to entertain anyone who continues to be toxic in your sacred space and energy.
Preserve and protect your energy
For it is indeed sacred
But forgiving allows you actually to further Release this energy from you and your path.
That is what is so important
The more you carry with you
The resentment the more you carry with you the burden that stifles you on your journey
Find forgiveness
To lighten and enlighten you
You are so much more than these events.
Recover your own Energy untouched by all this
Move forward more free and full of your own Light
Towards your Soul Purpose attracting to you your True Soul co creators on your path
To Honor your Diviine Creation and Plan.
Remember also that we are all in this Together and doing our best from where we are in our conciousness.
Honor that and allow others to continue evolving on their own path towards the light.
Much love &Healing blessings
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Reaching for the light


Oh boy
You may be feeling overwhelmed at this time
A Lot is going on
The energies are pushing all this to the front for divine purposes even though all you can see is chaos at the moment.
Things are being shaken up and there is also so much beneath the surface
Its not easy to move through the chaos as there is no clarity offered at the moment.
What is needed is Faith, Positivity and Prayer
First and foremost
Make sure you take care of your health and well being
Do absolutely all you can to not get caught up in drama and above all do not let any of it get to you, your health or your nerves
Breathe slow deep breaths
Very important
More oxygen to your system
More space for calm and spirit to come in
Drink water/herbal tea
Gentle stretches to unblock stressed energy in your body
A self massage with quality natural oils will help a lot to cure imbalance and heal
Do what you can to tend to yourself and relax
Listen to some soothing music
Rest up
Light a candle and invite your angels and guides to intervene for your highest good
Ask for guidance
Choose to think positive no matter what is going on
Switch your thoughts to anything that can entertain you positively
Move yourself to a better state of mind raising your vibration
Allowing Divine intervention
And Trusting
The good in whatever is to Be
Much Love & Healing Blessings
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The thorn


We are being asked to pull the thorn from our Heart to free ourselves
We are Divine Beings Devoted to the path of Light

This is in our hands
Whatever has hurt us in our past has left some residue
And has left us feeling insecure resulting in not fulfilling the full Truth of our Being and not Shining our full Light into the world.
Time and Time again we have revisited this and have had similar experiences which led us to feel this again
Only to ask us to let it go.
That you have revisited this again
You have all it takes
To Pull the thorn out from your Heart
Once and for all
Liberating you
Releasing all that is blocking you
Unleashing your full Potential and Power
Look at what is before you
Look at what it symbolises for you
Can you see ?
Does this feel so familiar ?
Is this touching your sense of self Worth
Are you being unappreciated
Stand up
Stand tall
Remember who you Are
Do not give in to any negative vibe that disrespects you
Let others be who they wish to be
They are on their own journey towards their own light
Anchor yourself in your own light
You are commited to your journey
To your soul
To continue on the path of Evolution
Step up
And continue to Devote yourself
Regardless of anyone who may act to sway you from the path
Be in Peace
For you know who you Are
Be in Peace
For you know where you’re Headed
Send this Peace to others
Continue your path for your Highest good
And allow others to continue their path for their Highest good.
Much Love & Healing Blessings
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Easy does it…

20170321_154613txt sind

It just seems like its one thing after the other and you are being pushed beyond your limits
Not quite knowing how to cope
This is when you are asked to settle inwards
Into that space of peace which which resides in each and everyone of us
Because we all have within our Soul
A Spark of the Divine
That knows peace
Be Gentle with yourself
Be Kind
Be Loving
Find the Love within you for yourself
That wishes to soothe your Being
Find a place of surrender
Aak the assistance of your angels
And hand your worries over to them for a bit
While you give yourself some respite
Take it for yourself
Show yourself Love
All will be ok
When you learn to balance events with self love and relaxation ~

Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspiration’ Message cards
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Anchored in your Soul


You may have been going through a surprising challenge
Whether in regards to an individual or a situation
You are being asked to stay true to the Divine light that you are
Staying true to you in calm and respect to all involved,allows the space for all to fall into balance the way it is divinely intended.
Do not attach to the way things should resolve
Ask for Divine assistance
And allow for Celestial intervention
To sort things out
For the best of all involved.
Take some time out and Find your calm.
Your main lesson
Is to see yourself staying in your Soul
Finding your solace and personal power
This is your victory
This also allows others to do the same
Much love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspiration’ Message cards
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