Thank you for holding the light- part II


Thank you for holding the Light*


These days as we are still going through a major energy shift, as more light comes ushering in and we are to close an old cycle that no longer serves us, we are clearing the past.In the process a lot of density, heavy emotions may arise for us.
Please take extra good care of yourselves.Be gentle and allow the clearing.Do not linger there just let it pass through.Do nice things for yourself, take a bath, meditate, rest, use essential oils to soothe and uploft, go out to Nature.
Stay positive and hold on to who you truly are and dont let this affect your positive outlook, it is only passing through and out of your system.
If you feel this especially dense and heavy, you may be clearing for the collective as well,
As you hold the light for all those stumbling and not finding their way yet, for those who are still having a hard time to embrace their light.You are holding and anchoring the light for all, just by being you and by embracing your light even throughout the dense energy.
Be proud of that.
You may also be clearing for your ancestral lineage.
Know the honorable importance and responsability of what you are doing
Holding and anchoring light to transmute all darkness,aiding in transforming generations and generations of pain, blame and shame
Just by you being and insisting on being who you truly are, dedicated to your light, connected to the divine and to all that is.
You are an Essential part of Creation.
You are also an essential part in the Healing of Humanity.
Honor yourself and your journey for all the difficulties you go through for the Higher Purpose of Creation.
Devote yourself to being the Truest version of who you are at all times, because that is what we need from you.We need to see your gift of creation with your quirkiness, your stumbling, your weakness and your strength.We need to see how throughout your struggles you are devoted to the light, to your that we too can be true in all that we do and show up real, determined, yet struggling at times and we can feel ok with that , because that is the truest, most perfect human process.What counts is the will power and the sense of integrity and determination.
Dont fear falling, dont fear being seen falling or struggling or not perfect or not in tune with others approval.
Be unapologetically you, devoted to a process that is not easy but very rewarding to yourself and others.
Stay close to your heart and soul
Stay close to the Divine, very close so you can hear the guidance
And show us the Real You
Thank you for being on this journey
Thank you for helping us be true to ourselves by seeing you be true to you.
And Thank you for holding the light
For you and for us All.
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Trust in the tools you have created for yourself

We are within the full moon energy. We are clearing the old that does not serve us and preparing for the new.
We need to create a space for the new to be created with our openness and positivity
And trust in our well earned ability to discern to make sure we join with those who align with our values to create something beautiful for ourselves and others ❤️

We All have our Unique ‘LightPrint’

These days may feel intense as we continue to clear all that does not serve our higher good. We are being asked to do some deep soul searching to reconnect with who we truly are to be able to move into our higher purpose and shine our light.
Celebrate those who you see are already expressing their light and allow them to inspire you rather than frustrate you. We all have our unique ‘lightprint’ and we were created to shine together ❤️
Much Love

Hold much love for yourself

Energies may have you feeling fragile.Please do not be discouraged.Hold lots of Love for yourself and treat yourself with much gentle care.If you need to pause a bit from moving towards your goals don’t worry, everything is in Divine timing and your well being is of utmost importance. ❤️
I hope you receive the light transmission I send you at the end of the video ❤
Let me know if you did and if you would like me to continue to do more of that 🙂
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Much Love

Loving yourself turns everything to Gold


These days may have had you feeling very fragile. We are going through energy shifts that are designed to upgrade our light and as a result a lot of lower energy resurfaces.
If you are an empath and/or a lightworker of any kind there is a tendency to constantly be in the way of lower energies endlessly transmuting them to light.
In any case we all always need to make time on a regular basis to clear and take care of our own energy.
In times like these it is even more needed.
Do not feel discouraged and do not allow yourself to fall back.
If you need more rest , if you need to pause or slow down, be easy on yourself.
Do not be upset feeling your plans are set back.Divine timing is at play and your well being is of utmost importance always, especially for anything to work out well.
Your new beginnings for which you have been working hard are definitely on the way.
You just need to be strong and have faith in yourself and in the Divine as well as in your path.
You have a soul purpose and that cannot be taken away from you.
Your resilience and faith are needed.
Remain positive in what you wish to create.
Show yourself much tender loving care
Be gentle with yourself
If you feel the need to sleep more, do so.
Allow yourself some quiet alone time to heal, rest & meditate.
Being in Nature can also help you re-balance your energy.
Do something nice for you.
Hold so much Love in your heart for yourself
This is so important, the most important component of your life for you to create anything that you honor and respect.
The more love you hold for yourself, the more you heal and the more you can turn this or any energy into Gold for you and for others ❤
Sending you much love & light
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*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Seeing more clearly


You may be feeling very emotional.
We are still with the energy of the new moon and going through an important energy shift.
Lots of important clearing
It may have been very intense,very deep for you.
You may suddenly feel emotional with or with no reason
Some emotions just feel like surfacing
And are triggered by just about anything that touches you at the moment.
Its ok
If you feel tears , let them flow
Dont feel embarassed
If you feel the need, take some quiet time alone to try and process your feelings
Perhaps you will understand the underlying reason, perhaps not
That too is ok
Density is clearing from your energy field
All that was said and done
That touched you deeply
Is clearing from its debris
It doesnt hold the same importance anymore
Your values are shifting
You are gaining clarity
To what is truly important
To how we all have been struggling
And how much unnecessary suffering we are going through
Not everyone will or can be on the same page as you
We are all at different phases on our path
We also have convened before arriving here to meet in these ways
So that we can remember to stick to what is important and let all else go
When you raise your vibration and perspective,You return to the truth of Creation
All obstacles on our path are merely shadows to the truth
When we adhere to the truth, they dissolve
For Love is who we are
And Light is the Path of our Creation
Whatever attempts to cast shadow on this
To deter us from our path can merely cause delays,for nothing can take us away from who we truly are
There may have been times where we got caught up in these illusions and allowed the expression of our essence and our path to be delayed
But now with the massive clearing at foot aswell as our own learning from all our experiences
We are able to see again more clearly
Into the secrets of creation and how we might of been caught up in so much drama to forget our truth
Our eyes are being opened once again to who we are and our souls are breaking free from so much self sabotage
Nothing is lost
All is to gain
Rejoice in us all being here trying our very best
Do not be hindered anymore by misgivings of yourselves or of others
Live and let live
And above all do not focus on any misgivings of anyone
Focus on your new found truth
For yourself
Focus on your light
Focus on that immense well you have inside you waiting and wishing to burst out in joyous expression and appreciation
Be who you are
Be the Amazing light that you are
For yourself and for others to see
Allow others to go through whatever they need to go through to once again find their own light and the truth of their own creation
Dont spend your time or energy criticizing others or harboring pain done to you
Be not the judge of no one
Be the creator of your own journey and destiny
Fine tune who you are and what you are creating
Find silence and tune into your higher self and the Divine as frequently as you can and especially when in doubt or worry
Have solid faith you are here for a Divine purpose and you are heavenly guided and protected
Open up to this guidance and establish and nourish the sacred bond with the Divine
To maintain your adherence to the light in all that you do
Honor your precious part in Creation
And act accordingly
All those who have errored in their ways towards you will meet you back in the light
We shall all be able to see eventually
Allow the path for all to enfold
Walk proudly on your own
And know you will reap the benefits of your efforts
Spend not a minute more in contemplating that which seems to obstruct your light
For your light
Is eternal and unstoppable
Step up today
And own your own Creation
Rejoice, celebrate and continue to create
Thank you for being here ❤
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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