Stand in your power


Tommorow is the Full moon
And also the 12.12 Energetic portal
Which amplifies each other
Very potent energies are at hand.
We are also approaching the end of the year
Closing karmic chapters
And heading
Towards a New beginning, a New Chapter.
You may have been through a very challenging test these days
Surprising you and shaking you
Putting all you have learned to the test.
You may have been shaken
But found your ground
Quite quickly
Knowing who you are, your worth,
You are remembering quicker and stronger than ever before, how much love you have for yourself and how important that is.
At this point in life, you know
Absolutely nothing will take your power away.
If you have been through disappointment,
Nuturing yourself back to balance and calm stable footing is what is required
By now you have learned so well how to take care of yourself
And it is so gratifying
In fact, you have learned to appreciate your quality time alone with your higher self and with the Divine.
Remember, in the silence
You are able to release all the ‘noise’
Inner and outer
And listen to Divine guidance
While you also bring yourself back to healing and balance.
The Silence brings so much promise
It is a true gift in such a hectic world
Bringing us back to our Divine self.
The full moon and energetic portal asks you to release all that is not you, not in your highest good and not in truth and in the light, so you can continue to rise on your highest path towards the light and the manifestation of who you truly are and your higher purpose.
Remember too the intense chaotic energies surrounding the holidays at this time , affecting everyone as a collective ,whether you celebrate or not.
Try to find quiet alone time
Try to do some soul searching.
There may be a troubling situation, conflict or confusion and the only way to deal is through quiet.
Detaching emotionally from the situation.
Not rushing for conclusion or action.
Resting, healing, releasing and detaching.
Focusing on self nurturing.
Breathe deeply and exhale 3 times
Nice and slow.
In times of stress we tend to breathe in a shallow manner, while our cells and brains need more oxygen rather than less.
Remember also as you inhale deeply, you are inviting the Divine into your Being, and releasing the tension that is leaving you closed to higher guidance and positive flow.
Allow emotions, thoughts, fears,doubts and confusion to rise to your consciousness.
Allow the situation to untangle before you as you tend to each emotion and thought that is causing the clutter.
Look to the origins of these emotions, where they stem from.
What are your fears and what are your aspirations.
You will find an opportunity to learn much more about who you are. Enjoy the process.Do this lovingly.
Appreciate who you are, all you’ve gone through and what you are striving to create.
Understand that all that the Universe has put into your path is and is meant to be solvable.
If you still feel confused
Collect all that comes up
Wrap it all in a bundle
And offer it , as is, to the Divine
Asking for assistance in this situation.
Asking for guidance and solutions for the highest good of all involved
And Release
Know it is solved
And let the weight be lifted from your shoulders
Your release
Will allow new wisdom
As well as solutions to come in.
Tend to your own well being
Love who you are and who you are becoming ❤
Much love
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Ready to Shine?

Are you ready to Shine?
See your insecurities arise for what they are, an old outdated defense mechanism shadowing your true light.
No more hiding.
Focus on unveiling your truest most authentic self and there within lies your light, your beauty and your gifts given to you by the Divine ❤️

Ready to Shine?
Claim it, signal with a thumbs up and let us all know you are Ready! 😊
Much Love


Stop hiding your own light

Are you afraid of your own light?
You may have experienced those who are uncomfortable with your true expression of self and this may have caused you to shut down. Its time to understand that these are people who are merely disconnected from their own light and find yours intimidating.
Its time to reconnect with the expression of your true soul and expand into the full manifestation of your purpose of Creation. You are supported by the Universe and in doing so you will be inspiring others to find their own light too ❤️
Much Love

Let’s Create Magic

New Beginnings approaching
Make sure to release all that does not align with your highest good. Pay attention to your choices and where you invest your energy.
Make choices that serve you and set your intentions for positive changes 🌸
Much Love

All systems Go


Today is the beginning of a New year in the Mayan calender.We are also heading towards a special powerful second New Moon of this month on the 31st and we are also heading towards the lion’s gate energetic portal on the 8.8
So..if youve been feeling a bit stuck with all the planets in retrogade its time to prepare as even Mercury turns direct on the 31st.
The Universe is saying all systems go!
We are moving forward to create New chapters in our lives!
As we approach, use this time wisely in preparation.
Make sure you are clear on leaving the past behind and releasing all that does not serve your higher good.
Look within and around you
Do some serious cleaning
Of your thoughts and negative patterns
Look into your space
Declutter, clean and let go of anything encumbering your space that is not really serving your new outlook on life.
Make sure your interactions are of positive nature.
Look into your habits
Are they supporting you in a positive way?
Release those that are not and start investing your time and energy in those that will help you grow and shine.
Were there things you wanted to do for a while that you keep postponing?
A yoga class? Gym? Walks? Nature? Art? Music? Meditation? Healthier diet or lifestyle? Change of hairstyle?
Check yourself out
If you want to invite better changes into your life, you need to show the Universe how important that is to you
How important YOU are to you
How are you willing to invest in yourself, in the quality of your life?
We are Energy and all we do is investing and directing Energy into what we choose.
What do you choose to invest your energy in?Where do you direct it?
Pay close attention from the moment you wake up in the morning throughout your day to the moment you shut your eyes at night.
How are you creating your life with your choices?
What kind of energy are you inviting and entertaining simply by allowing which is also a choice.
Look carefully.Take note.Resolve to change each point in which you either make choices that dishonor you or allow your power to be taken away from you.
Dont live in default mode.
Stand fully in your power and acknowledge just how much power you hold within to create your life with your choices.
The energetic portals coming toward us ask us to be deliberate creators, to pay utmost importance to our intentions, choices and actions
So get focused
Take notes
And set your intentions offering them to the universe to help you manifest the changes you wish for.
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Reclaim lost parts of self


This is it
Its time to call on all lost parts of self
Theres no more hiding
Its time to reclaim all of you
Perhaps in earlier days
You have had dreams, wishes, passions
And then ‘life’ got in the way..
But was it really life
Or are these passions of yours your true key to a real life?
Life may have thrown many curve balls at you..challenges
But youre here
Are you here?
Dont make these an excuse for not living your fullest truest life
Dont wait for your retirement or your death bed to say I wish I had done this or that..
Whatever is hiding deep down in your heart needs to be expressed
Your Soul needs to express itself
Your passions need to be unleashed
These are the source of your vital life force
Dont worry if these are to be your main activities or not
Dont worry if they are more than one
And are all different
Dont worry if your talented or not
Dont worry about critics
Just BE
Free yourself from all your restrictions
Tap in today to whatever passions lay deep down inside
Revisit them
In any way possible
Today all is possible
Dont make any excuses
Liberare yourself
Liberate your soul
Understand that by reclaiming all the different parts of self, your reclaim your life, your power and your sense of freedom
After which you can do absolutely anything
Claim your existence Today
Do something
Touch upon one lost part of self
And do it
Today –
You will be Reborn!
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Anchor within


You may be feeling anxious, worrysome
And/or lacking clarity in your life at the moment.
And center yourself
There is a need for patience
But this time it is a special kind of patience
If youre feeling confused and need clarity you can always call on your Angels and Guides for assistance in giving you signs.
Otherwise there is a special lesson here.
This space in between
In which perhaps you are waiting to see how a certain situation develops or just your life in general,
Is a Sacred opportunity to feel more comfortable and stable within yourself
Regardless of any outcome of any situation in your life.
Your Well Being
Shall depend ‘soul-ly’ on YOU
You are whole and complete within.
You have within you
All you need to make you happy and fulfilled.
Take back your Power and your Energy from anyone or anything
Do not wait on anything to make you feel good
Anchor your Energy within
Physically put your feet slightly spread apart and anchor your energy into the ground through the soles of your feet
Stand Firm
Stand Solid
Stand in Trust in who you Are.
You play an important part in this Existence
And you have a whole world of creation within you.
Breathe deeply
And know who you Are.
Feel the serenity in knowing
That as long as you focus on Aligning with your Higher self
Then everything that Aligns with your Higher Good will be there for you
And that which does not,
Will not be for you and fade way
This should resolve any confusion
Dont scatter or lose your Energy on depending on anything else but feeling Whole
Focus on your Joy
Focus on your Health
Focus on your Well Being
Focus on delving deeper into that which interests you
Your life will unfold and develop according to your Alignement
This is where your Energy shall be invested
Make your intentions clear to the universe by tending to your own Vibration
All the rest is your icing on your cake which will come to celebrate who you are.

Much Love🌸

*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Dear Brother
Dear Sister
Where along the line have you given away your inner Power?
Where along the way have you surpressed your Truth?
In a situation you are facing today
Can you see
In what way are you giving away your sense of Personal Power?
In what way are you surpressing your Truth ?
Can you see a connection?
Can you now look into the mirror
And say to yourself
Can you own your Soul Integrity
Will you choose to Align with your Highest Self
It is time, you know that
You cannot continue to see things in your life that do not Align , do not represent who you Truly Are
And not see how you are not owning your Power
Are you ready ?
Anchor yourself in the True Beauty of who you Are
We are all Unique
With our own Gifts, our Truth and our Power.
Face a situation today
That has been taking your Power away
No need for anger or bitterness
Just look at it
It is draining your Energy
Your Life Force
And it seems to distract you from your Light
Only because you are giving it Energy
And allowing yourself to get lost within it
Face it today
Express your Truth
Gracefully, kindly
Without any hint of anger or blame
Remember others are too in a sensitive state and may only cling to your anger and not hear your words
Just state your Truth in a respectful manner
Wishing others only the best for the continuation of their path
Sending them Light for them to continue to find their own path to their Light
And Expect to be Respected
If you need to walk away from a situation
Do so Gracefully
If you need to Express yourself
To gain closure
Do so in Honesty and in Beauty
You are Free
No longer in bondage of a situation
You have given your Power to
Reclaim your Power
Own who you Are
Own your Beauty
Own your Truth
Continue to tend to your own Healing from the situation and what this has brought up for you
This is a very deep Healing Lesson
Can you see it now?
Are you ready to finally Heal this deep issue
In a loving manner ?
Loving and forgiving yourself and the other?
All the others along the way.
Now lay it to rest
You are a Magnificent Creation of the Universe
You hold within you Gifts
You are here to Express those Gifts and the Fullness of Who You Are
You shall Not be limited
You shall Fly
Now Fly
And be who You Are meant to Be
Devoted to the Truth of your Soul
Never to be forsaken
Never to be silenced
For Your Path
Your Voice
Is a Sacred One
A Voice the Divine has given you to Express
And to help all Human Kind by your Beautiful Example
Is that important enough
For you to Appreciate you?
You shall no longer sway or betray
Your soul’s Beautiful Expression of Creation
Your Human Family
Need your Voice
To be Uplifted and Inspired
Thank you
For standing by your Truth
And offering us your Gifts
Wish to listen to you♡
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Coming into your own


There may be something ongoing deeply disturbing your peace
You may not know what to do anymore as it keeps escalating
Dont feed it anything
Detach completely from the situation
Dont even try to understand or find logic.
The eclipse has turned us all upside down and is emptying our pockets, our heads and our hearts.
There must still be a lot of guck hanging around there.
So whatever others are having come up for them and turn them to act a bit bizarre
You can rest assured that with their actions they are triggering all your unhealed guck
Otherwise you would be laughing at the insanity of it all and not getting angry or hurt.
Whether they are able to settle and make any sense of what is going on for them is really not your affair
Your focus at the moment
Is total detachment
Of the situation and of the emotions that are being triggered in you
Understand all of this as something that is playing out for the purpose of clearing
Chances are whoever you are dealing with may be less aware of these processes than yourself
So Breathe
And give them the space to sort themselves out..or not..totally their choice as we all are here with free will on our journey.
We cannot force anyone into Awareness Higher Consciousness or Evolution.
We do have total responsability towards ourselves, our own processes, our willingness and our actions.
Concentrate on your own Awarenes, Healing and Evolution.
If anything, your own work on yourself can influence others in a positive way towards their own Healing.
In any case
Your sole/soul investment at the moment must
Be on Yourself and your Well Being.
Be fully present and aware of what is happening to you from this.
Which emotions are triggered?
What does this mean for you, what does it represent? Where does the frustration stem from in your past ?
How does this disappoint you?
Are you feeling helpless in face of this situation?
Do you feel victimized ?
Look again
Perhaps there within lies the main issue
Where are you giving your Power away?
How long have you believed you need others to complete your Happiness?      If you are dissapointed in another
Look to Yourself
Look to your own Beauty and Light
Look to who You Truly Are
You are such a Full Magnificent Creation
Look to all you have Created by yourself until now
Can you see your own Power of Creation?
Do you really need the approval of another to Create what you wish for in your life?
Do you really wish to let your disappoint in another lead you to disappointment in yourself? Why ?
If you disengage and just let other’s actions just linger in the air where they left them
Where you left them
They will just stay there and you will begin to see the absurdity and the struggling confusion of the other in their actions.
Most certainly not their Light
So why engage with their shadow?
If you disengage they may even have the opportunity to look closer at their own actions and how perhaps they have acted out of fear and confusion and not in alignment with their Soul
But again that is theirs to see
Most important is for you to conquer once and for all your own triggered emotions
As these too are not in alignment with who You Truly Are.
These are conditioned emotions of the past that continue to hinder and limit your life experience and advancement.
These have been hiding within the folds while you go through life not knowing what exactly is holding you back
Well here it is
This is what is holding you back
As painful as it may seem
This is a gift
If you are able to see it
Work through it, conquer and release it
Youre home free
First detach,tend to your own Healing
Then as you can take a look and see
Then ask yourself these questions
And see how actually
It is your dependance on this sotuation that is creating pain and struggle for you
Let it all go
Dont think about how to resolve
Offer that to your angels
Ask them to intervene for your Highest Good and help solve the situation
Which to your surprise will be solved as soon as you Anchor yourself in your Soul and do your own conscious work to free yourself from anything that limits your Greatness.
Show yourself much tender loving care
And tend your Healing
Continue to invest your Energy in You, your Well Being and in the advancement of your Dreams
This is helping you Create a breakthrough for yourself and you will be able to step up and Create on a whole new level for yourself.
Something you have been pushed to do is calling you
Now is the time to go for it
Just do it
You will be so pleased
You are Creating your own Happiness
And the rest will resolve itself
You will see ♡
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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