Walking Raw and Tall ~



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As we approach this full moon Tomorrow, we see that similar situations to those we may have known in the past appear..but then again ..as we look closely..what do we see ?
Something has changed.
And that something is US
We are not the same
We know better who we are
We know better what is important to us
We know where we wish to invest our energy and what we wish to nurture
For we understand now that we are here on an important mission and we have no more time to waste to manifest our True being as a crucial part of Creation.
If darkness comes up
We know now to pierce our light
Within and without
As we are on such an important journey of healing our own souls, our ancestral lines and wounds of humanity at the same time..each time we breathe light into the dark and make choices that respect our truth and the truth that respects All of Creation.
There are no more secrets
All enters the “washing machine”
All shall be transformed
Whoever is not ready to join us now will do so further down the line of their soul journey
We shall not stop here
We are on a journey unto the light
There is a sense of empowerment
On this sacred journey
As we walk in our naked truth
Vulnerable and raw
But standing tall
Spirit has our back
And so it is
Breathe and release
Breathe and tune in
To who you truly are
Blessings on your journey
Much Love

I can see through the pain


I can see through the pain/Mia leventhal
I can see through the pain.
Beyond this clouded veil of guilt
And shame,
I can hear you call my name.
Come to me
You say
Come see your true place of play
Come through
And let the old shed away.
Come meet me here
In your own garden of truth
where everything can only soothe.
You`ve been away for so long
You are now strong
To return home
And show others the way..



*Taken from my poetry site “Soul Revelations