The Spirit in Me ~



In our Essence

We are All Love

We are All connected to Spirit

We are All connected to Source .

If a person you are interacting with,

Disconnects from his/her own Spirit Source

and acts from within this discord,

There is No need to get upset or be offended

Do Not move into experiencing his/her lack.

Remain in your own Fullness of Being

Anchored in your  own Presence

Connected with Source

Enriching your Existence

Nourished by the Love and Light

From which you can continue to Beam unto others.

Much Love,




I can see through the pain


I can see through the pain/Mia leventhal
I can see through the pain.
Beyond this clouded veil of guilt
And shame,
I can hear you call my name.
Come to me
You say
Come see your true place of play
Come through
And let the old shed away.
Come meet me here
In your own garden of truth
where everything can only soothe.
You`ve been away for so long
You are now strong
To return home
And show others the way..



*Taken from my poetry site “Soul Revelations