Be there for You



20170321_154613txt sind

You may be feeling very tender
A lot is coming up for you
It may feel overwhelming
You are your own best friend
Create a safe sacred,cozy, space
For you to be able to be there for yourself
Very deep held wounds may be surfacing for you
Perhaps recent upheavals, dissapointments and disfunctional relationships have brought up older disfunctions in family dynamics that have been very painful.
You may have worked to heal these for years and yet the deeper sting is still there within
This may be surfacing at this time
This is only because you are more mature now and ready to heal this on a more aware and deeper level.
Its not easy
But essential
For your own well being and your evolution towards more light and manifesting more of who you truly are as well as attracting healthier dynamics to you.
Its time to dive deeper into this in order to give it a rest.
Be there for you
This is crucial
Be gentle
Be tender
Be loving
Be caring
Be the parent you so needed as a child
That couldnt be there for you
Perhaps someone in your life at the moment is mirroring this to you once again
You may still be carrying this wound of lack,
Of abandonnement, of neglect, of abuse deep within you until today
And if it is once again mirrored back to you in current dynamics it is time to
Look deep within this
Heal and Release once and for all.
Be extra gentle with yourself
Create a safe space
In which you can quietly be with yourself
Allow your vulnerability
Allow the pain to surface
Allow the little child within to have its say
It is safe
In your arms
You are safe with you
You can be the one you need
You can allow yourself to be heard
You can nurture yourself
And give yourself
All the love you give so willingly
To a loved one
It is time
To love you
You are carrying yourself around for so long
Seeing the pain in others
And so willingly showing them love
It is time
To recognise your own needs
Acknowledge what is hurting deep down inside
Truly understanding how this affects your life
And how this now needs to go
To be able to create the life you wish for
Happy and free
Understand that those involved knew not better and did the best they could
Forgive and Release them
Tend to yourself
You are capable of filling what is missing
You understand yourself the most
Have compassion for yourself
Allow the tender sores to surface
And Give yourself the attention you didnt receive
Give yourself a warm embrace, a cuddle
The warmrh you need, the caring,
The love
Be with yourself as long as you need
And create that trusting relationship within
Create the space inwhich you are heard
Always have a safe space for yourself
Inwhich you can express yourself, nurture yourself and feel loved.
Perhaps you were never heard, never allowed the space to express yourself
Create that space for yourself now
In thought speech, perhaps even recording your thoughts just for yourself or writing.
You can also express yourself through plastic arts, music or dance
Do whatever you feel to give yourself that space.
You may want to seek a therapist to be able to share and heal your pain.
Do what you feel is right for you to heal this once and for all.
Whatever you do, it is You being there for yourself
Remember you have Angels and Guides in the spiritual realm who never leave your side
They await your request to help you
Feel free to ask anything you feel you need to help you.
Perhaps you may just want to lay your head in the arms of an angel for some warmth and respite.
Trust that they can offer you peace
And guidance to clarity or the next steps in your path if you need.
Create the quiet space for them to enter.
Create the peace and tranquility for yourself in any way that appeals to you.
You are loved by the universe
And you are now learning to totally and profoundly be there for yourself and love yourself
There is no lack
You are a being of love
As soon as you reconnect with who you truly are
And you show yourself all that love you have within you
To yourself
You will see once again
How beautiful you are
And how beautiful your life is               As you are always there for you as is the Divine and Your angels.
Reinstating this in your awareness
You shine
And attract the same warmth and love
You have towards you, from others.
This is such a beautiful moment
Do not miss it and its importance
Meet yourself today
And Shine through
With all your light inwards and outwards to meet us all
We shall shine together.
Much Love and Healing Blessings ❤
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Huge Transformation





Many are going through a pivotal moment of transformation right now
You may be feeling low
You are at somewhat of a crossroad
You know who you are
You know you have been hiding until now
You also know that whatever has currently brought you down
Represents a certain energy in your life that you have been carrying around for a long time,a burdensome energy, a limiting energy which corresponds to a limited version of you
Every time you attract to yourself those who fit into this version
You know it well
It feels comfortable in a way
And then it doesnt
Thats when parts of you wake up
And say
Wait a minute
This isnt who I truly Am
Im sufficating here
I cant express my Truth
And then you realise
Once again you are not creating the life you wish for
That is adapted to who you truly are
At this pivotal moment
The universe has pushed you to see
That you are not fully living your truth
Youre feeling down
Because there is a ‘death’ occuring within you
A death of this limited version of yourself
You are being asked to finally let go of
This might entail letting go of certain people or situations that are connected to this version of you, and so the mourning is amplified, but essentially the true mourning
Is the ‘death’ of this old you
You are beginning to see this
You may have begun to see the light of the true you lately
You may have even begun to take steps towards implementing your higher purpose
And now
With this rude awakening
Within this mourning
You feel pulled between the comfort of the old
And the truth of your higher path
That which represents the true you
It may be a difficult phase
Be gentle on yourself
This is a crucial moment in your evolution
It is also natural not to be able to jump through the passage of transformation
Its normal to go through a feeling of loss
And fear and sadness
Letting go of parts of you that do not represent who you truly are but have served you as a hiding place you have grown accustomed to
You know where you need to go
You know you can hide no longer
You know that you are dedicated to the light
And your time has come
Having learned the lessons
To move into your higher path
You know you can no longer play small
And let others limit you as well
It is your time
To own your light
To own your power
To own your glory
You are an essential part of creation
And you are to own your part
And serve creation with your light
Stepping onto your path and leaving the old restrictive reality behind seems exciting and scary at the same time
You know what you have to do
You owe this to yourself and to creation
To Your creation
Take the time needed in gentleness to acknowledge the shift and the mourning of the old, but dont stay there
There is so much more of life waiting for you to give and to receive
Remember that by adhering to your commitment to your higher path the path given to you by the creator, others can only be inspired
Remember too
That all those that do not align with your higher path and values will fade away
And those that do will appear
Step up
Acknowledge your light
And shine through
The universe awaits you
We await you
Your new life awaits you 😊
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Images taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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New Story


The Full moon today may have you feeling very emotional.
All full moons have a tendency to bring out emotions we have been trying to cast away.
This is also a full moon full of promise with New beginings well on their way.
You may have already sensed them in the air.
The emotions rising come from your depths and represent your deepest longings that connect to your Soul.
Embrace them
See what they are telling you
You are well on your way to manifesting more of who you truly are
This emotional disposition actually carries a gift of connecting deeper
And sensing more of what the Universe is whispering to us
And more of what our Soul is telling us.
Stay tuned and listen carefully
It may not be through words
It may be through sensations
Be present for yourself
You may need first to wash away a few tears, clearing some density held within you.
You may also have been stressed lately
Causing this density with too many worries and thoughts going on in your head.
It is very important to release all this without expecting precise answers
Trust and let go
Allow the good that is coming your way.
Stay close to your soul
By giving yourself some precious quiet time and some self care.
Focus on relaxing releasing and resting
Be extra careful with your thoughts
Take a good look at every thought that runs through your head and make sure you hold only positive visions about anything that worries you.
Your thoughts are creative energy
That have the power to create your life.
This is a pivotal moment
Make this moment count for you!
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We Are All Healers

DSC_0140 healers sind

Each and every one of us is created with unique gifts which benefit ourselves and others.
We are all designed to be interconnected.
You have strong points that I can learn from and visa versa.
We all have a soul purpose and these gifts are linked to your soul purpose in which you serve others as well as yourself.
No matter what you do
We are all healers, we are all in service
The moment we realise the beauty which we have to offer is the moment we realise our purpose.
Remember the cashier that acted in a certain way or said something to you that changed your day
Remember that thing you said to someone who needed your input.
The hairdresser or house cleaner that just had that healing energy about them and/or held space for you in a way that helped you.
If you only stop and look more closely we are all in service,we are all doing sacred work every day.
We are all so unique
We are All a combination of strong points, gifts in which we shine and Align with the light of Source and other parts that need polishing in order to evolve and Align more fully with our light.
Together we shine brighter
Together we find purpose and meaning to this existence
Together we mirror each other and find in the other that which we needed to see and learn about ourselves.
Pay close attention
See the Sacredness in your creation
In our creation and in our interconnection
See the Importance in which you have to offer us All
See your value and allow this to propel you forward with a new sense of purpose.

Much Love & Healing Blessings
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Coming into your own


There may be something ongoing deeply disturbing your peace
You may not know what to do anymore as it keeps escalating
Dont feed it anything
Detach completely from the situation
Dont even try to understand or find logic.
The eclipse has turned us all upside down and is emptying our pockets, our heads and our hearts.
There must still be a lot of guck hanging around there.
So whatever others are having come up for them and turn them to act a bit bizarre
You can rest assured that with their actions they are triggering all your unhealed guck
Otherwise you would be laughing at the insanity of it all and not getting angry or hurt.
Whether they are able to settle and make any sense of what is going on for them is really not your affair
Your focus at the moment
Is total detachment
Of the situation and of the emotions that are being triggered in you
Understand all of this as something that is playing out for the purpose of clearing
Chances are whoever you are dealing with may be less aware of these processes than yourself
So Breathe
And give them the space to sort themselves out..or not..totally their choice as we all are here with free will on our journey.
We cannot force anyone into Awareness Higher Consciousness or Evolution.
We do have total responsability towards ourselves, our own processes, our willingness and our actions.
Concentrate on your own Awarenes, Healing and Evolution.
If anything, your own work on yourself can influence others in a positive way towards their own Healing.
In any case
Your sole/soul investment at the moment must
Be on Yourself and your Well Being.
Be fully present and aware of what is happening to you from this.
Which emotions are triggered?
What does this mean for you, what does it represent? Where does the frustration stem from in your past ?
How does this disappoint you?
Are you feeling helpless in face of this situation?
Do you feel victimized ?
Look again
Perhaps there within lies the main issue
Where are you giving your Power away?
How long have you believed you need others to complete your Happiness?      If you are dissapointed in another
Look to Yourself
Look to your own Beauty and Light
Look to who You Truly Are
You are such a Full Magnificent Creation
Look to all you have Created by yourself until now
Can you see your own Power of Creation?
Do you really need the approval of another to Create what you wish for in your life?
Do you really wish to let your disappoint in another lead you to disappointment in yourself? Why ?
If you disengage and just let other’s actions just linger in the air where they left them
Where you left them
They will just stay there and you will begin to see the absurdity and the struggling confusion of the other in their actions.
Most certainly not their Light
So why engage with their shadow?
If you disengage they may even have the opportunity to look closer at their own actions and how perhaps they have acted out of fear and confusion and not in alignment with their Soul
But again that is theirs to see
Most important is for you to conquer once and for all your own triggered emotions
As these too are not in alignment with who You Truly Are.
These are conditioned emotions of the past that continue to hinder and limit your life experience and advancement.
These have been hiding within the folds while you go through life not knowing what exactly is holding you back
Well here it is
This is what is holding you back
As painful as it may seem
This is a gift
If you are able to see it
Work through it, conquer and release it
Youre home free
First detach,tend to your own Healing
Then as you can take a look and see
Then ask yourself these questions
And see how actually
It is your dependance on this sotuation that is creating pain and struggle for you
Let it all go
Dont think about how to resolve
Offer that to your angels
Ask them to intervene for your Highest Good and help solve the situation
Which to your surprise will be solved as soon as you Anchor yourself in your Soul and do your own conscious work to free yourself from anything that limits your Greatness.
Show yourself much tender loving care
And tend your Healing
Continue to invest your Energy in You, your Well Being and in the advancement of your Dreams
This is helping you Create a breakthrough for yourself and you will be able to step up and Create on a whole new level for yourself.
Something you have been pushed to do is calling you
Now is the time to go for it
Just do it
You will be so pleased
You are Creating your own Happiness
And the rest will resolve itself
You will see ♡
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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As the Water ~

As the water..

These days there is a bit of intense energy
Whatever comes up
Its all ok
Give into the flow
Sometimes high
Sometimes low
Sometimes things are clear
And you can move ahead more smoothly
Sometimes it feels a bit confusing..maybe heavy..maybe troublesome..or unclear
Just let go and allow the flow..
Be gentle with yourself and others when it feels difficult
Be at ease with a pace that varies
Be authentic
To You
And Love yourself
Through whatever you can do
Appreciate the beauty in it all
Things will pick up again
And you will be sailing
Trust the process
Trust the Universe
And Flow ~
Blessings on your journey
Much love
*Image taken from Kahliya‘s ‘Soul Inspiration’ message cards
Available in Kahliya’s online shop



The current energies may leave you on overwhelm emotionally and physically
Be gentle with yourselves and others, we are all going through this together..
Take it nice and major decisions..see how you can show yourself some tender loving care
Holding yourself in a space of peace allowing whatever needs to come up to do so in your soft embrace..then work with it to release..
All is well…All is transforming..
Let us contain and allow the process with Love..
Soft soothing music..a favorite food..comforting tea..some incense..essential oils..a good book..or better yet a walk in Nature..follow the sun..even if its hiding..its always there..that`s comforting.. ❤
We can do this
Much Love

* Image taken from Kahliya`s ‘Soul Inspiration’ Message cards, available in Kahliya`s online shop