Cracking open to reveal our Truth


We are all going through an emotionally charged journey.Absolutely no one is left out of this.Our hearts are cracked open, leaving us humbled, fragile and vulnerable.
There is a higher purpose to this,one you have yet to see.We are no longer allowed to go through life detached from our hearts, our souls,our Truth.None of us.
That is not the truth of our being, our existence.That is not why we were created.That is not what we are here to do.
We are here to embody the Light of the creator and express it through our hearts in a beauty that is unique to each and every one of us.
We are being cracked open to acknowledge, to find our truth again, to learn about it
And what better way to do so than in isolation, detached from the influence and distraction of others.
Having said that, it is always our choice and we can always hang on for dear life to the energy of the collective through social media etc if we so choose to, missing out on a precious, crucial opportunity to finally break free and become our Truth.
It is always up to us.
That is the Law of our Creation – free will
But conditions now are optimal
For you to find YOU.
Amidst the chaos there are situations bringing up again old unhealed wounds.
The fear, anxiety, frustration and anger are signs of these and all is being triggered at this time.
You have a sacred opportunity to take a deep look into all of it and see what it represents for you.
You have important choices to make.
Do not allow yourself to be pulled back into the darkness.
There is a current tug a war
Between the light and the dark.
A choice is being made absolutely every second
You may even feel how one moment you are able to be positive and the next somehow you are pulled into the negative once again.
The volatility is real
It is intense
But it still holds an option of pure freedom of choice
Throughout all of it
Detach yourself from everything and anything pulling you back into the darkness
Your energy is fragile at this time
And it makes it all the more crucial to choose the Light each and every second.
Detach from obsessive discussion of negativity occuring at this time aimed to nourish fear and panic
Also pay attention to your personal situations,connections,etc.
You get to observe the energy they bring to you and what they nourish in your life
Do they nourish the Light?
Do they represent your Truth?
Your Truth is the essence of your Being
Betraying it leads to a breakdown of your well being in many different ways.
Living aligned with it
Allows you to shine your light and live the life you are meant to.
You may feel at times there is a sacrifice to pay in doing so as you may need to dismay people you thought were close to you but in what way were they really close?
You may need to be alone for a while as you pursue your truth until you attract those who align and celebrate your light, those who wish to co create with your joy.
Dont fear isolation
Packing yourself with company that does not align and nourish your light only so you will not feel ‘alone’ results in a harsh betrayal of your soul and suffocation of your life force,your vitality.
This time is sacred
Look within
Look at your life
Look at your energy
Your truth
Then look at your surroundings
Does it align?
How does any of it make you feel?
Are you doing what you love?
How much are you engaged in your truth in your higher purpose?
How much clutter have you created in your life to camouflage this to the point you cant find your truth anymore?
This is the time
To break all of this down
And shed one by one whatever is not YOU
No more hindrances
No more doubts,shame or fear.
You can no longer allow yourself the high price of not living your Truth.
This is the time to come clean
When all this is over you will be able to start a clean start
A new chapter in your life
You get to choose
What is coming with you
What you want to create and with who
Whatever you are clinging onto that is not healthy needs to go
If you really want to free yourself from your limitations and ‘ ill-being’
You are important
You matter
You were created to bring us of your value
You cant do that if you have lost it along the way
Go back and find it again
Collect yourself and start again
Fresh clean
And True to you
Much love
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Fierce Focus


We are within a New Moon energy today
The energy has been intensifying up to the New Moon and will continue a few days after.
It is important not to give into anxiety or negativity.Do all you can to remain positive.If you do feel a bit low,dont over push yourself either.Rest ,Be gentle with yourself and take good care of yourself.Allow healing to occur.
We are firmly closing the door to the past and all that does not align with our highest good.A New beginning is afoot.
Fiercely focus on the positive and on your higher path.
Disregard the nourishing of the negative that is happening in your surroundings and in the media.This nourishing makes you focus on what you fear so you create it into your reality.That is not what you wish for.Instead, focus all of your energy on what you wish to create.That is why detachment is essential at this time.
Underneath this storm there is a very important shift occuring for humanity.
It is important to stay on course of your higher purpose for you are here to create something of higher value in this world and after this wave you will be given opportunity to move forward and be a part of what is very much needed for us all.
Work diligently on healing, resting, raising your vibration, on your well being and health and on mastering your gifts for you will soon be called.
There is a very high sensitivity at this time
A heart opening
The energy is intensifying
And we are prone to a lot of anxiety
But there is also humility as we are being stripped down to essentials. We once again are close to our truth and we are re-learning to see true beauty in the simplest acts of kindness and love.
Stay in this place with your heart
Nurture this moment
It is precious and teaches you so much.
It brings you back home
To yourself, to your heart, to your soul.
This is where true beauty is created.
This is where you find yourself and your purpose. This is where you find true connection with humanity and with Creation.
When anxiety does hit you
When you feel overwhelmed
When you feel you are absorbing the panic energy of the collective or if any lower vibration energy arises in you
Just state
“I transform this negative energy into LIGHT”
And repeat it as much as you need,
With all of your focused intention.
If you feel more comfortable
Ask the Divine
‘”Please help me transform this negativity into LIGHT.”
Keep repeating this and see your energy transform.
Those holding the light in this storm, in this upheaval
Are those that will be creating the new world based on values of truth, integrity purity,light & love.
Those who have been abusing power, living lives based on lies, treating others maliciously will gradually be facing the consequences of their actions.
Truth will be exposed on many levels
No one can hide
We are being shaken to Awaken
That is why the time spent alone in quiet is so essential
To examine our lives, our motives, our values, our truth and prepare for creating a better world in which we manifest the Truth of who we are and move forward giving our best to ourselves and to the world.
Lies will no longer be tolerated
And LIGHT will prevail
And transform our world
Into who we are meant to BE.
Much love
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You are capable

DSC_1340 crp light stronger sind

One minute you may be full of vision
And in alignment, feeling positive
And then out of nowhere
You may feel fear,doubts, lack of confidence,
Feeling more comfortable crawling back into limiting habits
Needing any distraction to put you back there
You know this road too well
Yes there is a will
But how determined are you?
Know that your light is much stronger than anything attempting to distract you
Leading you to believe you are not capable
Its time to let go of your ego, your shadow and any energy attempting to limit and block your light
Its just not as powerful as your God given light which is meant to shine through
Allow it to
Stop paying attention to all those distractions
Start seeing how you fall into the ‘traps’
Look deep within
You are so much more than what you allow yourself to bring through
You are stronger, wiser and more capable than you allow yourself to believe
If you do go through a relapse after a rise
Just allow your fears to move through you
With understanding,love and compassion.
If you need to rest,to heal and recover
Do so
And then pick up
Dont lose your vision
It is in you for a higher purpose
You are here for a higher purpose
Ride the waves but stay on track
Believe in yourself
Push yourself a tiny bit further each time
You’ll be amazed to see what you will discover
Much love

Uniting to Create Beauty


You may be feeling very emotional
You may have been very hurt and deceived in the past, perhaps even multiple times in different ways, in different types of relationships and situations.All this has served a higher purpose in learning very important lessons needed for the building of your character and the evolution of your soul.
This may have caused you to close off your heart in fear of getting hurt again.
You may have strengthened, learning more to lean on yourself, establishing more self confidence but you are not go through life, neither alone, nor with a heart that is closed off, hardened by hardships and dissapointments.
Allowing yourself to open up again and be vulnerable takes a lot of courage, but is crucial to live a full productive and joyful life.
It is also crucial to living your truth with the expression of all your emotions.
Your heart is the center of your Divine energy, home of your Divine light.
From there you beam your love,light, joy & your compassion for yourself and others.
These days you are ending a chapter, a cycle and about to open a new one.
Members of your Soul Tribe are coming in to support you and for you to support them
For this new chapter is meaningful in your life.You have done important work on yourself and now are about to create something wonderful for yourself and in service for others.This is your higher purpose and the reason for which support is coming in.It is That important.
These soul mates may be people you knew before, re-entering your life or totally new.
Your discernment is still needed to see who is coming in for the right reasons, but you have learned enough to be able to evaluate.
These meetings with these soul mates may evoke much emotion as you allow yourself to open your heart once again to others and to your somewhat forgotten dreams.
Allow these souls to tiptoe all over your wounds and re-awaken your sleeping passions and emotional needs.
Allow yourselves to create Healing for eachother as you step forward to Create better, more meaningful lives for everyone.
It is also very important at this time as you embark on this new part of your journey
To take a ‘birds eye view’ on all that has attempted to hurt you.
See those souls in compassion for their own wounds and allowing themselves to act from that wounded space rather than from the acknowledgement of their own light.Carrying further hurt or anger for how they acted towards you will only continue the poisonous cycle.
Be the one that breaks that cycle and commits to carrying only light energy forward with which to create a better world
With LOVE.
Send Light even to your harshest adversaries, allowing them to come closer to their own healing and Devote yourself to Uniting and Creating more Light for yourself and for us all.
Much love
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Appreciation of self

These days as you delve deeper connecting with your soul and rediscovering hidden parts and more of who you are, you will feel euphoric moments of appreciation and love for yourself. Make a point to reconnect often to nourish this and you will expand your joy, no longer entertaining anything that dishonors you, rather attract that which celebrates your joy together with you 💗
Much Love



You are being asked to move forward towards fulfilling your soul purpose
To do so in an efficient productive manner
It is imperative to pay close attention to your energy and maintain an equilibrium of spirit and body to obtain the highest vibration possible at all times.
We live in a world with intense mixed energies all around us as we go about our day.
Whether in our personal circle or on a wider scale we are not always aware of all the different energies of others that we absorb as our own.
We also tend to push past our own healthy bounderies trying to adapt and achieve in our daily lives, very frequently leaving us depleted,confused and even irritated emotionally and physically.
There is no way we can expect peak performance without tuning in and taking care of our energy, our health and our well being on a regular basis.
This is highly important above anything else.
If you have a busy schedule
Try to find pockets of time in which you tune into your energy
Breathe deeply and find your balance,
Your center
Feel your emotions and your body
Check if you over extended yourself
Make sure you are properly hydrated, drinking plenty of water
And include enough fresh veggies and fruit in your daily regime.
Use your lunch break to breathe,be quiet and relax
Close your phone and detach from interferences as you can, for these moments of rebalancing.
Take a small walk,look to the sun, do some light stretches, listen to the birds, be near Nature or water,
As you return from work take 10-15 min
Lay down and disconnect from everything
Play some calming music
Give yourself some self massage with natural oils.
Light a candle and tune into spirit,pray.
Play some music,dance and let go.
Whatever you do, choose something that answers your own soul’s call for Healing and ReBalancing.
Make a point to do something daily
Once twice or even a few times a day
To check in with self and see how youre doing on a Deeper level.
Find the things that bring you this calm
To detach from outer disturbances and find calm and quite
It is in these moments that you also enable your angels to work on your behalf to help you re-Align with your Higher Self.
Make sure your body is fine
If there is any ailing
Do not dismiss
See what it is expressing
And what it needs to heal
Remember that pushing through to achieve without paying attention to any imbalance existing in your body or soul will only act against you and what youre trying to achieve.
Moving forward while taking all of you into consideration will enable you to maintain best results for your wellbeing as well as your productivity.
Much Love & Healing Blessings
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