Appreciation of self

These days as you delve deeper connecting with your soul and rediscovering hidden parts and more of who you are, you will feel euphoric moments of appreciation and love for yourself. Make a point to reconnect often to nourish this and you will expand your joy, no longer entertaining anything that dishonors you, rather attract that which celebrates your joy together with you 💗
Much Love



You are being asked to move forward towards fulfilling your soul purpose
To do so in an efficient productive manner
It is imperative to pay close attention to your energy and maintain an equilibrium of spirit and body to obtain the highest vibration possible at all times.
We live in a world with intense mixed energies all around us as we go about our day.
Whether in our personal circle or on a wider scale we are not always aware of all the different energies of others that we absorb as our own.
We also tend to push past our own healthy bounderies trying to adapt and achieve in our daily lives, very frequently leaving us depleted,confused and even irritated emotionally and physically.
There is no way we can expect peak performance without tuning in and taking care of our energy, our health and our well being on a regular basis.
This is highly important above anything else.
If you have a busy schedule
Try to find pockets of time in which you tune into your energy
Breathe deeply and find your balance,
Your center
Feel your emotions and your body
Check if you over extended yourself
Make sure you are properly hydrated, drinking plenty of water
And include enough fresh veggies and fruit in your daily regime.
Use your lunch break to breathe,be quiet and relax
Close your phone and detach from interferences as you can, for these moments of rebalancing.
Take a small walk,look to the sun, do some light stretches, listen to the birds, be near Nature or water,
As you return from work take 10-15 min
Lay down and disconnect from everything
Play some calming music
Give yourself some self massage with natural oils.
Light a candle and tune into spirit,pray.
Play some music,dance and let go.
Whatever you do, choose something that answers your own soul’s call for Healing and ReBalancing.
Make a point to do something daily
Once twice or even a few times a day
To check in with self and see how youre doing on a Deeper level.
Find the things that bring you this calm
To detach from outer disturbances and find calm and quite
It is in these moments that you also enable your angels to work on your behalf to help you re-Align with your Higher Self.
Make sure your body is fine
If there is any ailing
Do not dismiss
See what it is expressing
And what it needs to heal
Remember that pushing through to achieve without paying attention to any imbalance existing in your body or soul will only act against you and what youre trying to achieve.
Moving forward while taking all of you into consideration will enable you to maintain best results for your wellbeing as well as your productivity.
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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New You


Your New Life is already here
Wether you are acknowledging it or not
You may tend to not believe
Or await to find out somethimg is wrong
Its up to you to let go of your old ways of thinking, conditioned for your survival.
You are Here
At the beginning of a Beautiful New Chapter in your Life
Stand Tall
Look up at the Sun Shining at You
Every little doubt or fear that creeps up on you
Shoo it away!
Or ask The Divine
To Purify your thoughts
Every negative thought will hinder the Beauty that is upon you
Await and expect Beauty
Maintain your high vibration
Remain connected to your Light
And continue to attract
Light and Joy to you
Allow yourself to Dream
To drift away and envision your Best Wishes
Wander and Play
Dont block yourself
Stay a while in this Energy
And Nurture the feeling
Swish away negativity at all costs
And give a little break to the need fir all to be Logical
At any given moment
You can attract Miracles your way
That can switch around your Life in an instant
Connect to the sense of Magic
Be a Co Creator of the Magic in your Life
Together with the Divine
Ask for clear signs of confirmation and watch for them
Be in Love with your life
And watch this Love Vibration
Create Wonders ❤
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Build a Supporting Structure

Lower energies are at play
Attempting to lure you back into your old limiting self
Dont allow this
Do everything you can to Nourish your Light your Positivity and your Life Force.
Take good care of your body and your well being.
Hydrate yourself.Drink plenty of Water, Natural Fruit juice and Herbal teas.
Make sure you are adding lots of fresh salads to your meals fresh veggies and herbs are crucial to fueling your vitality and life force.Fresh fruit as well!
Get outside and breathe some fresh air
Get your body moving and clear any energetic blockages by doing anything from mild stretches, yoga, walking or any more envigorating activity.
Dry brush your body , self massage with natural oils,( I self massage daily these days with Kahliya’s massage oils), and purify yourself in the shower with coarse Sea Salt.
Make sure your space is cleared regularly
Smudging dried Sage and/or pure incense resins.Air your space on a regular basis ,
And create an Uplifting Ambiance by adding flowers, plants, crystals etc
Make sure you and your space carry Pure High Vibration.
If you start doing these things you will immediately sense the difference
It is important to be consistent.
Light a candle and invite the presence and assistance of the Divine on a daily basis.
If you can, meditate, if not create some relaxing time in which you let go and allow the Divine to help you.
Despite recent challenges
You have been taking baby steps towards your personal goals and dreams.
Its been a bit rocky with all thats come up
But youve held on and youve been doing the best you can to Deal, to Heal and to Advance on your path.
You should be so very Proud of yourself !
As you continue to Heal and Strengthen
You need to build a Stronger Foundation for the Evolution of your Goals as well as Anchor a Structure that maintains and supports your continued Healing, Wellbeing and Spiritual Growth.
Now is a good time to start building a plan or a bit of a discipline to be able to see yourself Grow.
Take note of your Goals
Those of your projects
And those to maintain your Well Being and Spiritual Growth.
Make a Commitment to yourself to start doing steps that put you on track .
You may want to start with small basic steps, ones that you know for sure you can implement on a daily basis.
See yourself building a basic routine you can keep
Then work on from there, ticking off things you know you need to start doing to build yourself and achieve your goals.
Dont overload yourself and dont push too hard.
Do create a balance that works for you and continue to take care of your needs.
You can do this
The Universe needs you to do this
This is your time to push through and Become who you are meant to be!

As you move forward Anxieties may creep up calling you to back down
If you need to take a breather
Or do something pleasant and healing
And as soon as you can
Do any small step forward
Even if its just tidying up, beautifying yourself or your space or a step toward your goals anything to Raise your Vibration
Just keep the momentum going.

Despite all the challenges the veil is thinning showing you more of the Divine world which normally seems hidden.
You get to choose which wave to ride,
What you want and where youre going.
Choose wisely.
The more you Support your Well Being and Dedicate yourself to your Divine Connection the more you can see and feel the Magic of the Universe and how you you play a part in it.
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards
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There is a need to stop all the busyness, all the trying to achieve,
Trying to understand
All the noise within and without
And reach stillness
– – – – – –
Deep breathing
Zooming out
Or rather zooming in
Reaching that Quiet
Where there is Peace
The Peace of the Creator
The Peace of your Soul
Go there now
Or as soon as you have a moment.
Within this stillness
You begin to understand
That there is so much possibility
As soon as you let everything go
This quiet lets you know
That even if you dont see it all at the moment
Everything is actually ok
Despite what it may seem within the chaos going around you or even seemingly inside you
For deep down inside
There is a Knowing
There is a Glowing
A flickering Light
That does not subside
This is your Flame
A Spark of the Divine
The Flame of your Creation
Full of Promise
Full of Joy
Perhaps others have felt threatened by your Flame
Perhaps others may have tried to block your Flame
Perhaps you have found yourself
Disbelieving or thinking you have lost your Flame
But when you stop everything
And go inside
Deep down inside
Nothing can be further from the Truth
For you will see
Its still there
Awaiting you to pick up and give it a chance.
Give yourself the chance you’ve been longing for
Its all there within your own Flame
All you need
All you ever Wished for
All your Promise
All your Creative Vital Force
Let everything else go
Tap into it
Reconcile with it
After neglecting it for so long
Believe once again
In your flame’s force to express who you Are
With all your Might
Remember your Mission and what you have in you to Deliver to the World.
Release everything that attempted to diminish it
Your Divine Spark
Craves to give birth to the Magnificent You
Stop blocking it
Allow it to.
Delve for a while into the depths of your Soul
Into the stillness
And see what else is striving to come out and express itself
Listen carefully, attentively, lovingly
And set your Soul Free ♡
Much Love & Healing Blessings
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This Full Moon’s energy may have you feeling emotional and vulnerable
That is not necessarily a bad thing
Though we are not accustomed to being in this space, we are not just practical productive machines
We are far more than that
Within us is a Depth as Rich as Creation itself
We will do good to be much more in touch with our emotions
And in doing so we will influence others who have blocked their own.
Being in touch with your emotions and your vulnerability reminds you of your Heart and Soul, of your Dreams, of your Feelings, of your Passions…
It connects you to Compassion for yourself and others remembering how Fragile we all are.
It also connects us with ability to see the finer nuances of Beauty in Life that we tend to rush by in our daily lives as we tend to our Responsabilities.
Dont let this energy get you down, use it to your benefit.
Yes ofcourse old issues surface for further review to be able to Heal and Release.
Perhaps even deeper hidden issues which youve pushed further down and thought you were over with,have now suddenly come up for you to finally deal with and release for until now you were not ready.
Do go through this important process and clear yourself more thoroughly to be more receptive for the good to come.
Use this deep emotional state of being to stop and enjoy the finer things, listen to some good music, appreciate Art or better yet, put yourself into some creativity of your own, expressing those emotions into material or into writing.
Tending to plants help us nurture our emotions as plants represent our emotions.
Choose to take moments out of your daily grind to tune in to your inner self, just allow yourself to take a moment for you no matter what is going on, You are well worth it and this shows your appreciation and support for yourself.
Rose quartz, Selenite and Green Calcite are great supportive crystals to soothe and Heal emotions.
Rose, Geranium & Lavender essential oils are great soothers and nurturers
Chamomile or Geranium herbal tea are good too.
Sending you so much Love
Allow yourself to BE ♡
*I have pulled this card from the ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards set available with its lovely handmade Velvet pouch in Kahliya’s online shop
Note these cards are larger than Tarot cards more like post cards .
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Im not sure if I will be able to post or not during my trip.

You are welcome to browse prior posts based on these cards for support and inspiration ♡

Its ok


You may find yourself in a very tender spot
Thoughts, memories, emotions may have suddenly come up from long ago.
‘Stuff’ you thought was burried and long gone have made a surprising reappearance.
Breathe Deeply into all that arises
Its ok
Dont panic
Know that youre not alone
We are going through a major shift
Intense Light is being ushered in
This causes all that does not Align with our Higher Beings
To surface to be Released
While this occurs
It may feel painful
It may scare you
That you are in the same space you were long ago
And remember your Precious Journey
And All your Growth
You are definitely not in the same space
But as the reminents of these old stories and emotions that are still witheld somewhere inside of you are being released
You will experience them as they move through and out of you.
Allow the process
Understand the importance of this
For you to Shine your True Self and move further towards your Higher Self you need to release all the stops within you, Some of which you werent totally aware existed.
You get to see them clearly now and how you will be doing good to release all of it.
Anger, resentment, sadness, frustration all may come up in the process
Just allow it all to flow OUT of you
Dont stop on any of it
Its just parts of your old self
Your limited version of self
Impressions that left fears, blockages and limitations on your growth
You need to release all of this
As you move Higher
Into your True Self
So much awaits you and your growth
Dont let this make you feel youre any less than awesome and totally capable of moving on to Manifesting your Dreams
Be extra Gentle with yourself at this time
Breathe, Rest, do what you Need to Allow this to pass
Ask for Divine Assistance and Guidance
Hold the Vision of your Dreams
As you go through this process
You will soon be back on track like never before!
May you Receive the Pure Healing Intentions and Energy in which this was written for you.
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.



I Allow myself to Feel
I Allow myself to Heal
I carry with me the wounds of
my Brothers and Sisters
Who walked before me
And who walk beside me
I offer the pain unto the light
For us All to Be Transformed

You may be feeling Sensitive, Emotional, Vulnerable at this time.
If you are a sensitive being it is not easy to try and adapt to a world who has a tendency to numb its emotions in order to deal with life’s challenges.
Know this
You are not here to adapt
Honor your Emotions and your Ability to Feel them
In doing so you allow yourself full Healing
Not only for yourself
But for others that came before you
And those who walk beside you
You carry the Light for all those who cannot See
If you are Sensitive
Chances are you are also absorbing all the withheld emotions of those around you
Not an easy experience at all
But a very honorable one
Do not be ashamed of your Sensitivity
But Be Proud
Compassion and forgiveness is needed
In understanding and accepting that many around you are not able to process their own emotions, therefor may not understand your needs.
Acknowledging this helps the healing process.
You need to be there for You
Be extra Gentle with yourself
Let go of expectations from others
Focus on your needs
Make a point in Tuning into
Your emotions and your body
Take some much needed quiet time
Rest as much as you need
Soak up some sun and fresh air
Take a walk in nature
Do what you need to return to self
Feeling balanced and empowered again.
Ask for Divine guidance and for assistance in Healing
Do something gentle and pleasant for yourself that helps you return to you.
Please do not shun your Sensitivity
The world needs It
The world needs You
Stand True to Who You Are
Even and especially in your vulnerability
For in having the courage to do so
And in knowing to walk in your vulnerability you will be showing us all so much Beauty and Strength that our Souls crave to see
And perhaps finally
You will have pierced through to the walls of our own souls helping us to break free to see the Light as well
Be proud of who you are
Be proud of your emotions
You are among those who are guiding us Home
Bless you♡
May you Receive the Pure Healing Intentions and Energy in which this was written for You.
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop



If there has been one thing to see throughout this whole shift youve been going through recently, that is to remember Who You Are.
Amidst those who may act in ways that may disturb you
Do not forget who you are and do not in any way, get pulled into their energies
We are All on the path towards the Light
And we are all doing the best we can from where we are.
Have respect for where others are coming from and may be struggling and mostly have respect for yourself, for your journey
That which you have already travelled, that which you are currently on, and where you know youre headed.
Know yourself, Anchor yourself in Your Pure Soul Existence and show others the way with your Being from that place.
You do not have to be pulled anymore into any other than that of your Higher Being.
That is where you continue to Strive to be and if anything, you will be inspiring others to reach Higher themselves.
It is no longer only about yourself, you are here to Inspire us All
Make that count for You and for Us♡
May you receive the Pure Healing Energy and Intention in which this was written for you
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspiration’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop



You have come to understand
The more you come closer
To the Creator and the Spirit world
The more you come closer to knowing the Real You


Come closer
Deepen your Connection
Spend more quiet time in Solitude
Spend more time in Nature
The Reflection of
The Harmony and Peacefullness of Creation
Breathe in the Peace
Breathe in the innate Joy
Which is your Birth Right
Release the chaos of this world
Which is a direct result of
The lost connection.

Within your soul
All resides in Peace
And in the knowing
Of the Glory and Beauty
Of Creation
And your part in it.
Come home
And re develop this understanding
And connection
All the knowledge within
To Nurture
And Create the path of Light on Earth
For you to enJoy
And Bless others.
Make a point
In Nourishing your connection
With your inner self
Unlocking the Richness that lies within.
Create safe spaces
To unveil
Your Dreams and Passions
Without any judgement from yourself or from others
Let yourself free
Just delve within
Release the thinking mind
And let your Soul take over
Openly Listen and Receive
And you will find
A whole World
Of Knowledge
And Magic
Yet to be uncovered ~

May you Receive the Pure Healing Energy and Intentions in which this was written for you
Much love & Healing blessings♡
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop