Focus on what you are Creating


We are within the energy of the full moon
The energy is pretty intense
You may be feeling very emotional
You may be feeling frustrated
Some situations may be coming in to test you
Do you know who you truly are
Do you know your integrity, your values
Are you living by them?
Have you learned your prior lessons well to the point that you respond differently to situations or are you still triggered by the same emotional conditionings?
Do you make wise choices for yourself ?
Dont be fooled by the illusion of circumstances
You are the creator of your world
You can create the conditions in which to thrive ,it all depends on what you focus on.
Dont panic and dont despair
There may be a lot going on at once and you may feel overwhelmed.
Focus on the good
On what you are Creating
Nourish that and nourish yourself
Whatever situation that comes up to test you may also bring up a whole lot of density from before that needs to be cleared
A lot of healing is taking place even if you dont realise
You may feel old pain arise
You may find yourself crying rivers
Let it flow
Dont block this
Let it all flow through and out of you
Dont hold on too tight
Dont try to control
Dont try to over analyse
These situations have come to aid in your healing
Make the right choices
Remember your worth, remember how far youve come and how hard youve worked on yourself to be able to live a life of self value and integrity.
And if you feel confused
Just surrender to the Divine
Completely surrender
Allow the Divine to take you Higher
Raising your vibration so you can see things from a higher perspective
Do what you can to embrace yourself
Hold yourself in a safe space
Suround yourself with that which soothes and uplifts you: essential oils like lavender,self massage with quality massage oil, HZ vibrational music specifically designed to uplift your vibration,gentle stretches and exercise,Nature etc
Try to let go and relax, meditate if you can
If not Just breathe deeply and release
Try to find some precious sacred quiet time for yourself
Savor the quiet and allow yourself to go through whatever is processing through you
Allow yourself to reach your depths within the quiet,answers, signs, senses will be revealed.
Clarity will come especially as you let go and take good care of yourself.
You are here to be the true version of yourself
Allow anything that dishonors that to wash away with the rivers
This is what its all about
Unpeeling layers and layers of what is Not You
To Reveal
What IS You
Keep releasing
Keep raising your vibration
Keep honoring your truth ,your self worth and your values
Keep focusing on what you are revealing and creating
And let the rest go..
Much love
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High Vibration


Lets talk about maintaining high vibration
Youve been through some challenges lately
Perhaps even harsh energy was involved
It is imperative that you clear yourself of all this energy and any residue of the difficult emotions surrounding this as well.
As you continue to heal and move forward
Even if you still deal with processing your emotions which is totally ok
But you need to give yourself the best possible conditions to clear away residue of toxicity and trauma
Keep clearing and keep moving forwards
Keep raising your vibration so as not to get stuck there or be absorbed by negative energies of others or stagnant within your hurt reaction.
Cleaning and clearing your physical space is very important
If you can clean your floors with salt water as well would be great.
Burning some dried sage or pure incense making sure you put the intention out to clear the space of lower vibration and Heal the space from trauma.
You can also smudge yourself.
Make sure you are eating healthy and vital high vibration foods that will include fresh veggies and fruits.
Drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself and flush the stress and stagnant energy from your body.
Your physical body also stores trauma
So as much as it is important to get extra rest at this time, it is also very important to get your body moving to clear your body of stagnant energy, keeping your flow and raising your vibration.
Anything gentle will do it
It could even just be gentle stretches, yoga, a gentle walk or a bike ride
But do get your body moving
It will also make you feel much better.
If you can go outside get some fresh air some sun and some nature thats a great plus for your overall energy and well being.
Take the time to heal shift your energy and raise your vibration
This will help your efforts of moving forward and you will see better results.
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Shining through the darkness


You may be going through a difficult challenge right now..perhaps even a dark night of the soul
A challenge you thought you were healing has reappeared leaving you once again overwhelmed and lost, not knowing what decision to make
Please try to find Calm within
Settle down and Breathe
The difficulty is very understandable
But dont lose hope of yourself and your journey
Dont forget the tools you have learned recently to find your Calm and to find yourself
Do that first
Deep Breathing
Detaching yourself from the situation is Imperative
As you cannot see clearly within it.
Try and do anything pleasing and Healing to distract yourself.
Light a candle
Or meet the Sun
Ask for Assistance from your Guides and Angels
They are always there for you but need your permission to intervene.
Hand over your burden to them.
Wrap it up in a bundle and just hand it over to them.
Ask them to intervene for your Highest Good
And let it go for now
Focus everything you have in you to Heal.
Breathe deeply and exhale letting the issue go for now
Calm your nerves
Heal any aches and pains this may have caused
Tend to your Health and Well Being first and foremost.
Do not let anything or anyone disrupt your Peace and Well Being
Get back into yourself
Pray to the Divine to help with this situation, to help you Heal, to help show you Clarity and to help show you the Light.
If you need to reach out to friends or even to professional help dont hesitate to do so.
Make sure you do everything to take care of You, to Raise your Vibration and to find your own Light
Remember who you Are and the Importance of your Path.
Remember the all the Amazing steps you have been taking as well as your recent Revelations.
What if whatever you are facing right now as difficult as it seems is to take you back into yourself and to your Divine connection?
Think about that
Everything has a Sacred Reason
Find You again within all of this
Find your center, find your light
Breathe fresh air
Tune into Nature
Listen to the Birds
Air your space and smudge to clear negative energies
Find YOU in all this
Find your connection with the Divine
Find quiet and meditate
Feel the Divine giving you a great big hug supporting you at this moment.
Be open to see signs that show you Divine presence and support like the appearance of 1111 or 2222 etc
Stay true to You, To your Soul and to your Divine connection
And your Light will shine through
To Heal you and to Guide you to the next step
The Divine says
You will find Clarity
Just relax and Heal first ♡
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Gift of Love


If you have been through heartbreak of any kind at this time
This message is for you
Its not easy to feel heartbroken in the midst of festivities full of joy and love going on all around you
But let us not forget the symbolism of celebrating the birth of Jesus is honoring the Pure love he stands for and that resides in us All regardless of our religion of choice.
Its very important to take crucial down time in order to heal but do not wallow in self pity
For you are a child of God full of love and you have shared of that love
Be so very proud of that
The love you shared is never lost
It helps heal others even if they show no or little appreciation and continues onwards to Heal the world.
If anything, take a good look at what you shared and see that Beauty that resides in you !
How Rich Are you !
You are not in need
Offer it to yourself in order to heal and recover and eventually you will be able to continue to share with others who can appreciate and cocreate
This is definitely a time of Birth – Rebirth of your God self
A time when you acknowledge who you are and how rich and powerful you are full of light and love
Dont deprive of offering this to yourself or of contuining to offer it to others.
Understand you have offered of your gift to another in need on their journey towards the light.
Obviously do not stay around any toxic situation for you honor and love yourself and that is of utmost importance
But as you heal, do not give into resentment
Understand the journey of others
Allow them to continue their path toward the light in their own pace and manner.
Wish them well.
While it is understandable that pain tends to lead to resentment
This is the true point in which full healing and evolution can occur
If you are able to recognise the pain and tend to Heal and Release it
Releasing the other from your anger
enables them to find their way and even more so liberates yourself from the weight and toxic energy of anger further attaching you to the situation
Let it all go
Be free to continue your path
Celebrate who you are
Celebrate the love in you
Appreciate all our attempts here on earth to share love even when things dont work out.
Keep the love vibe alive.
May we All Heal
May we All return to the Love that we are
Much love & Healing Blessings
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