Rebuild your trust in the Universe


Energies have been intense
Take advantage of the weekend to rest up
And do something nice for yourself
Be gentle
Bask in gentleness
Soothe your soul and comfort it
You have been through a lot
And yet you have been so diligent
Recently you may have uncovered very deep hidden wounds and that might not have been easy
But going through it you can see how important it is to finally clear, heal and let go of this
Its important for you to understand that despite all youve been through
There is still so much good in the world waiting for you to discover
Please understand that your past deceptions were part of experiences you had to go through for soul growth
These experiences should not be something for you to hang on to and color your whole experience of life with
There is so much more than that
You are so much more
It is imperative for you to do your utmost best to let go of the past and open up to the good that is to come
Rebuild your trust in the universe that has created you and so much beauty in the world
Open your heart to the sun to the beauty
Do what you can to switch things around in your surroundings and habits to allow a whole new perspective on life to take place
Make a point to see the beauty
And you shall see more beauty
Connect to your inner joy in any way you feel like
Find things that make you smile and enjoy your life again
This raises your vibration and invites more joyous situations that align with your vibration to come into your life.
Much love
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