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More changes..Embracing my sisters..

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Id like to Announce That “AAKHDA” which I have initially formed as a Non Profit Org.will close its current structure.
To view AAKHDA`s related post Here
“Aakhda`s” essence also remains intact and my current project of teaching and working with the women of Auja,Palestine will be embraced by my handcraft line “Kahliya“,
Which is devoted to promoting soul invested handcraft within total respect & celebration of all creation, Delivering a message of Love, and actively contributing to relations of Peace among ALL.
These women are my sisters and I totally embrace them within my own activity..side by side we will create,inspire and evolve..!
Check out my intitial formation of project AAKHDA with photos of me and the girls HERE

“Aakhda” will also continue to evolve and there are other projects planned!
For more info about the essence of AAKHDA and it`s projects in the future
Check out the site
aswell as its own FB page!
The products the women create will be presented for sale on Kahliya`s online shop!
Any shop or organisation interested in purchasing or contributing please contact me via email.
One of the amazing bags made by the women from recycled plastic bags,to be found at Kahliya`s online shop !
Thank you so much for your love and support ~
Much Love to you ALL
Mia ♥♥♥

The Lip-pouch

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Pink n` Purple lippouch/Kahliyapink n purple lippouch/kahliyalogue


Lemon Raspberry lippouch/kahliyalemon raspberry lippouch/kahliyalogue

I have mentioned that I have returned from my recent travels with renewed energy,inspiration and material,and I am actually working on several new ideas for this summer which excite me very much.

One of the concepts is working with recycled plastic bags,something Ive learned from a dear friend who is also very creative,and I am very grateful to her.I have written about Cristen and her initiative here.

As you may know by now,those innocent looking plastic bags we still recieve upon many of our purchases,once we dispose of them ,we actually never ”get rid of them” as they are not biodegradable,simply meaning their structure is unable to dissolve ,resulting in creating a major toxic waste ,endangering the earth aswell as many animals .

Hopefully more and more people will understand this very  important point and seriously find alternative ways to carry their purchases back home with them.I also hope the distribution of these bags will finally be completely banned,aswell as their production which is equally problematic!

In the meantime,in an effort to keep them from polluting the earth ,scattered all over the place and creating real danger,there are many creative people who came up with the idea to do something useful with them,forming them into new products to be used in daily life.

I have decided to “join the club” and I too am collecting them  to create cool accessories .

One of my latest creations is the “LIP POUCH”, a pouch created to hold a lip balm or a lipstick in wonderful refreshing colors for the summer,hanging on a necklace enabling to carry the lipbalm/lipstick on you wherever you go,especially to the beach/poolside,as a chic fashionable accesorry.

Luxurious recycling

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                                     photo by Gulnur Ozdaglar

I discovered Gulnur Ozdaglar via Design*sponge and I am thrilled!

Her work is so stunning I am practically speechless..I am particularily moved by her so creative initiative of recycling  used plastic Pet bottles! I believe she takes recycling up to a whole new level,investing so much fine work and creating such beauty that form genuine products of luxury!

I find it very inspiring and uplifting to begin the New Year learning of such a Positive initiative!

Harika Gulnur!Bravo! and Thank you!

For more of her work check out  the article on Design*sponge  and Gulnur Ozdaglar`s  blog!

Girl,you`ve got me doing the chain thing…

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Cristen ia a fabulous persona, a multi faceted jewel, so full of ideas, dedicated to making this world a better place.

She has me tagging along as a huge fan,curious to see what is her next step,thirsty to take in more of what she has to preach!

One of her projects concerns the amazing initiative of doing something about all those plastic bags continuing to be distributed despite them being non-biodegradable,creating huge pollution to our planet!

Cristen came up with some very creative ideas,crocheting the plastic into various objects including these gorgeous fashionable totes,and has been a huge success selling them at fairs and through her online shop.

On her plastic bag crochet blog  she even shows us how to get to it! aswell as important info explaining us the harm these plastic bags bring.

So join us on the ”chain game”, and lets help our planet breath!