Stretched to Transform

With all the planetary influences going on we’re going through quite a stretch to help us transform and let go of all that does not serve us. If you feel impatient not seeing yet signs of change in your reality, see what is still lingering within that needs to be released to invite your new reality that represents the true you.🌸

Much Love


Release fear


You may be feeling stretched ouuuuuut 😊
We’ve been going through so many planetary influences lately including the eclipse and Mercury retrogade affecting communications, plus several more.
It has certainly not been easy but all of this has been creating a huge Transformation for us in releasing old ways of thinking and doing, that do not serve us.
You may be feeling ‘antsy’ with anticipation to see tangible results of this transformation in your physical reality.
Understand that everything is in Divine timing and if there is any residue lingering in your energy field of resentment, self doubt etc these need to be healed and released before the results of your efforts can be invited by your Own Energy into your life.
Patience and a while lot of self love is needed, as you use this time wisely to continue to rediscover yourself.Find ways to anchor some regular self nurturing and maintaining High Vibration so you can continue to tune into your own Divine guidance and continue to act from your Higher self.
If you do still feel bouts of negativity check them out and see why and what needs to be worked through and cleared.
Keep holding onto your vision.
Keep valuing yourself.
Keep looking honestly and deeply within to see if you can find out more about who you truly are and what your deepest desires and passions are especially if they were burried long ago.
You are heading towards living a full life, embacing the truth of who you are.
No more paying attention to negativity
No more entertaining anything or anyone that dishonors you
And that includes yourself!
No more negative self talk
No more playing small
No more knocking yourself down for every initiative you have
No more procrastination and hiding behind whatever excuses.
You are here to live your life to the fullest and truest expression of who you are.
Anything less is numbing yourself down, then no wonder you feel down.
If you have to break some self limitations
THIS is the time to get ‘cracking’
That will explain the stretch and the wait.
We are heading towards a powerful New moon on the 31th July and a very important Energetic Lion Gate portal on the 8.8.
Pay close attention to what is still holding you back and start chipping away at it to cut yourself loose
You are born to be Free
And Free you shall BE
Much love
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