Whatever is going on
Whatever you think
Is going on
Whatever is clouding your thoughts
Whatever others are doing
Whatever you are fearing
Whatever has happened yesterday
Whatever will happen tommorow
And keep Rising
Towards your Higher Being
Towards the Light of your Creator
Towards the Light of All Creation
Thats where its At
Thats where you want to BE
Thats where youre Headed
RISE Above and Beyond
And you will touch
the Glory of the Universe
The Magnificence
Of Existence
Much Love ♡

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20170727_185309 crp final sind

There is this buzz in the air..can you feel it?
We are just before New Beginnings..and yet still within the Energy of the Full moon and Mercury just turned retrogade aha..
Funny moment indeed! But dont let it get to you…Breathe and Allow..
Things may not seem to be going your way …but thats ok
There’s some clumsiness going on..communication..computer work..etc may all be going a bit crazy..
Dont let it stress you
See what can wait…or must in some cases..and see what can be done otherwise..
The space is being created to ask you to be patient..to pause..to rethink..and to turn a bit inwards before some major decisions coming up.
Make sure youre letting go of any self defeating thoughts and all outdated stories and their residues.
Be prepared for the New You to Emerge
And dont let Anything trigger negative thoughts..
Remember..Keeping Positive Welcomes the Positive!
Stay Open and Trust.
Youve come so far
You may feel antsy not seeing any tangible results to your efforts yet, but rest assured nothing has gone unseen by the Universe.
Stay on your path and Have Faith
For Good things ARE on the Way!
Have an Amazing Week ♡
Much Love
*Image taken from Kahliya‘s ‘Soul Inspiration’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop