You’re worth it

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You may be feeling a bit low,fragile, emotional
On our road to evolution there will be highs and lows
It is the way that we deal with the ebb and flow that will determine our determination and growth.
It is very important even when things appear to not go in our favor, to not lose our vision, for things are not always what they seem.So much goes on beneath the surface that we do not know of.There are so many energies to be orchestrated to reach our venues and all along the journey is the most important part of it all, for that is where our learning experience occurs.
Most of all we are to learn about ourselves, our beauty, our value and love ourselves through it all, care for ourselves.
To the extent you care for yourself is the extent of joy and success you will produce for yourself and for your loved ones.
It all starts with your own well being.
Compassion and gentleness for yourself if you feel low willl take you a long way.
It is recognizing, respecting and appreciating the Divine in you.
Show yourself tender loving care as you would a loved one.
Slow down
Pamper yourself
Practice stillness
Your angels are near
Perhaps they wish to let you hear something
Be kind to yourself
Youre doing fine
Sometimes you need to slow down
Heal some emotions
Some sensitivities
Allow your celestial team to come in and help
Be kind amidst the shifts
Keep positive
Even if you need to cry
This too is a cleansing and healing
That is sometimes needed
Sometimes we take on too much for too long
Without processing and allowing soft nurturing healing
Be there for yourself
You are worth it ❤
Much love

The Key

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When you understand and appreciate
The importance of your own creation
Your own being
When you practice self love as a basis of your existence
When you develop your connection with the Divine
Then, whatever challenges come your way
Whoever may disrespect you
Rolls off like water
Because you know your power
Your point of focus never sways from loving yourself and honoring your Divine connection
This becomes the pillar of your existence
Granting you with a magical power to focus on what is important and essential for your own well being and implementation of your higher purpose
It also grants you the power and energy to offer to others

Walk forward knowing you can count on yourself, knowing that no one and nothing can shake your world, your peace
You own your world
You own your peace
This does not mean you are not moved
But, No matter what occurs
You know to heal and take care of yourself
That’s power

In the most difficult of moments
Detach from outer influences
Dive deep within
There your higherself will be there for you
You guides and angels will take care of you
The Divine will embrace you
All you need is to ask
And nurture the connection
That is always present for you
Devoted to helping you shine your light
Trust yourself
& your Divine connection

As we walk into 2020
The threshhold of a new era
In which
You know your sacred value and power
And own it
I wish for you to walk forward
In your power
In your Joy
Embracing your magical being and creating magic for yourself and for us all to be inspired
Thank you for Being ❤
Happy New Year 2020!
Much Love

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Your emotions are valid


You may be feeling very tender..emotional
We are headed towards a New moon and in the meantime we are within a whole lot of water energy=emotions
Dont fear your emotions,rather sit with them
They are an important part of your existence.
You may be reminiscing about the past or fantasizing about the future.
Try to stay in a place of just feeling your emotions and desires,knowing they are valid and important.They are real and they are YOU.They make up who you Are.
Were you forced to hide them or shut them down in the past?
Have you felt there is no place for them to be accepted?
If they arise it means they need to be accepted,first and foremost by you.
You need to recognise and accept them ,give them space and validation.
Accepting oneself fully is the first step towards attracting interactions that mutually accept,respect and nourish each other.
Start today by being very gentle,kind and nurturing to yourself.
Pamper yourself with favorite music,essential oils, comforting food, a good book a favorite hobby and/or Nature.
Be there for yourself.Hear yourself out.
Listen carefully to all your emotions being expressed.Give yourself a warm loving embrace and feel your Angels there with you too.Talk to them and ask for their assistance.They need your request to intervene for your highest good.
Develop a bond with them through writing or talking.Rest on their shoulders knowing your emotional needs will be met.
Understand the past does not define you nor does it imply that there is no validity to your emotional expression just because others have failed to embrace you due to their own emotional blockages.
Flow freely with who you are today
Even if it means to let tears flow, let them flow while dancing and smiling for your emotions are beautiful,caring and loving and your open heart is what the world needs more of today.
Be proud of who you are
Do not hide
Keep your heart open
Love all of you
Nurture your emotions and express the whole truth of who you are without holding back
And allow the universe to reciprocate ❤

Much love
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Hold much love for yourself

Energies may have you feeling fragile.Please do not be discouraged.Hold lots of Love for yourself and treat yourself with much gentle care.If you need to pause a bit from moving towards your goals don’t worry, everything is in Divine timing and your well being is of utmost importance. ❤️
I hope you receive the light transmission I send you at the end of the video ❤
Let me know if you did and if you would like me to continue to do more of that 🙂
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Much Love

Loving yourself turns everything to Gold


These days may have had you feeling very fragile. We are going through energy shifts that are designed to upgrade our light and as a result a lot of lower energy resurfaces.
If you are an empath and/or a lightworker of any kind there is a tendency to constantly be in the way of lower energies endlessly transmuting them to light.
In any case we all always need to make time on a regular basis to clear and take care of our own energy.
In times like these it is even more needed.
Do not feel discouraged and do not allow yourself to fall back.
If you need more rest , if you need to pause or slow down, be easy on yourself.
Do not be upset feeling your plans are set back.Divine timing is at play and your well being is of utmost importance always, especially for anything to work out well.
Your new beginnings for which you have been working hard are definitely on the way.
You just need to be strong and have faith in yourself and in the Divine as well as in your path.
You have a soul purpose and that cannot be taken away from you.
Your resilience and faith are needed.
Remain positive in what you wish to create.
Show yourself much tender loving care
Be gentle with yourself
If you feel the need to sleep more, do so.
Allow yourself some quiet alone time to heal, rest & meditate.
Being in Nature can also help you re-balance your energy.
Do something nice for you.
Hold so much Love in your heart for yourself
This is so important, the most important component of your life for you to create anything that you honor and respect.
The more love you hold for yourself, the more you heal and the more you can turn this or any energy into Gold for you and for others ❤
Sending you much love & light
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Be there for You



20170321_154613txt sind

You may be feeling very tender
A lot is coming up for you
It may feel overwhelming
You are your own best friend
Create a safe sacred,cozy, space
For you to be able to be there for yourself
Very deep held wounds may be surfacing for you
Perhaps recent upheavals, dissapointments and disfunctional relationships have brought up older disfunctions in family dynamics that have been very painful.
You may have worked to heal these for years and yet the deeper sting is still there within
This may be surfacing at this time
This is only because you are more mature now and ready to heal this on a more aware and deeper level.
Its not easy
But essential
For your own well being and your evolution towards more light and manifesting more of who you truly are as well as attracting healthier dynamics to you.
Its time to dive deeper into this in order to give it a rest.
Be there for you
This is crucial
Be gentle
Be tender
Be loving
Be caring
Be the parent you so needed as a child
That couldnt be there for you
Perhaps someone in your life at the moment is mirroring this to you once again
You may still be carrying this wound of lack,
Of abandonnement, of neglect, of abuse deep within you until today
And if it is once again mirrored back to you in current dynamics it is time to
Look deep within this
Heal and Release once and for all.
Be extra gentle with yourself
Create a safe space
In which you can quietly be with yourself
Allow your vulnerability
Allow the pain to surface
Allow the little child within to have its say
It is safe
In your arms
You are safe with you
You can be the one you need
You can allow yourself to be heard
You can nurture yourself
And give yourself
All the love you give so willingly
To a loved one
It is time
To love you
You are carrying yourself around for so long
Seeing the pain in others
And so willingly showing them love
It is time
To recognise your own needs
Acknowledge what is hurting deep down inside
Truly understanding how this affects your life
And how this now needs to go
To be able to create the life you wish for
Happy and free
Understand that those involved knew not better and did the best they could
Forgive and Release them
Tend to yourself
You are capable of filling what is missing
You understand yourself the most
Have compassion for yourself
Allow the tender sores to surface
And Give yourself the attention you didnt receive
Give yourself a warm embrace, a cuddle
The warmrh you need, the caring,
The love
Be with yourself as long as you need
And create that trusting relationship within
Create the space inwhich you are heard
Always have a safe space for yourself
Inwhich you can express yourself, nurture yourself and feel loved.
Perhaps you were never heard, never allowed the space to express yourself
Create that space for yourself now
In thought speech, perhaps even recording your thoughts just for yourself or writing.
You can also express yourself through plastic arts, music or dance
Do whatever you feel to give yourself that space.
You may want to seek a therapist to be able to share and heal your pain.
Do what you feel is right for you to heal this once and for all.
Whatever you do, it is You being there for yourself
Remember you have Angels and Guides in the spiritual realm who never leave your side
They await your request to help you
Feel free to ask anything you feel you need to help you.
Perhaps you may just want to lay your head in the arms of an angel for some warmth and respite.
Trust that they can offer you peace
And guidance to clarity or the next steps in your path if you need.
Create the quiet space for them to enter.
Create the peace and tranquility for yourself in any way that appeals to you.
You are loved by the universe
And you are now learning to totally and profoundly be there for yourself and love yourself
There is no lack
You are a being of love
As soon as you reconnect with who you truly are
And you show yourself all that love you have within you
To yourself
You will see once again
How beautiful you are
And how beautiful your life is               As you are always there for you as is the Divine and Your angels.
Reinstating this in your awareness
You shine
And attract the same warmth and love
You have towards you, from others.
This is such a beautiful moment
Do not miss it and its importance
Meet yourself today
And Shine through
With all your light inwards and outwards to meet us all
We shall shine together.
Much Love and Healing Blessings ❤
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Current energetic activity including the forthcoming Full Moon on the 20th may have you feeling exhausted
You have been through so much change
recently and are still undergoing major transformation
This is causing fatigue as your being is pushed to release the old and adjust to the new updated version of self
Be gentle with yourself
You may have been working diligently on changes in your life and perhaps you feel frustrated about things not moving as fast as you wished.
Rest assured so much is indeed changing
Even if you dont see it all right this moment
There is so much within you that is shifting
The energy of Allowing is just as important as the active energy of movement
Rest if you feel tired
Move a bit slower
And Allow things to come into place
Allow yourself to see the beauty taking place
Slow down and take notice
Tend more to the little things
Take pleasure in a new found reality setting in
Take care of your body
Listen to its needs
Tune into self
If things have been a bit hectic lately
Relax, rest and sleep more at this time
Things will pick up soon enough

Much Love & Healing Blessings
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Self Love


We are slowly getting out of a wave of shadow work weve been in
It was quite heavy
But rest assured this was crucial to go through allowing it to surface from your Depths to be Released.
There simply was no other way to liberate yourself from what was holding you down for so long.
For many this has not only been energies from our past but even from past lives and/or issues from family history that you are clearing as well, hence the density.
Youve come through the other end now
You can clearly see what was burdening you
This Energy has had to go
To Free you
To be who you Truly Are
Embrace your new found Freedom and Lightness
You may still feel a bit shaky
Be gentle with yourself
Just put your best foot forward and get back to investing into the projects you have started involving your Soul Purpose.
Make sure you still take good care of yourself as you did go through something important you may still be processing and you do need to heal from all of this.
Be easy on yourself, tend to your well Being
Rest as you need
But do get back to your projects
Find your groove again and Raise your Vibration back to your Joy.
Celebrate who You Are and dont let anyone or anything hold you back.
You have been doing some major inner work and you should be Proud of Yourself.
Treat yourself to something nice to show yourself gratitude.
Make sure you are in balance
Take care of your health needs and of your well being.
Do something fun and pleasing.
Let your passion bring you back to Creating your Dreams.
Show yourself Love ♡
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Maintaining High Performance


Recent challenges may have you feeling exhausted,frustrated and perhaps even anxious
You have been brave and strong
You may be still left hurting and lacking clarity
Its imperative to give yourself some much needed rest
Whether it be a complete physical rest or just slow down and do something relaxing for yourself
You will not reach the clarity you need by being in your head
You need to let go of all your thoughts
Allow the process of it all to come together
There is so much going on, on the surface and behind the scenes.
You, yourself are going through transformation and important shifts and changes
You will not see your world in the same way as before
There is a void that is created between the old and the new as you go through these changes
It may bring up some panic
As you leave behind your comfort zone.
Breathe deeply
And understand that eventhough not all is clear to you, your Higher Self and the Divine realm are pushing you forward to a reality that corresponds to your soul’s yearning
You must allow the process
Fears are understandable
But you dont really want to get into your own way
Allow healing to occur after recent events and shifts
You have in you all the tools to handle and take good care of yourself
You know the things that bring you to calm
Allow stillness for more clarity to come about
Take good care of your bodily needs to ensure your health,well being and open flow of your energy centers
Drink water, eat healthy, do some gentle stretches or excercise.
If you feel the need for professional help
Do not hesitate.
Otherwise just make sure you are taking very good care of your Being emotionally, spiritually and physically, no matter what is going on around you.
This is crucial to know and maintain Self Care
This gives you the strength and power to Heal,to procceed and create your best life
At best performance
No matter what is thrown at you
You matter
You hold within a seed of the Divine
You are precious
And your worth does not depend on another
You must see yourself as precious to yourself first and always before engaging with others.
Taking care of your Divine vessel ensures you are manifesting your Higher self in best form of productivity, you are able to carry through your soul mission and only at your best can you serve others as well.
Make your well being and self worth your top priority!
Much Love & Healing Blessings
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Do You

commitment unsind fixed snd

Despite all your recent newfound Awareness and Positive resolutions
You may still have bouts of purging a lot of pain.Let it move through you to be Released.
It may seem like youre going forwards and backwards, making no sense, but it is Imperative for the Evolutional path of your Soul.
To the extent you are able to hold present is the extent you are able to Evolve.
This pain can be from current events as from very old deep held wounds that have been triggered to Heal.
If you are an empath, to the extent of your capacity you may also be purging much more than you realise.
In many cases you can be purging past life wounds,family wounds, the pain of your counterpart/ex and or that of the Collective.
This is not easy for sure, but rest assured you are not given what you cannot handle and there is a Sacred Purpose to your work.
Stand Tall and Proud of who You Are and stay Aware, putting your Well Being at first Priority.
Do Absolutely All you need to Heal.
Rest as needed.Be easy on yourself.Stay tuned in to what it is youre feeling.
Meditate,write your thoughts, speak to a trustworthy friend and pray to your Guides and Angels asking for Guidance and Assistance.
If you feel the need, ask for Professional Help.
Try to see the link to it all
We are shifting as a Collective out of old outdated ways of Being that do not serve our Higher Good.
This is a crucial point in our Evolution as Individuals and as a Whole.
There is a lot being packed in at the moment to be released as we move towards more Light , Raising our Vibration and Evolving as a Whole.
To do so we need to purge so much of the old.
Allow whatever that is coming through to Surface and Release.
Some of it you may understand and some not as much at the moment.
Dont worry too much about it
Stay True to You, to your Objectives, to your Light.
Hold Compassion in your Heart for yourself and others but Protect your own Energy and tend to your own needs for your own Well Being.This is of utmost importance.
If you need to distance yourself from others to take care of your Well Being than do so . You can always send them light from afar if you feel capable but take care of You above all. This is crucial for the development of Self and of the Collective.We can no longer take care of others at the expense of our own wellbeing, this is an important lesson at this time.
Allow others the Sacred journey of their own Evolution, this is Precious to each of us.
Devote yourself to your own path and by shining your Light you become a Beacon to others.You are responsable for You. You can extend of your help to the extent it is accepted so that this energy keeps with the flow of Evolution for us All.
The lesson of taking care of You is Major at this time.Many of us are used to putting others needs before our own.
Standing True to Ourselves, our Needs and our Power is what is asked of us now as we prepare for this new chapter in our lives in which we Stand Fully in our Light and Serve all of Humanity in doing so.
Stay Confident and Strong, Compassionate and Gentle and above all TRUE to YOU.
Much Love & Healing Blessings
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