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More Love ~

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Energies are very tender today..
Please be extra gentle with yourselves ♡
We all deserve tender loving care..first and foremost from ourselves ♡
How will you show yourself some love today?
Showing ourselves love ensures we have the love vibe circulating ♡
If we want this world to be fueled with more love, we must begin with ourselves ♡
Thats how we heal this world ♡
We are All Worthy ♡
We are All God’s Creation ♡
Sending much love ♡
*Image taken from Kahliya‘s ‘Soul Inspiration’ Message cards available in Kahliya`s online shop

Love yourself day!

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Today is ‘Love yourself day ‘ ! 🙂
You may be feeling a bit overwhelmed..with all thats been going on and perhaps even some more of your own deep wounds have been triggered and surfaced for them to be healed and released.
Please be very gentle with yourselves.
Show yourself some Love that you deserve from yourself.
Caring for yourself will help you better connect and understand yourself and will also help you rebalance yourself back to a path of health and happiness ❤
Hopefully the weekend will provide you with some moments of quiet time and self re-tuning.
Best wishes for a peaceful weekend
Much love

*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspiration’ message cards available in shop

Liberation ~

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stings lesson

This is Huge
Mainly in the way that if and when we really “Get it”, we can create the breakthrough we so wish for..
When there is that old wound that keeps showing up.. continues to be stepped is because we need to heal it and release it..and it will not go away until we do..which is the reason we see ourselves reliving variations of the same during our lifetimes and wonder how to get rid of this!
Even for those of us who are quite aware and have done so much work on ourselves, that sting can still be there reappearing and we just dont know what to do with it anymore..
The thing is, if you have the courage to look at it ‘in the eye’truly in depth, can you see how this does NOT represent who you truly are?
Are you able to see the fullness of your magnificent being right through this?
Can you see your true beauty?Your talents, your good heart,your capability for Joy and Love, your gifts you have to share with the world?
Can you see now how carrying this wound as somehow representing you is a distortion of your true shining being, and how continuing to carry it continues to block your way to happiness and to fulfilling your own true soul manifestation, your mission here on earth?
We go through what we go through in life to see who we are despite any thing and everything life throws at us, and to learn compassion for those who go through similar difficulties.This does not mean we are to embrace the situations or the people who represent these situations , but we are to move on truly releasing them only by truly releasing what these represent , for this does not represent our Higher beings or the path to manifesting our highest truth.
In seeing the true you right through it all, the whole shining you, waiting to burst with Life force, you are totally capable and finally willing to release and even forgive the misgivings of others and cant wait to move on to manifest who you truly are, for you have so much Good to create !
Now..How liberating is that?
Freedom to your Spirit
Huge step for Soul Evolution!
Blessings on your journey
Much Love

* Message card taken from Kahliya`s ‘Soul Inspiration’ Message cards Available in online shop

Self Care ~

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20160817_142749 signd

Another way I like to care for myself is self massage
Self Massage with Natural Cold Pressed oils and essential oils is a great way to calm, re balance your whole system , finding your center, as you apply the oil and spend some time with yourself, connecting with yourself, feeling where certain parts are in need of attention, you are entering a process of self healing and showing yourself care and love.
Unfortunately we are not used to that..we spend our time mostly on the move, searching for ‘quick fix’ answers to our needs outside of ourselves..when all along the answers are within..
We all have ‘Higher selves’ full of Divine understanding and knowledge..our bodies in themselves have a sacred knowledge that respond to gentle care through our nerve tips.
Calming ourselves back to center allows us to understand ourselves better and find our own answers, as well as our own energy and power source 🙂
Working with products created from the gifts of nature intended for our healing is a great way of appreciating creation and working in harmony with it..finding again that harmony within..for we are part of creation too
Have fun creating your own blends..use only high quality oils..
On Kahliya`s Site there are basic instructions for self massage
There are also currently 2 Massage oil blends in Kahliya`s online shop, if you wish to take a look, one designed for calming and uplifting and the other for a soothing grounding effect.Both available in small and larger sizes. 🙂
Sending Love and warm Blessings

Gentle ~

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Easy does it with the Full Moon energies..Healing and Gentle self care..
What are you doing to hold yourself in Gentleness ?
Me.. I made myself some LemonVerbena herb tea to calm to have with my own homemade healthy banana muffins for some comforting and lit a Selenite candle for Calming Divine presence
Please find a way to show yourself some Love Your soul will be so grateful
Warm Blessings

I am a Being of Light*

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Trust the process ~

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So just when you finally felt you got up on your horse and you were starting to feel
‘Hey this is good.. I got this’
Up comes from out of no where from within or without or most probably both, some whammo..
More ‘stuff’ that shakes you to the core..leaving you feeling overwhelmed and as though you`re way off course again..
Feeling some feelings of ‘same old’ same old’ and that maybe youre not as good as you thought you were.
Well you`re wrong.
The process of our soul`s evolution will always bring up stuff, sometimes just when we barely thought we were starting to get along course, for the soul/sole purpose of clearing some inner densities..old stuff that we dont need anymore and that weighs us down on our journey..


Life situations will trigger these all the way out of our systems from deep within, and we may find ourselves also behaving out all behavior patterns which we thought to have shifted out of..
If youre able to look at it for what it will be doing yourself a huge service..for the purpose of your own healing and growth.
Be kind and gentle with yourself and compassionate and forgiving to yourself and others.
Release the density..the pain this brought up..shake it out of you in any way you feel best for you
Water source in nature, shower, bath with sea salt to cleanse negativity, drink lots of water, dance and shake it off physically,sing or hum and find your body releasing all tension and moving into a luminous harmonious flow, put on some relaxing uplifting music and flow with it, breathing deeply and exhaling profoundly allowing all density to exit your being..find a way that suits you to release all the density that comes up and raise your vibration in any way that brings you joy and uplifts you.Do some physical activity or joyful hobby and surrender to the shift that gradually occurs naturally.
That is all you need to take you back on`re good in no time at all if you just recognize and allow the process..ready to proceed lighter than the process and embrace your love of life..everything is fine.
If there seems to be confusion regarding a certain decision..allow first this process to carry you to calmer waters feeling again better and more stable and then clarity will appear for you.
Warm Blessings on your Journey
Much Love

*Image taken from Kahliya`s ‘Soul Inspiration’ Message cards