Self love and Confidence in your path will create the breakthrough you wish for

Acknowledging your chosen path and appreciating it reconnects you with your original source of Love and confidence which will create your breakthrough

You Are important

You ARE important

You have value

You have dreams and wishes

And they are valid and meant to be

Because they are part of your creation 

You’ve gone through difficult challenges and pain

That doesn’t take away who you are

Quite the contrary 

Be proud of your resilience to pull through

And your willingness to learn and grow

You are so much wiser today

So much deeper, richer

So much more compassionate 

You’ve come a long way

And what you’ve gone through has turned you into a hero of your own life

Your experiences have turned into gifts

That you alone can share and offer others on their journey

You are so important 

Exactly how and where you are right now

Your perceived weaknesses are your strengths 

There is no one like you

You are unique with a unique journey 

A unique set of skills and unique offerings for the evolution of humanity 

Look into yourself 

Look at the strength that pulled you through

And pull from that right now

And see your own beauty 


That you will be moving forward soon

And are being asked to share from your special treasures to help others. 

You may be going through a moment now as old hurts and dissapointments arise 

Take a minute to look at them

Yes.. They were challenging

But they definitely don’t define who you are, they don’t even begin to encompass the eternal light being that you are. 

So hold yourself through this moment as you release this and remember who you are and tend to shining your true light for us all to see

Because we need you

Creation needs you

Exactly the way you are

Thank you for being here at this time



Creation loves you

Today is valentine’s day
While it is obviously commercial
It is still a day in which a large collective focuses on however they perceive love.
I would like to use this moment
To wish you
To remember the creation’s love for you
To remember to love yourself
So much so
That you appreciate and respect yourself
And choose to no longer carry with you
Any false perceptions of you
Or any misconduct towards you
That you remember
That you are worthy
And beautiful
In your unique way
And that you fall in love with yourself so much that you share with us all your astonishment of God’s creation that is called You.
We are blessed to have you with us
We appreciate and celebrate you
And I wish for you
To invite into your life
Nothing less than
That same celebration 
For you are
God’s child
Created in love

Aligning with your Higher Destiny

We are heading towards the full moon on the 17th
With whatever has been occurring recently, it has become clearer to you that certain energies, habits, patterns, dynamics must change for you to reach your highest potential
Something is not quite cutting it
Something does not feel right
You are not here to give your energy away
For it to be misused
And for you to end up
Drained and depleted
You are here to create 
And co create
On a high vibrational level
Respectful of yourself and others
In ways
That energize all concerned
Your light energy
Is a gift, a blessing 
First to yourself 
Which is to be protected, nourished and celebrated
Then to others 
Who interact and co-create with you
In a healthy manner
You have learned so much about this
You are about to master this important lesson 
You may be feeling low at the moment 
You may have been through such a long stretch 
And perhaps this last blow
Has caught you completely off guard 
You may feel confused about where to go from here
But Alas you’ve been through it all before 
You know time heals and clarifies
Just make sure you are gently healing and nurturing yourself 
And asking for Divine assistance and guidance
Do all you can to release all lower vibrations and situations 
Regardless if you understand all the details or not
Your main concern
Is your own vibration, health and well-being 
Make that top priority no matter what
Without which you are not beneficial to any situation, most importantly to yourself 
When you re-establish your vibration 
You regain stability and clarity
This full moon You can say a prayer
To the Divine:
Please help me Release
All that does not Align
With my Highest Good
Please help me Align
With my Higher Destiny

We are here to become the best version of ourselves 
Whatever may have served for a lesson 
May not serve for a lifetime
Do not stop where your energy is drained
Nourish yourself, regain balance 
And keep striding towards your higher destiny
Keep doing anything and everything that nourishes you and raises your vibration
And whatever is meant to meet you there
You will attract towards you. 
You are unique 
You are special
There is no other like you
Please treat yourself kindly
Honor who you are
You are a blessing 
As soon as you honor yourself 
You become that blessing for yourself and others
When you live in doubt
Or lack of confidence 
You are mistrusting
God’s creation
And you are not living in Truth
Trusting your intuition
And honoring your unique expressions of light
Is honoring your contract with the Divine
To bring forward Your Own Divine Light print for all to be blessed 
Dont knock that
Thats what you’re here to do
Create your own magic
And leave behind any interferences
Dont wait for support
Be so trusting in your own voice and mission
That the energy of that conviction 
Will create magic. 

Gather back your energy

These days you may be going through a shake up
Look carefully at the situation It represents something very significant in your life
Where have you given your power, your energy, away?
A situation in which you have put your trust has let you down in a big way
Only to reveal to you
That you are dismissing your own creative energy, your own power, your own ability to decide, discern and discover the truth. 
Where does this lead back to? 
Many of us are still wishing to heal that ‘role model’ from childhood that failed us, that was supposed to take care of us and be our source of trust and truth. 
We search to fill in that wound, but find ourselves time and time again misplacing our trust into similar scenarios. 
This may be devastating but it is to bring us back home to ourselves and our true power that lies within and in our connection with source. 
Take back your power
Collect back your energy from wherever you misplaced it
It can help to physically
Reach out with your arms
And envision yourself 
Gathering back your energy Towards yourself 
Hold yourself 
Soothe yourself 
Anchor your energy 
Acknowledge your power
And own it
You are a child of God
You are a child of the universe 
You carry a seed of the Divine within you
You have ancient knowledge and wisdom 
You can decide and discern
What’s right and what’s wrong 
What is light and aligned 
And what is not
Stand in your power 
Own your energy 
Your creation’s birthright 
No more giving your power away 
Look back to the initial wound and deception 
Make peace with it
See those who have wronged you
As beings that did not know better
Find true compassion and forgiveness 
Many of these have either passed over by now or will be
A cycle is closing
Look to those who have currently wronged you
And find the same compassion and forgiveness and let them ‘off the hook’ 
Find peace in closing this cycle
Let it go
Release this as deep as it may be
You have had many rehearsals on releasing this by now
It’s time
To look as deeply as you can into it
Feel whatever comes up
And just let it go
It has served it’s purpose 
You must see by now 
How giving away your own personal power disserves you greatly 
Never again will you move away from your center, from your balance 
From your truth. 
Your interactions are to be based in mutual recognition, appreciation and collaboration with each other’s truth
There shall not be trespassing of crucial healthy boundaries
There shall no longer be resisting, dismissing or lowering your own light and vibration. 
You may have been conditioned to belittle yourself, to lower your vibration, dismiss your truth in order to adapt. 
No more
Time and time again
You have been shown how this is not beneficial, not to yourself And not to anyone involved
You are to stand tall
Be proud of your creation
Be proud of your truth
Be proud of your light
Be proud of who you are
And walk in your truth
Your power, 
The power of being aligned with the truth and light of your creation
Is what will make you shine
And what will help others align with their own
It may feel lonely at first 
But it will be extremely gratifying
As you will be fulfilling your life purpose 
And serving humanity at large
Whether they recognize it at first or not. 
It is time to create from within this light of yours that you are owning and not dismissing 
From this place you can create joyfully
From this place you can join with others
That match this vibration 
To create beauty for us all. 
It takes courage, true honest profound healing and owning up to your truth
You deserve to be here
You deserve to be happy 
You are meant to show us all the way
God Bless you

Radical self acceptance

You may be feeling very agitated and tense.
We are going through a clearing of another deeper level of density.
Agitation within, lack of patience, lack of compassion for oneself first and foremost, as for others, lack of acceptance of self All this is playing out at the moment for you to see what has been lingering within, creating blockages to your blossoming.
If you look carefully into this energy and what it brings up for you, you will be able to see the origins of why you are holding this energy.
You can now also see how harmful it is and how it disturbs your alignment with your higher self and your natural, healthy, harmonious, creative flow.Use this time wisely 
Do a lot of deep breathing 
Anything and everything
That calms you
Soft mild bodywork, stretches, walk 
To release stored tension in the body
Inner connecting
Asking for higher guidance 
And allowing clarity
This too shall pass
But make it worth it
Make it work for you
Delve more into self 
And your makings
Radical acceptance, compassion 
For all that you are
And all your efforts on your path
This kind of total acceptance
That you may have not received 
From anyone else
That you are able to grant 
Yourself today
Will help you achieve the peace
You’re looking for
Losing all the criticism
That was not yours to begin with
You came here pure
With the best intentions 
And that is where
You want to be
Leaving behind
Unnecessary baggage 
Acquired from others
You are returning 
To your purity
And to your truth, Your individuality, 
Your personal unique 
And letting go of this restrictive energy
Will free you
And give you more courage and confidence 
To become who you truly are
And allow others to do the same 

You’re worth it

20170321_154613txt-sind (1)

You may be feeling a bit low,fragile, emotional
On our road to evolution there will be highs and lows
It is the way that we deal with the ebb and flow that will determine our determination and growth.
It is very important even when things appear to not go in our favor, to not lose our vision, for things are not always what they seem.So much goes on beneath the surface that we do not know of.There are so many energies to be orchestrated to reach our venues and all along the journey is the most important part of it all, for that is where our learning experience occurs.
Most of all we are to learn about ourselves, our beauty, our value and love ourselves through it all, care for ourselves.
To the extent you care for yourself is the extent of joy and success you will produce for yourself and for your loved ones.
It all starts with your own well being.
Compassion and gentleness for yourself if you feel low willl take you a long way.
It is recognizing, respecting and appreciating the Divine in you.
Show yourself tender loving care as you would a loved one.
Slow down
Pamper yourself
Practice stillness
Your angels are near
Perhaps they wish to let you hear something
Be kind to yourself
Youre doing fine
Sometimes you need to slow down
Heal some emotions
Some sensitivities
Allow your celestial team to come in and help
Be kind amidst the shifts
Keep positive
Even if you need to cry
This too is a cleansing and healing
That is sometimes needed
Sometimes we take on too much for too long
Without processing and allowing soft nurturing healing
Be there for yourself
You are worth it ❤
Much love

Going Deep..


We are entering Scorpio season and we are compelled to go deep.
No more shallow more shallow anything..
We are being asked to look deep within and if we look deep enough we shall find our truth,our light.
On the way there we will pass whatever we have built to hide it but this does not satisfy us any longer.
The drive to live our truth is becoming too strong and too important for our existence.
Whatever stories you have been telling yourself of not being good enough etc will need to be seen for the camouflage that they are and need to go now.
This hiding place has served you in reaching some sort of quiet in the face of those who opposed your light.
And yet, you have payed a price..and you know this now.
You have done so much work but there’s still something very missing..and that is YOU.
May the real YOU stand up, Now.
All this hiding, all this adapting, all this getting by is just not giving you what you need anymore.
Life goes by and you realise this is not what its really all about.You are not here to survive, but to thrive.
It is time to recognise your truth, your light, your God given gifts, your God-self and Honor your Creator by Cherishing All that you Are.
Obstacles and challenges are not put in your way to let go of who you are but to reinforce who you are, to see that you can Shine Bright despite, showing yourself and others the power of your convictions and the power of the Creator’s Light that Shines Bright Through you no matter what.
You can no longer dismiss your Mission.You have come too far to go back now.The only place you’re going now is deeper, stronger and truer than ever before.
You may feel at times at despair, confused
But it is in those moments where all has been halted for the Higher purpose of reaching your soul.
Use the opportunity as it arises
This is not a black hole
This is the universe asking you to move back into your soul
Reach quiet
If you listen carefully
Wisdom comes in many different ways
But only if youre listening
Your Higher self awaits your readiness
Your surrender and willingness
To let go of all the noise, the negativity and the shallowness
And go deep
Into your soul.
At the Root of your existence lies the love of self, the appreciation of yourself as a Divine Creation.Without this appreciation you cannot reach your answers and the road is blocked.
When you appreciate and cherish your God self, you then pave your path back to collaborating with the Divine.You then are ready to bring to light who you truly are, cherishing, nourishing and working with your gifts to create much love and light in our world.
Much love
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