The Old and The New

We are moving into a new dimension of consciousness
The old world is gradually fading away.
Old ways that do not support our highest good are shed
And many souls choose not to join this new dimension. There are also souls that volunteered to leave to teach us detachment. The circumstances of their departure are linked to their own choices, journey and lessons. The best we can wish anyone, from our loved ones to our worst ‘enemy’ is for them to go towards the light, Amen.
We must understand there is a splitting of consciousness occurring at the moment. If you pay attention, there are those who are clinging to the old world for dear life and are not willing to evolve at this time, they may seem further and further away, as you cannot communicate or resonate on the same level anymore. You must allow others their own choices and the parting of ways, for hanging on more than necessary will only lower your vibration, keep you stuck in old ways that do not serve you and delay your own evolution.
While it can be very sad to depart from loved ones, the heaviness of this sadness is also part of the old dimension. For as you raise your vibration and connect to higher consciousness available to you at this time, you will understand that we are all eternal. We have made soul contracts prior to coming here, to learn certain lessons for our evolution. When we have learned those lessons we are to part ways and continue, each on our own unique journey. The sadness is understandable, but the higher understanding that sees us all as beautiful beings of light, beyond our ‘personas’ and lessons, free and on sacred journeys of betterment and evolution, makes it all clear and full of light. Many of your loved ones continue to support you in spirit and you will also meet them again.
Your new life is beckoning, calling you to participate. You are asked to release all prior burdens, many of which were linked to these soul contracts, these lessons. Your lessons were learnt. Release that part of you that grew so adapted to that role, you forgot who you really are.
Part ways with your old world and conceptions of self. Peel back the layers to the pure true version of you,
That has learned so much from these experiences.
You are at the Gate now, you get to choose if you walk through, it will have to be without the ‘extra’ baggage, without the burdens and without the misconceptions of self. Only the true pure you gets to walk through with the lessons you’ve learned.
We have all made our choices even prior to being here. All is according to our plan. We have gone through lengthy strenuous lessons to prepare and mold us to become the creators of this new era.
This is an exciting time.
Take the time to examine carefully what is truly occurring, release the past with love, honoring what it served you, thanking those who have taught you important lessons, acknowledging their true light beyond their chosen ‘personas’, wishing them well and preparing for the new chapter on your journey.
If you are here, you are an important part of this era.
Pat yourself on the back, for you have come a long way and you can be proud of all your hard work.
Spend some quality time alone, Identify what within you needs to be released, connect with your Higher Self and Divine Guidance.
You are about to enter an exciting time in the history of mankind, and you will be part of it’s making.
Let that sink in.
We thank you for all you have done to get here and we are thrilled to have you as part of this new team.