Solstice Gateway

We are moving towards the Summer/Winter Solstice Gateway on the 21.6
This is a very transformational energetic portal.
At this time you may be feeling clouded, confused, shaken with possibly several ‘curveballs’ heading your way.
Do your best to stay calm and centered. Take pauses before major decisions or just to clear your head from stress and confusion. Breathe deeply and remember there is always a Divine plan beyond all the craziness.
Once you take a break, calm, center, ask for Divine guidance and leave room to receive, then you will begin to gain clarity.
Things are speeding up at this time and major change is on the horizon.
Make sure you do what you need to take care of your physical and emotional well-being and health.
Dont lose your balance, keep your focus and hold your vision.
Things may shake you up a bit, but deep down you know who you are and what is your truth.
Circumstances may shift with a higher purpose to enable your higher self to emerge.