How do we turn hate into LOVE ?

Free yourself

20200607_173044 crp anger sind(1)We are at an important pivotal point
All of us
So much is surfacing
We are being pushed to transform
To heal
To rise higher
All that does not align with the higher good
Is being revealed and revoked
We need to look at what is surfacing
From deep within us
On a personal level
As well as on a collective level
We need to be honest with ourselves
If we wish to truly heal
Ourselves and our world
We, each and every one of us
Is an important contributor
We are all healers
We are all teachers
We are all influencers
Just by Being
We lead by example
Our choices design our lives
But they also influence the lives of others
If you are feeling anger and/or pain
At this time
Look deep within
Look not only to what is currently triggering your emotions
Look deeper
What anger,resentment,hurt
Have you been harboring
From older experiences
This energy is affecting you
And continues to affect your life
It also infiltrates further
To loved ones and people around you
Until you free yourself
The only way to free yourself
Is first to acknowledge your pain
Then process your anger
Then digging deeper into your heart
With a wish for freedom
Finding compassion
For yourself and others
And finding forgiveness
Knowing that these experiences do not define the true existence of who you are
You are truly so much more than that
And until you liberate yourself
You will not be granting yourself the opportunity to Exist in the Full capacity of who you are
Instead you bind yourself to a limited version and miss out on your freedom
Finding forgiveness frees you
From the poisonous energy that cripples you
Those who cause us harm
Are on their own journey of evolution
They need to continue to evolve
They cause harm from a place of lack
They lost contact with their own light
And they project their own frustration onto others
They are also used by darker forces because of their weaknesses
It is our wish for them to find their way
To their own light
So they can heal
And they can shine their light onto others
Instead of causing harm
Our anger
Our hatred
Will not be useful to anyone or any healthy purpose
It is a destructive energy
That we need to stop holding nourishing and recycling
Take the time today
To see the crucial importance
Of how we all play a part in circulating anger and hate
And how we all can act now on transforming this energy to love
Look within
Be honest with yourself
Choose to heal
Choose to forgive and release
Choose to shine
For yourself
And for all of us
Turn hate into love
You can do it
We All can do it
Much love


Where is the Truth?

DSC_0967 crp stillness sind

We are currently within the energy of the full moon lunar eclipse
There is a very intense and chaotic energy
There is a lot happening
There is also a lot of information thrown at us from all over
Some carrying the truth
And some not..
This may leave you very confused
And open to the chaos
Withdraw your energy
From the chaotic collective energy
Towards your center
Find peace and calm
In stillness
Be the eye of the storm
The truth you seek is within you
The more you quiet down
The more you can connect
To your Higher self
And hear the messages of
Higher Guidance
Your top priority
Is Always maintaining your well being
And highest vibration possible
At any given moment
In this way
You support your peace of mind
And health
As well as productivity
In this way you will always be able
To decipher what resonates for you
And what doesnt
And in this way you will continue to be a beacon of light for others
Emotions run high for us all
At the moment
Your peace
Will help us all
Dont worry about the confusion
And conflicting information
The Real TRUTH
Comes out
Stay True to you
To who you are
And this storm
Will pass
And show us
A clearer vision for us All
Much love

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