We are All Eternally Evolving ~

Knowing that we are All eternally evolving helps you learn to trust again and let go of old pain opening up for the new and beautiful to enter your life as long as you set your perspective to cultivate the beauty rather than the pain. Thank you for being here and being an important part of the Healing of Humanity ❤️

This is the poem I wrote mentioned in the video:

We are All Souls on a Path of Evolution/Mia Leventhal

We are All souls
On a Path of evolution
some make way
Some may stray
Some may throw their Own Darkness
Our Way..
May we connect to our inner Light
And Always Strive to Shine bright..Despite
May we find our Compassion
In the most Humblest Fashion
For in our inner seeds
We are One
With the Divine
And we will All eventually find our way back Home
To our Creator`s Shine .
May we Stand Tall
And Carry our own Splendor
Holding a Light in our Hearts
For All those who stumble
We shall No Longer Crumble.
Connected to All that is,
Holding the Space for us All to Heal,
Together we Are the LIGHT
Together we have the Might
We are our own Saviors
We are our own Creators
And So It Is
Blessings to All


Space of Grace


You may find yourself going up and down these days
One moment you think you got it
And another you come crashing down
You may be feeling frustrated and even dissapointed in yourself for all you wish to do is move forward.
While this is understandable
You must also understand that the highs represent your moments of understanding, awareness and alignement
And your lows at the moment represent your needing to still heal, process and upgrade all of you to the level of your alignement for you to be fully able to move forward.
That does not mean you are not progressing
Because holding your vision, your faith, your positivity and taking small steps do create an important movement forward.
But there are still moments in which your stillness, your quiet is required
Your non movement, non activity
Tuning into self
Listening to your Angels, Guides, God.
Allowing the release of the old and allowing thd release and processing of the pain is needed
This requires a certain amount of surrender
As you surrender
Your Angels can help you heal
Especially if you ask for assistance
They can show you the way from here if you create the space for them to enter with their love and wisdom.
In your silence you can tune into many nuances of your existence
You tend to surpass in your daily active life.
In your silence you can pay attention to your body
Your body stores so much imprint of trauma, discord and stress. We do not realise we carry this around with us on a daily basis.
It would be highly beneficial to look into how you hold yourself
Sit quietly, breathe deeply
And exhale
Repeat this a few times
And follow your breathe
Try to let go of thoughts
If they seem to come in
Just let them come and go
And focus on your breathe
See how gradually you let go of all the tension you have been holding onto
Just continue to breathe and let go
Then focus on your body
Breathe in
And see how are you holding your shoulders
Your back
Your neck
Breathe into these areas
And try to feel more aligned in your posture
Stay there for a while
Breathing deeply and exhaling
You can continue to do this towards all parts of your body or just stay there for a while
And continue the rest another time
Checkout your jaw as you breathe
See if your not clenching
And release that tension
See if you can do some gentle stretches to release tension in the body
Light a candle
Burn some pure incense
Put some relaxing music
Feel yourself gently move with the music without any specific thought around it
Let loose your thinking mind
Soak in a warm salt bath
Go out in nature and tune into the song of the birds and the swish of the trees in the breeze
Beyond our stressful active thinking world
There is a world of Grace
Tune into that in your own way
And Allow
Allow the healing
Allow the inner wisdom
And allow the realignement
Allow yourself to be uplifted
Into a space that knows only Grace
There you will find your peace
There you will find your connection with the Divine
There you will find your higher path
Allow the silence and the time needed to heal, process and evolve to your next step on the journey.
Much Love & Healing Blessings
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Sun *


Can you feel the energies?
The Universe is giving us a pushhh!
It is time to leave the past behind
All the mistakes we may have made and those done to us…
All thrown into the recycling washing machine of the school of planet Earth, transmuted into Light as we transform into the beings we were created to be, standing fully in our Light and fulfilling our Soul missions.
We are All eternal beings, endlessly Transforming, Growing and Evolving into more Light. All the bits and ends of our past wounds and traumas turn to compost to the rich soil from which we Rise and Flourish with our Petals stretched out to the Sun*.
The time is Here upon Us.
The Universe is supporting our growth, raising our vibrations to allow the process of transformation to the extent that we allow.
Shall we Allow ?
Are you in ?
I Am 😊
See you beneath the Sun * ~
Much Love

*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspiration’ message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop