Hone your Energy

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We are headed towards a New Moon on the 20th.We have been going through a huge transformational shift which is intense and growing in phases.
At this point we are to take a closer look at our energy
Every thought you allow to linger in your mind carries energy
Pay attention
At any given moment
What is the predominant energy?
How does this thought make you feel?
Did it uplift you ,or did your vibration just suddenly drop?
You have the power of choice.
You are the captain of this ship
Where are you steering towards?
Paying closer attention and beginning to discipline yourself to choose and redirect your thoughts is imperative for your well being and growth on all levels.
Also,pay attention to whatever pulls your attention and energy and distracts you,pulling you away from your peace and harmony.
Was it a necessary engagement?Could you avoid it or disengage politely as early as it entered your sphere?
Sometimes there Are necessary uncomfortable situations that Do need our attention.Keeping drama to the minimum and resolving to search for the light in any situation is the best way to deal with these situations.Remember there is always a higher perspective and a higher purpose to anything we go through in this life.
Finding compassion for yourself and others as you navigate yourself as calmly as possible to find the point of light and more clarity is the way we are to go through these situations in a manner that offers us the growth they were meant to serve us.
It is time to save your energy
It is time to savour your energy
And use it for growth
It is time to own your energy
It is time to Hone your energy
Own your existence by paying more attention to where you choose to direct your energy.

Much love



Where is the Truth?

DSC_0967 crp stillness sind

We are currently within the energy of the full moon lunar eclipse
There is a very intense and chaotic energy
There is a lot happening
There is also a lot of information thrown at us from all over
Some carrying the truth
And some not..
This may leave you very confused
And open to the chaos
Withdraw your energy
From the chaotic collective energy
Towards your center
Find peace and calm
In stillness
Be the eye of the storm
The truth you seek is within you
The more you quiet down
The more you can connect
To your Higher self
And hear the messages of
Higher Guidance
Your top priority
Is Always maintaining your well being
And highest vibration possible
At any given moment
In this way
You support your peace of mind
And health
As well as productivity
In this way you will always be able
To decipher what resonates for you
And what doesnt
And in this way you will continue to be a beacon of light for others
Emotions run high for us all
At the moment
Your peace
Will help us all
Dont worry about the confusion
And conflicting information
The Real TRUTH
Comes out
Stay True to you
To who you are
And this storm
Will pass
And show us
A clearer vision for us All
Much love

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