Pierce through the Cloud


You are here on a Soul’s Mission
You are to learn to Manifest this Mission
Despite challenging situations
That seem to come in the way
These lessons are an essential part of the mission itself
Allowing your soul to Grow and Evolve
Seeing all this with Forgiveness Love and Compassion
As you Expand into who You Truly Are.

See all that seems to come in your way
As a Cloudy veil
A Lazer beam Focus
Pierce through and beyond this cloud
Knowing in your Heart
What is True to you.

This is how you will reach your destination
And cast off
Once and for all
All that is not true

Stick with it
Day in day out
Dont let go
Dont give in

Look at it all as a cloud
Blurring your vision
And distracting you
Because that
Is exactly what it is

Remain Positive at all cost
And crystal clear
About what you wish for
Discarding any negative thought
As soon as it arises

This is you
Zeroing in
On your target
Nothing can get in your way anymore
For you will no longer allow it to
You have learned your lessons well
Its time to get Real
Its time to get True
Its time to get You ♡

Much Love & Healing Blessings

*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message Cards
Available in online shop

The Essence of who you Are


Close your eyes
Take a deep breath
See your Dream
Dive in
Feel it
This Dream is who you Are
Return to visit frequently
Resource yourself
Your Energy
Your Vitality
Your Power
Your Motivation
And Align yourself with this Vision
Align yourself with who your truly Are
The passion that drives you to this Vision
Is your essence of Vitality
In which your Soul Mission was created
Therefore it is essential you pursue it
If conditions at the moment dont seem favorable
Do not let this discourage you
Hold onto the seeds of your dream
Keep Revisiting
Keep Nurturing
Keep Aligning
The more you do so
The closer it will Be
At all times remember
You are here
To BE who you Truly Are♡
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message Cards
Available in Kahliya’s online shop
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Your Mission


You may feel your Truth being challenged lately
You are merely being nudged by the Universe to Stand more firmly in who you Truly are.
You are not here to adapt to any social norms.
You are Precious and Unique.
You have been Created with your Own Unique Gifts to carry out your Soul Purpose which Serves our world.
This is also why whatever you are to present to us is not yet known to us, and you are asked to have the Courage and Determination to follow through with your own Special Mission even and especially if at first you are not understood , piercing your way into our Consciousness.
Not every one will understand or know to appreciate, but your Mission is definitely here to serve those who are in need of it, while fulfilling your own soul as you do it.
If you feel destabilised and hesitant about your specific mission, take some quiet time for yourself and search within. Ask for Divine guidance and connect with whatever makes you feel good, that will enable you a quicker connection with your True Self.
Allow yourself to daydream and fantasize without limitations.Within this Free Space you will begin to recieve clarity as to that which is Truly You and makes your Heart Sing.
Then you can always see how to concretize the Dream using more practical ideas if needed.
Above all, Be Proud of your Uniqueness.
There is a much needed place for us All in this Existence.Remember you serve an important role in our Evolution.
Gain Confidence from knowing this.
It is time for you to put to practice that which you have come here to do.
There will be Great Contentment in the Fulfillment of your task.
Devote yourself to this task and do not waver.
Decide to set your intentions towards this and take your first steps.
The Universe will support you once you are standing firm in your Decision and Dedication.
May you receive the Pure Healing Intentions and Energy in which this was written for you.
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspiratons’ Message cards available in Kahliya’ s online shop.



After having made a major leap upon your path, your overall energy may not totally be adjusted
Parts of you still carry density which needs to be released as you advance
And this may have you feeling a bit confused as you adjust.
Do not give into worry
You are not going back
Be very gentle with yourself but keep taking steps foward, resting as needed.
Just be aware there is still a huge shift within occuring.
Allow the process and take care of yourself as best you can
Keeping your perspective on your targets and acknowledging your accomplishments.
Keep asking for Divine help to assist you release as you advance and for guidance towards your best next steps.
Gentleness is key.
Remember who you are and what you are here to do
Make sure your thoughts are positive and hold your vision.
Your energy is what is creating your reality , keep raising your vibration towards your vision, knowing you are doing the best you can.
As you put one step in front of the other, the density will be released and positive results to your efforts will begin to show.
May you Receive the Pure Healing Energy and Intention in which this was written for You
Much Love & Healing Blessings♡
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message Cards available in online shop.


IMG_20161202_162100 crpd signd

This is a Beautiful moment in your own Evolution.
You are coming into your Own.
Pause and Honor this Moment.
Recent events have accentuated even more what you are to release and what to own and pursue.
You now know much better what does not serve you on your Higher path, quickening your acknowledgement and higher response each time something arises.
You may be feeling a bit emotional at this time, but that is because you have been through big challenges and
You are clearing old residue that has been called to surface.
You will still have things to clear as you go along.The Higher you Rise, The Deeper you will Clear, but your road is much clearer now.
You can feel the Real You is up on the Rise attracting all it needs to Manifest Fully.
The work is not done here.
Having reached a new peak you are to up your game.
Devotion and Commitment to your your Higher Path needs to be Stronger now to reach the next level of Manifestation.
Commit to Aligning yourself with your Higher Self in every way.
See in which parts your Dedication is still lacking.
Remember mind body and soul are to be equally nourished for a Performance of Excellence, for you to be fully Aligned in your Existence.
Remember to drink plenty of water to maintain the life flow and eat fresh fruit and veggies full of life force.
Daily quiet time to release lower energies absorbed and to tune into source and its messsages of Guidance to you is crucial to your Development to keep Rising Higher.
Pay close attention to what comes your way and how you respond.
These are exciting times in which you finally get to see how You Create your Life.
Continue to be tuned in, making right choices asking for Higher Guidance.
Fine Tune your Connection with your Higher self and with Spirit.
Stand tall and have Confidence in who you are, pursuing your Dreams knowing they contain a purpose of Higher Service to the whole.
Rise in Pride!
May you Receive the Pure Healing Energy and Intention in which this was written for You
Much Love & Healing Blessings♡
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop



We are in the midst of a very important shift
The intensity is created to shake out of you all that is not Truly You and does not Serve your Higher Good and your Soul Purpose.
Each and every current challenger comes to trigger old issues that need to be thoroughly Released from Your Being.
The Energy you are carrying is crippling you and the advancement on your Higher Path of Evolution.
There is a need to see that we are All in different stages on a Path of Evolution, doing our Best to move forward.Some of those who upset us today are in places we once were..whether in this life or in past lives.Therefore, there is a need for Great Compassion for Others as Ourselves.
Knowing that all that is Truly important is Concentrating on Our Own Advancement on our Path and how We personally Respond to Life, in a way that Allows all involved to continue doing their Best.
Know that you are a Creation of the Divine, you are a Blessing as you carry a Unique Expression and Mission of Service to the World.
It is Crucial you know your Worth and your Responsability in this cycle of Creation.
Not only do your Decisions and Actions affect the whole as yourself, but so does your Energy.
Stand Tall knowing your Unique Beauty and Worth.
Stand Tall knowing all youve gone through and continue to go through doing your Best to Evolve.
When you know Who You Truly Are
No one can really upset you
For you can see through to where they are struggling from at the moment.Their actions are about where they are, not about you.
Your point of attraction is in continuing to hold onto this energy.
Let it go and you will no longer attract these situations.
Complete Forgiveness and Release of All those who have done you wrong in the Past will once and for all FREE You to BECOME the True Divine Being You are meant to Be,
Serving us All in your LIGHT.
Waste no more time
Lay down this burden
And lets All continue to Evolve as Best we Can, Bringing Each our Unique Piece of Heaven on Earth.
Bless each and every one you encounter on your path, for he was once You.
We Are All a Part of Each Other.
Focus your Energy on Becoming the Best version of You, Releasing all that does not Align unto the Light
That is Where we are all going 🌞
Bless you for Being a Part of Creation!
May you Receive the Healing Energy and Intention in which this was written for you
Much Love & Healing Blessings♡
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We are Spiritual Beings here
Having a Human experience
We tend to forget this
Especially in times like these
Everything is accelerated
Pace has picked up
And we try our best to adapt
While we Are being asked to move forward
We are also being asked to maintain our Balance
If youre feeling a bit stressed out trying to keep up
Stop and BREATHE
Take a Moment
Which you think you dont have
But which will actually help you move forward more efficiently, more fully
Breathe slowly and deeply
Filling your being with oxygen
Fill your tummy up
And feel the air move into where you may feel knots
Due to tension
Allow them to expand and open up
And release
Continue to breathe
Deeply and slowly
Reaching all tension in your body
Feeling the knots
In your neck and shoulders
In your lower back etc
Breathe into them
And release
Allowing all tension to dissolve
And be released
Once the tension is released you are able to reconnect with your Soul, Higher self and with the Divine, enabling you to see things from a Higher perspective

Allow yourself to Expand beyond seeming challenges
And see
Only Light, Only Love, Only God
Remembering there is a Higher order to it all, guiding you through
Remembering your Soul Purpose and Mission
And soon enough you will receive gifts of enlightenment and visions regarding your path allowing you to return to your passion and get back to work on your ideas with excitement.
Keep nurturing your soul and its mission
And the Divine’s Light will always shine through
May you receive the pure Healing Energy and Intention in which this was written for You
Much Love & Healing Blessings♡
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in online shop



Move into who you are
That is what is being asked from you with all the craziness going on
Designed to trigger, push and shove you
Into only one way
The path of the True You.
Opportunities Arise
And so do challenges in the mix
It seems like these challenges
Are here to block your Opportunities
But in fact
If you look closely
They represent
Your old deep fears
You can overcome them now
By realising how much they do not represent you anymore
You can really see this now
Feel the Energy of what Awaits you
Feel what Arises in you
What parts of you
The Energy
The Flow
The Light
The Creative Power
Then feel the parts triggered by these challenges
What Arises for you
Which old outdated parts of you
Do they truly represent you
This is where you are asked to
Make the Choice
Choose your Energy
Choose your Power
Choose your Truth
Choose the Real You
And Release all the old stories
The wounds, the fears
They are NOT here again
They are only triggered for you to see what youre still carrying around with you that is burdening your Flow to the Manifestation of your Highest Being
You may need a moment or two to move through them and the emotions they bring up
But dont lose Perspective
Exciting New Beginings are Here for You
Its time to say goodbye to all of this that no longer serves you
Shake it off
Move into Your Light
Your Power
Your Flow
And watch all seeming obstacles
During this Shift
There is intensity and confusion
Movement is accelerated
Things are a bit hectic
Take pockets of Rest as you can
Tune in to the Energy
Of your Higher Being
Nourish and Nurture yourself Well
To Support yourself
You are Here to Shine Bright
And share your Light with a world
That needs you
Lets go
Lets do this
Much Love & Healing Blessings♡
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message Cards available in Kahliya’s online shop
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Anchoring yourself in the true you
Will achieve the highest results
Of an Empowered Abundant life
For you will be Aligned with
With your Source Self
Your Ultimate Manifestation
Who you are to Be
With what you came to Deliver
In service of Creation

If you act in connection to immediate pleasing of others
You will have missed your Deepest Purpose.
While sometimes it may be confusing
As acting on behalf of your Purest Self
May seem to have little or no approval of others
You may think at times
How can this be serving anyone?
Rest assured
That the more you stay your course and Deepen your Commitment
To your own very Individual Soul Purpose
The more powerful your Message is to the World
And consequently the more will learn from your Unwavering Truth.
The test along this path
Lies in just how much you are Willing to be True
And Align with your Source Being
Without looking for approval as a guide for your Existence.
The more you Anchor Yourself
The more your Truth will show others the way
The more you will be teaching your Unique Soul Truth to the World
Be Strong
Stay your Course
Be your Unique Self
And Celebrate your Soul Truth
The Universe will Celebrate with you
This is what you have come here to do!
When you learn to achieve this you will have Mastered non attachment
You will gain an incomparible sense of Freedom
A sense of Empowerement like no other
You will have Anchored yourself
In the True You!
Have a Great Week!
Much Love & Healing Blessings♡
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop