We Are All Healers

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Each and every one of us is created with unique gifts which benefit ourselves and others.
We are all designed to be interconnected.
You have strong points that I can learn from and visa versa.
We all have a soul purpose and these gifts are linked to your soul purpose in which you serve others as well as yourself.
No matter what you do
We are all healers, we are all in service
The moment we realise the beauty which we have to offer is the moment we realise our purpose.
Remember the cashier that acted in a certain way or said something to you that changed your day
Remember that thing you said to someone who needed your input.
The hairdresser or house cleaner that just had that healing energy about them and/or held space for you in a way that helped you.
If you only stop and look more closely we are all in service,we are all doing sacred work every day.
We are all so unique
We are All a combination of strong points, gifts in which we shine and Align with the light of Source and other parts that need polishing in order to evolve and Align more fully with our light.
Together we shine brighter
Together we find purpose and meaning to this existence
Together we mirror each other and find in the other that which we needed to see and learn about ourselves.
Pay close attention
See the Sacredness in your creation
In our creation and in our interconnection
See the Importance in which you have to offer us All
See your value and allow this to propel you forward with a new sense of purpose.

Much Love & Healing Blessings
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Soul Guidance

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Hello Everyone!
I Am So very excited!
My Journey with Kahliya has evolved
I have modified my activity to be more Aligned with my Soul Purpose ❤
If you have been enjoying the articles I publish and Kahliya’s message cards, these will continue as well as videos so I can be of more assistance to you with my Energy .
Other products like Kahliya’s Massage oils will also continue to be offered in Kahliya’s online shop, as well as other products to help uplift vibrations .
I will be offering Soul Guidance Consultations via Skype,
This will be set up very soon with details in this link shown below :’About’ on Kahliya’s Website : https://kahliya.com/About


Welcome to ‘Kahliya’
A Sacred space I share with you.
My name is Mia Leventhal
I am an Intuitive Soul Guide.
I have been on my own Spiritual Journey
Devoted to Promoting a Message of Love,Light, Healing and Peace for the last 20 yrs
In Recent years I have been publishing articles based on kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ message cards.
The cards and the articles offer Upliftment and Soul Guidance aiding you to connect to your Higher Path.
The original messages on the cards are messages Ive chanelled during my own journey and I have been asked by spirit to publish them for the aid of others.
The articles I write explain the original messages in depth and how they apply to the energies of the moment.
My Soul purpose is to help You connect to Your Soul,
See what may be blocking you and help you find your own Power and Tools to express your full Authentic Self , serving your Higher Purpose, living a life of Joy.
I look forward to Assist you on your Journey if you feel called to my Guidance.
Much Love & Healing Blessings

Go Deeper


The energy of the full moon may have you feeling a bit heavy, sluggish and even a bit emotional
There is no reason for alarm
There is an energy taking you to your Depths
In our daily lives we go about with the flow of events dealing as we can leaving somewhat behind some of our emotional needs
Our soul now is pulling at us asking us to go inwards
Take some time out to visit your Soul
See what comes up for you
Even if these are vague sensations
That are not clear
Allow yourself to daydream, to wander off a bit, out of your normal daily context
Best place to do so is nature
Even if its just a small bench nearby, a balcony etc
Breathing fresh air, watching the trees listening to the birds and looking to the sun will take you there
If you cant then create your sacred space
Lighting a candle, inviting Spirit and maybe listening to calming music or just be in quiet for a bit
Make sure to close off distractions
Wander off
See what comes up for you
Or perhaps what comes off
Relaxing and tuning back into the natural harmony of our creation
Allows all that is not in our true nature to dissolve
This includes extra stress you may have accumulated lately by trying to ‘achieve’
Or the stress of others
Let it all go
Delve deep into your soul and reconnect
With who you truly are
What within you is pulling at you from inside needing to come out and express itself
Be love unto yourself
Embrace yourself
And coax your hidden treasures
To come out and play
You may feel you are doing all that is practically necessary to advance in your life
But you may be overlooking
Parts of your Soul that need to run free and not be closed up anymore
Take the time
This is important
All of you needs to be expressed
To live your Full Authentic Self
To live a Life of Joy *
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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You may be feeling the Intense Energy of the Full Moon upon us
You have been through some important challenges recently
These were crucial for your personal path of Evolution, even if you do not yet see all with clarity at the moment
You will be able to understand it all in due time
Now is the time to let it all go
All of it
Dont look back and dont analyze
You are receiving upgrading energetic boosts
To move you through
To finally step forward on your path
You may feel as if something is pushing you forward
Even though you dont feel totally ready
There is something you know
You need to do to move forward
Youve known for a while
There seems to be a sense of urgency
That you cant quite understand
This is coming from the Universe
Pushing you
Dont think
Just take the leap
You may be searching for confirmations
But your confirmation is Your inner sense
What your feeling is correct
And is fully supported by your spiritual team
You are being asked to have Faith
Believe in YOU and in your Soul Purpose
You are here to serve this Higher Purpose
Playing your part in the whole of Creation
And all you need will come into place.
Take good care of You now
Your vessel
Your health
Your wellbeing
Find your center, your calm
Allow for alone time so you can connect with your soul and what it is telling you
As well as your body and what it needs to be in full serenity and functionality
You need to be very balanced
Harnessing the energy boost you are receiving on one hand for the best purpose of your higher good
But also carefully listening and tending to all your needs to be able to serve your higher task riding the wave of spirit’s energy calling you to the full manifestation of who you truly Are
Dont hold back
Tune in
Fine tune
And move forward with your Brilliance
Shine your Light unto us all
The Universe awaits you
And your own Soul craves to be unveiled and shine through
Sending much love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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Your Soul


We are still under the effect of this Lunar Eclipse.Emotions are riding high.
Dont escape this state, it is such a fertile space in which you can connect with your truest Desires.
Hopefully you may have used the Powerful swoosh we received to start moving actively in the directions of your Dreams only to suddenly find yourself all over the place in a mix of whirlwind energy yet very emotional.Dont worry about it.
Use it.Ride it.Everything has a Sacred Purpose.
Settle down for some quality quiet time and reign in all this Energy to be able to use it constructively.
Exercise some slow deep breathing and exhaling.That will help you Center and regain Balance.
Then, Allow yourself to drift a bit
Letting go of all your ‘should do’s’ and also anything that has been disturbing your peace.Let go of your fears and worries as well.
Drift off to fantasy world
What comes up for you?
Daydream a bit
Or if you happen to dose off, allow yourself to do so.
You can also try writing your thoughts or free flow writing in which you just allow whatever comes to your hand to write without thinking or monitoring it.
Whichever way
Allow free reign for your Soul to come out and play.
Let your Soul guide you towards its yearning
Let it out
See what comes out for you
Dont for one second judge, edit or criticize
Allow whatever comes out to do se freely
You need this sense of Freedom for your Soul
When was the last time you ever got to listen to it ?
With all the clearing of the old you have been doing and with all your renewed intentions to move forward on your True Soul path, there is a need to go Soul searching to find aspects of yourself you have had well hidden away and protected.
Now is the time to pull them out.
Yet as they have been hidden for so long
You need to Allow them to surface
Offer yourself this special quality time
And repeat this as you begin to reveal your hidden secrets.
This is such a special time in your life in which you finally have the chance to Become who you were meant to Be.
Make this time count.
Your Soul is calling
Some part of your True Self wishes to come out and complete the puzzle to Create your Existence Manifesting your Soul Purpose
Heed the Call
Listen carefully
You are about to feel more whole and complete calling back lost parts of you to Create your Fabulous Adventure ♡
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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The storm is over
These have been challenging times
You may have been so overwhelmed that you are afraid to raise your head and see what else is up
But you Should raise your head
Because you will see the Sun is Shining
And if youre honest with yourself
You will feel, despite the difficulties youve been through, that you have come out Shining too.
Something within you has definitely changed.
Your inner foundation has strengthened
The process may have been painful but you have released so much.
You are so much more in tune with your True Values.
You have re evaluated your Life and what is important to you.
You have understood what you wish to invest your Precious Energy in and how you wish to Develop your Life from now on.
This is so Valuable.
Things have changed
Because you have done the neccesary work
You may think you dont see results as of yet
But look closely
Sense your Energy
You are not the same person.
You may be trying to retreat to who you were because you may still have fears and it feels comfortable there
But you are truly not there anymore.
The truth of the matter is
There is Magic in the air.
You have Created this Magic
As you have broken out of your shell,
Discarded old parts that never really belonged to you to begin with.
You have made the choice to Shine
And you are bringing forth Magic.
Keep going
Keep focusing on this renewed Birth you have Created for yourself.
If you still feel a bit giddy from the intense Energies or a bit overwhelmed by the Transformation
Take rest as you need
Continue to Tune in
And ask for Divine Assistance.
Due to the Energies of the Eclipse
There may be intense emotions arising and certain issues may seem to be once again aggravated due to these intense energies.
Take another look at what this represents for you and see what it is trying to show you.
This is also an Exquisite Opportunity to take some alone time and delve a bit into your Depths.
The emotional state you are in is actually good to help you Dive deeper into your Soul and what makes you tick.
Dont be afraid of the emotions
Let tears run free
Follow your emotions deep within and allow them to show you what is important to you and why.
You may even find some new findings now that youve gotten rid of unnecessary layers.
What do you find of value to help you Create something more meaningful in your life today?
You have been searching for all this Depth to come up and show you more sides to you than you realised.
This may just up your game and allow you to Create with much more Passion.
This also brings you to a new sense of dedication to your Truth from which you can no longer return.
Keep taking steps towards that which you are Creating
And watch the New You Evolve ♡
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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You may be feeling the intense energies of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
Whatever has been going on in your Energy field is being intensified for the purpose of Healing and Clearing.
You have been through so much Healing work recently, you are now ready to see that you are capable of reaching the place of Peace within no matter what is going on.
The more you Align with your Higher self,
The more work you do to shed the old that does not Align with your Truth, the more you Devote to tuning in , spending quiet time, perhaps meditating and connecting to your Angels and Guides,
The more you understand that it is within that you find your Peace and your Joy.
You understand also that you have the Power to Create your world as Beautiful as you wish it to be. As a result of your inner work You’ve been discovering more about your Soul and the path you wish to take and you’ve been taking new small steps to indeed dedicate yourself to this.
In regards to others and their choices and actions you understand you have no control
As everyone is created with free will and this is to be respected.
You can only Dedicate yourself to your own Vibration and Well Being knowing this will Attract to you that which Aligns.
Your full Trust in Yourself and in the Higher Wisdom of the Universe Allows that which is Destined, to play out for your Highest Good and of course gor the Highest Good of All.
As long as you are Dedicated to your True path and to your Faith in Higher Wisdom,
That which Aligns with your Highest Good shall not pass you and that which does not, can no longer linger in your Vibrant Energy.
You are well on your way to Becoming.
You are here on a Soul Mission which expresses your Unique Light and serves the whole for all of our Evolution.
This is Precious and Sacred.
As long as you are Dedicated to this,
You understand that all that needs to come in to fulfill this purpose will be by your side.
No need to waste energy on worry for this attracts the negative results you fear or just causes delay.
Focus on doing all you can to Align with your Purest Self, your Well Being and your Mission, keep your Heart Open to all that Aligns to Co Create with you and watch the Universe offer you Blessings as a direct result to your Dedication.
If you find yourself with scattered emotions
Settle down
Find Stillness
And reconnect with your Inner Self
Your Divine Presence
Your Soul’s Mission
And find Peace
Continue to do that which pleases your Soul and watch the Beauty unfold!
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message cards available in Kahliya’s online shop.
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